Business Customs & Etiquette in Mexico

Business Meeting

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Our free Guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico has been written to help you to navigate Mexico’s modern-day business and social etiquette, get a good grasp of the graces practiced in the local cultural environment and, it’s hoped, prevent you from committing unnecessary faux pas. This guide will help you to prepare for your meetings, presentations and negotiations in Mexico. Download your free copy today.

Topics covered in the guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico

  • Working and Business Hours
  • Understanding business breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Use of Phone, Fax & Email
  • Understanding authority, status and decision-makers
  • Time and Punctuality
  • Language in business
  • Dress codes for business meetings
  • Greeting protocols in business situations
  • Women in business
  • Getting to grips with meeting formats in Mexico
  • Tips for negotiating in Mexico
  • Credit checking etiquette
  • Dealing with requests for exclusivity

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