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No US or Canadian auto insurance policy provides the coverage you really need in Mexico—liability to third parties

Reprting a car accident in Mexico

According to data published by the US Department for Transport, over 73 million personal vehicles crossed the border between the US and Mexico in 2019; an insight to the colossal volume of road traffic that crosses the world’s busiest land border.

Some people cross the border by road into Mexico for short periods —to work, do business, or to shop— while others will travel further into the country, traveling beyond the 35 km ‘free zone’.

Regardless of whether you stay in the ‘free zone’ or travel further into the Mexican interior, any coverage your US or Canadian insurance policy provides will not cover you for injury or damages your drive might cause to third parties.

They don’t because by law, they can’t: foreign insurance policies hold no legal jurisdiction in Mexico.

As a result, a brisk trade exists in the provision of specialized insurance policies to cover drivers, their vehicles, passengers, and property while the vehicle is in Mexico.

These insurance policies are crafted in association with Mexican insurance companies, so the policy is presented in English, offered to customers with vehicles registered in the USA or Canada, and sold by insurance brokers who are licensed north of the border—but the insurance policy is underwritten by a licensed Mexican insurer, and thus legally valid in Mexico.

Driving uninsured in Mexico can lead to problematic situations arising in the event of a mishap. If you become involved in a serious car accident, all the drivers present will be arrested pending investigations, even those not at fault.  A complex legal process will ensue: if you are not adequately insured, you will have to raise your own bail bond and if you are judged to be at fault, you will become personally liable to third parties, including payment for any damaged road infrastructure.

Having an adequate insurance policy in place will settle your third party liabilities, and better policies will also provide legal counsel and bail bond payment as part of the coverages.

The process of choosing an insurance policy for driving in Mexico that suits your needs is made simple and straightforward by online quotation systems which capture key information about your vehicle and requirements, and provide a live price quote.  Insurance cover can be arranged instantly online and, in the event you need to make a claim, you will be able to dial a toll-free number and talk with English-speaking staff.

For full details about how to be properly covered on your next road trip in Mexico, connect to our Mexico Auto Insurance Guide, from which you can also link to instant online quotes and arrange your cover online through MexPro who only work with A-Rated Mexican insurance companies.

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