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New Banknotes Mark Independence, Revolution

$100 Mexican Pesos - Centenary Limited Edition Banknote

The Mexican government has been getting a head start on celebrations of the bicentennial anniversary of the Independence from Spain, and the centennial anniversary of the 1910-1917 Revolution. Preparations are already under way for major events next year.

Among them is the construction of the Bicentennial Monument which began this week with the ceremonial laying of the first stone, and the introduction of commemorative banknotes.

The design for the new monument, to be built on the capital’s Paseo de la Reforma, isn’t without its detractors. There has been some muttering that the contest was supposed to be for an arch, not a straight design. Others are happy to see something modern.

The new banknotes—200-peso bills for the 200th anniversary of the Independence, and 100-peso bills for the 100th anniversary of the Revolution—are expected to be stashed away by many people as collectors items, although they are also legal tender. They look like this and this.

The central bank plans to have 50 million of each printed, not quite enough for everyone to have one.  Already, a number of different 5-peso coins have been introduced bearing  images of historical figures of those two eras.

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