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Documents Required for Travel and Entry to Mexico

A reminder about the documentation that is required for travel and entry to Mexico whether you are visiting or resident here

Travel Documents

We have been receiving emails from readers asking about acceptable documentation required for entry to Mexico.

Covid-19: Passport and Visa Issues

Due to Covid-19, passport offices in many countries have suspended or restricted the issuance of new passports, as well as passport renewals.  Mexican Consulates are gradually reopening to issue visas and provide other Consulate services; check with your nearest Mexican Consulate for details about their schedules and procedures.

Visas for Mexico: Citizens of many countries do not need to apply for a visa before they visit Mexico, but some do. See: Do I need a visa to visit Mexico for more details.

Arrivals by air: If you are visiting Mexico and arriving by airplane, you must carry a current passport.  We also recommend that your passport is valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Mexico.  If your passport is expired the airlines will not allow you to board the aircraft.

Arrivals by land: If you are visiting Mexico by land (crossing the border from the US into Mexico) you can use a passport or, if you are a US Citizen, a US Passport Card.  Passport Cards are not valid for air travel. Important: Note that the US-Mexico land border is currently restricted to essential crossings only.

Residents: If you are a legal foreign resident of Mexico, you will need your current passport and residency card (or visa sticker) to enter Mexico.  See also: Expiring and expired residency permits

Further information: For more details see Mexico Entry Requirements, and also read the article about Procedures for entering and leaving Mexico.

Further Information

Entering or Returning to the USA from Mexico: If you are entering or returning to the USA from Mexico, you will need a form of documentation described on this page of the CBP website.  If you are not an American or Canadian citizen, you will require a valid passport and a visa or visa waiver (ESTA) or ‘green card’ (legal residency card) to enter the USA from Mexico.

Mexico Visa Requirements: Many people don’t need to pre-apply for a visa to visit Mexico, but some do.  Read Do I need a visa to visit Mexico? for details.

Information about entry procedures: To learn about the procedures at the Mexican border see Procedures for entering and leaving Mexico

Residency in Mexico: For information about long-term residency, including permits for living, retirement, and working in Mexico, connect to the Mexico Immigration page and download a copy of our comprehensive Mexico Immigration Guide (eBook).

You can get full details about immigration procedures on your arrival in Mexico on our comprehensive guide to Mexico Entry Requirements.

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