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Articles about insuring your assets and activities in Mexico

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Articles about insuring your assets and activities in Mexico

Oceanside Mexican Home

Property Near Beaches in Mexico

It is possible for foreigners to own property in Mexico—even by the beach. However, regardless of whether you are Mexican or not, you cannot own the beach.

Home Security and Insurance in Mexico

Insuring Your Property in Mexico

Property ownership in Mexico carries all of the same responsibilities of property ownership elsewhere, and protecting your valuable physical assets against unforeseen events is an essential consideration as you...

Doctor and Patient Talking

U.S. Medicare in Mexico

We recently received this question from one of our readers: “I have repeatedly heard that Mexico is a country where Medicare is accepted. If so, it would be the only...

Road Border Crossing between Mexico and the USA

Driving Out of Mexico with Your Car

If you visit Mexico as a tourist and bring your own car with you, you might have acquired a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) that is exclusively associated with your...

Making Healthcare Arrangements in Mexico

Arranging Your Health Care in Mexico

One of the principal considerations people take into account when they are visiting Mexico for an extended period and especially if they are living or planning to retire...

Healthcare Costs

Why is Medical Care So Expensive in the US?

In January, a 20-year-old was presented with a $55,000 hospital bill for an appendectomy at a hospital in Sacramento, California. Even with coverage through his father’s insurance policy, this...