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Punta de Mita is one of Mexico’s ultra-exclusive resort areas, not dissimilar to the Costalegre, although with Punta de Mita being closer to Puerto Vallarta than the Costalegre, visitors here enjoy easy access to the vibrant and colorful colonial port town of Puerto Vallarta when they want.

Punta de Mita is an ideal location to consider if you are looking for a very special get-away or if you are looking for an attractive location for ocean-front property in Mexico.

Three of Mexico’s finest and most exclusive resorts, which offer a luxurious vacation experience away from the crowds, are based here; all three resorts are an easy connection from the airport.

The most famous is Four Seasons, the only Four Seasons resort in Mexico. The other two are managed by Palladium; one is a resort and spa, the other a ‘royal suites’ property.

In addition to being an exclusive vacation area, Punta de Mita is also evolving to become one of Mexico’s most sought-after beach locations for top-shelf real estate investment. There are two mains reasons why this area is emerging as a prime realty investment location in Mexico. The first is the presence of a stunningly beautuful landscape that overlooks some of the most dramatic coastline on Mexico’s Pacific. The second is that Puerto Vallarta, with its international airport, is just 45 minutes away by road.

Real estate developers are having a considerable influence on the social landscape of this region. Villages and hamlets which were hitherto off-the-beaten track are now becoming connected by means of new roads and new infrastructure that is being implemented as part of the wider realty developments.

Luxury homes are being built in the area and, alongside them, so are golf courses, shopping districts, medical centers and other local amenities. As a result of the significant local investment, the villages in the area are experiencing a new wave of development of their own: prosperity which is feeding through to some of the local communities.

Key Attractions

Stunning Beaches

Punta de Mita, like Puerto Vallarta and environs, offers you the opportunity to explore around 25 miles of absolutely stunning beaches. Many of the beaches are secluded and can only be accessed by boat. Don’t let this put you off exploring them—cruises and tours are available. See below for details.

Some of the beaches are only accessible by car—by driving north or south of the town—because public transport is limited in the area. You may rent a car from Puerto Vallarta to give you more flexibility and independence to explore the area.

Water Sports

This region is a water-lover’s paradise. Sailing and SCUBA diving are big pastimes here; and whatever your level of experience, good diving is available. Water-skiing off the bays, parasailing, jet skis, windsurfing, kayaking and more: all of the water sports you enjoy are right here waiting for you in this region. See Also: Water Sports in Mexico.

Whale Watching

From November through to March each year, you can take an organized eco boat tour to watch the hump back whales as they arrive to reproduce and give birth to their calves. Departures are usually from nearby Puerto Vallarta, although some operators may also pick up from quays in the Punta de Mita area. See Also: Whale Watching in Mexico

Fishing Trips

Sports fishing is an important and hugely popular pastime in this area. There are many sports fishing operators working locally who can help you to set up a fishing trip designed around your needs and budget.
See Also: Sports Fishing in Mexico.

Polo in Mexico

For those who enjoy playing and/or watching the sport, polo is now played in certain areas in Mexico including at Costa Careyes, just a couple of hours south of Puerto Vallarta. Web: MexicoPolo.com

Spas in Punta de Mita

Excellent spas are available in and around Puerto Vallarta, and the spas at the Fours Seasons and Palladium resorts are among the best you will find in Mexico. For more information about spas, and how to find a magnificent spa experience in Mexico, read our comprehensive guide to Spas in Mexico.

Away from the Water

There exist a wealth of land-based experiences to encounter in and around Punta de Mita. For example, inland activities include day-trip hikes to a hill-top ranch for a barbecue, horseback riding, colonial tours, expeditions to visit the Sierra Madre Mountains, hot air ballooning, tours on an open jeep, flying tours and more…

Eco and Adventure Tours from Puerto Vallarta

A huge range of eco and adventure tours, including whale watching, jungle and tropical tours, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching and trips to the turtle sanctuary and swimming with dolphins are easily accessible from Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita.

Golf in Punta de Mita

Not only is the climate here ideal for golf, but there is a stunning selection of great golf courses to choose from in Puerto Vallarta. The green next to the Four Seasons resort here in Punta de Mita is one of the best in Mexico.

Getting There & Around

By Air – Punta de Mita is accessible by flying to Puerto Vallarta and taking a 45-60 minute road trip north. Puerto Vallarta’s international airport is extremely well-served by a range of airlines and, being on the north side of the city, is closer to Punta de Mita than Vallarta itself. You can fly to Vallarta from the United States and other points in Mexico including Guadalajara, La Paz, Leon and Mexico City. Ground transportation is available to take you into the center of Puerto Vallarta, the hotel zones and to Punta de Mita. For detailed information about flights and flying, see the Mexperience guide to Air Travel in Mexico.

By Bus – Punta de Mita is accessible by bus, although public transport is not as frequent in the local area as it is in other places in the region. Once arrived in Puerto Vallarta, head to the local bus station and look up the schedules for buses to Punta de Mita. For detailed information about bus transportation read the Mexperience guide to Bus Travel in Mexico.

By Car – Punta de Mita is accessible by traveling to Puerto Vallarta and then taking the road out of town (north). The road connecting the two places is good and the journey time between Puerto Vallarta and Punta de Mita is about 45-60 minutes. See additional information about Driving in Mexico and Mexico’s Toll Roads on Mexperience.

Car Rental – There are some stunning places that can be explored along the coastal roads in this area, and renting a car locally is ideal and effective way to experience them. A rental car will be essential for independent exploration of the area. Having your own car will give you more flexibility than using public transport options and, in some cases, offer you access to places which are otherwise difficult to visit without the use of a car. Read our guide to Car Rental in Mexico to learn what you need to know about car rental in Mexico and connect to the Mexperience Travel Center to reserve your Rental Car.

Travel Tip: If you plan to simply stay-put at one of the resorts in the area, arranging for ground transportation (see Airport Transfers, above) between the airport and your resort will be a better option.

Taxis – Taxis in most of Mexico’s beachside towns and cities are not metered, so agree your price before you get in. Taxi travel is very affordable in Mexico, in comparison to the USA, Canada and Europe, and so provides a viable means of public transportation in Mexico. Your hotel can arrange taxis for you; some post their rates on a board in the lobby; taxi hotel rates are usually higher than cabs you hail off the street. If you speak Spanish, you will have a distinct advantage and be able to negotiate a price with the driver. For detailed information, read the Mexperience guide to Taxi Travel in Mexico.

Punta de Mita Essentials

Telephone: Connect to the Communications in Mexico page on Mexperience for detailed information about keeping in touch and the latest table of national dialing codes.

Exchanging Currency: Banks with ATM machines are found throughout the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta. Some hotels also have ATMs installed and you can draw cash from them within your hotel/resort. During business hours, banks in town and the Casas de Cambio will buy traveler’s checks and cash from you as well. For detailed information about exchanging and managing your money, read the Mexperience guide to Money in Mexico.

Travel Insurance: We recommend that you are adequately covered with travel medical insurance and/or travel assistance insurance when you are visiting Mexico. Read the Mexperience guide to Travel Insurance in Mexico for full details and links to specialist insurance suppliers.

Internet Access: Internet cafes can be easily found in towns and cities across Mexico and WiFi is increasingly commonplace–from cafes, shops, hotels, and some cities even offer free WiFi in some defined public spaces.

When Night Falls

Locally Hosted Parties – Hotels and resorts host their own parties which include dinner, dancing, a show and all drinks for a fixed fee. Ask at your hotel to find out what is happening locally.

Nightclub Scene – For lively night life, you’ll need to travel into Puerto Vallarta. Although Puerto Vallarta is not as wild and lively at night as neighboring Mazatlan to the north, it still provides excellent and varied night life for visitors. In fact, nightclubs are a big part of the holiday scene in Puerto Vallarta, and like their Acapulco and Mazatlan counterparts, they don’t stop till the sun comes up! Some night clubs charge an all inclusive cover fee; some a smaller cover and drinks on top. Drinks are served all night—don’t even consider going to a nightclub before 11pm. Nightclubs keep going all morning and most people will start to leave between 5 and 7 am.

Local Climate

Punta de Mita offers you year-round warmth. The rainy season is May to October, but as with most monsoon areas, rains tend to be fierce and brief in the late afternoon, leaving the evenings dry and cooled off. September brings the highest levels of humidity and sees the heaviest of the rains. By late October / early November, temperatures cool significantly from the later summer high temperatures and humidity.

Weather & Climates in Mexico

Learn more about the weather and climates through the seasons and regions by connecting to the Mexperience guide about Weather and Climates in Mexico

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