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Mexico Immigration Guide 2014:

Written in Collaboration with Mexican Immigration Lawyers

Author: Ana Paulina Rivas,
Adriana Cruz,
James & Ellen Fields

Format: PDF

Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

Price: $19.95



This guide is an exhaustive compilation of everything you need to know about immigration and visas in Mexico. This 2014 Edition is completely updated and revised and takes into account the sweeping changes to Mexican immigration law which took effect in November 2012.

The Mexico Immigration Guide includes the rules and regulations for the new Temporary and Permanent Resident permits which replace FM3/FM2 documents.

It also includes information about the different categories of foreign nationals, documents needed for each type of visa, a description of the procedure involved, fees for acquiring and renewing each type of visa, the rights obtained with each type of visa, what a CURP is (and when do you need one), and what to know when you are traveling with your Mexican visa.

The guide also explains the different ways to apply for Mexican Citizenship, what documentation is required for each type of application, the fees for each, and contains a Citizenship Exam Study Guide.

To see how comprehensive this guide is, download the preview version to read the table of contents and the first few pages of this eBook.

This guide is a definitive source of information about immigration and visas in Mexico and is an ideal resource for anyone who seeks to live, work, retire, invest, or start a business in Mexico.

The eBook is written by Ana Rivas, a qualified practicing lawyer and Adriana Cruz, an expert in expatriate services. It has been expertly edited by James and Ellen Fields.

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Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

Product Type: eBook
Author(s): Ana Paulina Rivas,
Adriana Cruz,
James & Ellen Fields
Number of Pages: 92
Printable: Yes
Document Format: PDF
Publisher: Yucatan Expatriate Services
Publication Date: 1st February 2014
Categories: Living and Lifestyle, Working, Retirement, Business

Price: $19.95