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Guide to working and self-employment in Mexico – presented as a free eBook download

There are many people who would like to live in Mexico but who say that they cannot afford to quit work. While working in Mexico used to be challenging and difficult for most people, the situation today is much more agreeable than it ever has been, particularly if you can do work in the “knowledge economy”…

The Guide to Working & Self Employment in Mexico gives you a solid overview about being self-employed or starting your own business in Mexico.

Topics covered in guide to Working & Self Employment in Mexico

  • Self employment in Mexico
  • Types of business foreigners run in Mexico
  • High risk businesses
  • Setting-up a Mexican corporation
  • Dealing with Mexican banks
  • Business overheads
  • Being aware of Mexican employment law
  • Key success factors
  • The working environment in Mexico
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The Guide to Working & Self Employment in Mexico enables you to understand the opportunities available, and avoid the pitfalls which have caused some foreigners to lose their money (and in some cases, their life savings) by entering into the ‘wrong’ business in Mexico, or entering without being fully aware or prepared for the business landscape here.

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