Travelers at an airport

Safety in Mexico

Your Guide to Safety in Mexico. Our guide offers practical and sensible advice based on currently-reported situations.

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Money in Mexico

Your complete guide to money in Mexico - for vacations and visits, business trips, living and working

Executive Class Bus at Bus Station in Mexico

Bus Travel in Mexico

Mexico’s national bus network is professionally-run and offers an affordable means to travel across Mexico. This complete guide introduces you to Mexico’s bus network and its features and services, and also...

Travelers at an airport

Your Safety in Mexico

Notwithstanding the drug-related problems, the overwhelming majority of foreign visits to Mexico remain trouble-free.

Is Mexico Safe?

As highlighted in part one of this article, a fight for control of lucrative drug-trade routes between South America and the USA is propelling a wave of drug-gang violence...

Drug Violence in Mexico

Mexico has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently, and we have received a few emails from people asking about the safety situation in Mexico.   This...