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Getting Documents Translated into Spanish for Use in Mexico

When you need to get foreign-issued documents translated into Spanish by an authorized translator for official filing Mexico, our associates can help

Translation Service

As we remarked in a related article, foreign documents required for certain legal procedures in Mexico may need to be notarized/apostilled in their country of origin before you can file them at a Mexican government office.

In addition to the notarization, official documents that are not originally presented in Spanish (e.g. those issued by Spain) must also be accompanied by a copy of the document(s) officially translated into Spanish.

Documents that most commonly need to be translated into Spanish include birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates; academic and professional diplomas; and certificates of company incorporation.

Only certified translations into Spanish are accepted

Translation of official documents into Spanish (and their accompanying notarization/apostille certificates) must be undertaken by an authorized translator in Mexico certified by the Mexican judiciary to translate official documents.

Certified translators use a special stamp that is applied to translated documents, and their name/details are checked against a central register when the documents are filed.

How to get your documents translated into Spanish

Our associate can help and will be pleased to assist when you need to get your official documentation translated into Spanish by a certified translator.

They are authorized to translate documents from English to Spanish, and German to Spanish.

Check locally for certification requirements

The associate we refer readers to for translations is certified in Mexico City.

Many Mexican States will accept translations from a translator certified in the capital.

If you are filing outside of Mexico City, ask the authority you are filing papers with if they will accept translations certified in Mexico City.  If they insist that the translator be certified in the State where you are filing, you’ll need to find and hire a locally certified translator.

Simple and streamlined process

Our associate offers a streamlined process to create a certified translation of your documents.

  • The original documents as well as their notarized/apostilled certificates (where relevant) will need to be officially translated into Spanish.
  • Our associate will ask you to send them a digital copy of the original document(s) you want to get translated.
  • They will undertake the translation work using the digital images, print the translation, and stamp/sign the papers using their certified credentials.

Document delivery options

When the translation is completed, it will be printed, certified, and shipped—or you can arrange pick-up.  These are the delivery options:

  • Our associate will arrange for the the physical documents to be sent to you by courier, at your expense. (Courier fees vary by destination and our associate will advise you about these.); or
  • You can arrange for a courier of your choice to pick them up; or
  • You may pick them up yourself (or arrange Uber or Didi to fetch them) from the associate’s offices in Mexico City or Cuernavaca.

Typical delivery time scales

The table below describes the typical time scales required for translation work.

Number of pages Typical time scale
1-2 Pages Translation completed within 2 business days
3-6 Pages Translation completed within 3 business days

1 Page = 200 words.
Time scales exclude shipping/courier times.
If you have many documents to translate, our associate will quote an estimated time scale.

Fees for Certified Translations

Fees are based on a page count, and one page is = 200 words, minimum fee is 1 page.
Part-pages are rounded up to the nearest half-page, e.g., 1.2 pages=1.5, 1.6 pages=2.
Fees exclude shipping/courier costs to send you the certified translation copies.

Language Fee per page
English to Spanish MXN$330 Mexican pesos per page
German to Spanish MXN$440 Mexican pesos per page

Urgent translations: If your need is genuinely urgent, the associate can prioritize your translation for a 50% increase to the fees quoted above, and subject to the associate’s availability.

Make a service request

Complete the request form below and our associate will contact you directly to organize a certified translation of your documents into Spanish.

What happens next?

  • After you complete the form, our certified translation associate will contact you to discuss your requirements, quote you for the work, and arrange payment for the translation.
  • When you’ve paid, they’ll begin the translation procedure and send you the physical documents wherever you are based in Mexico (or abroad).
  • Mexperience will send you an email to confirm these details.

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