Business Customs & Etiquette in Mexico

Business Meeting

Conducting business is a foreign country is challenging at many levels and requires a good deal of planning and preparation to get right.

Most business people concern themselves foremost with their products and services and the “pitch” they will deliver to convince the Mexicans to buy from them, or perhaps to persuade the Mexicans to provide vital supplies or support services which are essential to their commercial success in Mexico. And yet, long before you consider how you will sell to or work with your Mexican business associates, you need to develop the relationship. If Mexicans don’t like you, they won’t work with you.

Social nuances within the business environment are important; entwined with and emanating from these arise a number of business protocols which you also should familiarize yourself with and be prepared to acknowledge and act upon at the appropriate moment.

If you don’t lay the groundwork, and enter into your meetings and negotiations with an understanding of what Mexican business people are expecting from you at a personal and relationship-building level, your efforts to work in Mexico and your investment of time and resources may become frustrated at best and forlorn at worst.

Business etiquette is a natural extension of social etiquette, and you should read Part One of this guide to give yourself a grounding of the core principles of Mexican social culture. The Guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico will help you to prepare for your meetings, presentations and negotiations:

Topics Covered in Guide to Social & Business Etiquette in Mexico

  • Working and Business Hours
  • Understanding business breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • Use of Phone, Fax & Email
  • Understanding authority, status and decision-makers
  • Time and Punctuality
  • Language in business
  • Dress codes for business meetings
  • Greeting protocols in business situations
  • Women in business
  • Getting to grips with meeting formats in Mexico
  • Tips for negotiating in Mexico
  • Credit checking etiquette
  • Dealing with requests for exclusivity
  • See Also: Social Etiquette

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