Mexico Insurance Roadmap

Our Mexico Insurance Guide helps you to learn about different insurance choices in Mexico

Coverage in Mexico

When you’re planning to drive a foreign-plated car to Mexico from the US or Canada, or if you’re living in Mexico part-time or full-time, you’re likely to need some insurance services to protect your interests and cover you for liabilities which could arise in the event of certain mishaps.

Insurance is a specialized type of financial service in that, by law, it must be underwritten by a Mexican insurance company for the policy to have any legal effect in Mexico. Specialist insurance brokers based in the US thus work in partnership with Mexican insurers to provide insurance programs which are familiar to Americans and Canadians with English-language policies and support services at the point of sale and for claims.

To help you understand Mexican insurance services and navigate the choices available to you here, we’ve created the Mexico Insurance Guide, a new addition to our Mexico Lifestyle section which brings together guides and articles from across different areas of the web site related to insurance. This enables you to quickly access knowledge about the different insurance types available with connections to resources where you can arrange coverages for your specific needs.

The most common insurance product we are asked about is Auto Insurance for foreign-plated vehicles: with over 60 million vehicles crossing the US-Mexico border each year, it’s natural that this is a topic in high demand.

There’s also a growing demand from our readers for information about property insurance as well as short-term and long-term medical coverage options. The Mexico Insurance Guide also brings these together and we’ll be adding additional resources to this section on an ongoing basis so that this section can become a central resource for you when you’re seeking knowledge, guidance, and connections to Mexican insurance services.

Visit the Mexico Insurance Guide to get your questions answered and to find options for coverages which will mitigate your exposure to risks—especially third party risks—and help protect your assets in Mexico.