Mexperience Team

Matthew Harrup
Founder & Editor

Matthew Harrup, Founder & Editor of Mexperience

Matthew Harrup founded Mexperience in 2002. British born and raised in Mexico, he is bilingual and administers the business; he’s also writer and editor for the website.

Anne Marie
Content Management & Service

Anne Marie

Anne Marie helps to keep our extensive content archives in good order and attends to customer service matters.

Expat Services & Immigration

Adriana CruzAdriana is a highly experienced expatriate services consultant and leads the Mexico Immigration Assistance service offered in partnership with Mexperience.

Foreign Native

Foreign Native - Contributing Writer & Columnist

Foreign Native is our resident columnist who shares regular insights, observations, and commentary about Mexican life, its culture and traditions.

Expert in Web Systems Development

CallumCallum is expert at developing custom web systems and solutions and leads the technical development on-site.

Technical Advisor

Mark PorthouseMark is an experienced web services expert who provides the team with technical IT advice.



Thanks also to Abram from Aire Espacio for his graphic design work.