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If you acquire a product or service using a third party referred to by Mexperience, please contact the provider directly about any service inquiries you may have in the first instance. If the provider does not meet your expectations, please contact us.

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We want you to be completely satisfied with the Mexico eBooks you buy from Mexperience.

Mexico eBooks published by Mexperience are crafted to the high standards our web site readers have come to know and expect from us, and every title presented to us for sale by third party publishers/authors is carefully screened and selected for its quality and suitability before its offered for sale on our eBooks store.

For general inquiries or help about an eBook(s) you have purchased, please contact us using our customer service form and choose the eBooks option and a member of our team will be pleased to assist.

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If you are not satisfied that the eBook you have purchased offers you value for money, will be pleased to take care of your concerns. Read more about our Mexico eBooks guarantee for details.

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Please don’t hesitate to Contact Mexperience if we, or any of the service providers Mexperience refers to, fails to meet your expectations.

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