Real Estate

Finding a Property to Rent or Buy in Mexico

When you come to Mexico to live or stay for an extended period, one of the foremost things you’ll need to arrange is your accommodations.

While you can trawl through the internet searching for properties to rent or buy (and it’s a good idea to do this to get a feel for the market), most foreign residents who come to Mexico engage the services of a local real estate agent to help them find a property rental or purchase; and oftentimes, the same agent that helps them find a rental will assist them to find a property purchase locally.

It makes good sense to do this, and working with an agent is especially important if you don’t know the area or location you’re moving to very well.  Even if you do know the area, using a local realty agent can take the weight off the search and negotiations if you’re renting, and if you’re buying, you’ll almost certainly need an agent to do the procedural heavy-lifting work on your behalf.

It doesn’t cost you any more to work with an agent, as their fees are paid by the landlord if you’re renting, or the seller if you’re buying.

Good local agents will take time to understand your situation and plans in detail, and then present you with a considered list of property options that match your lifestyle needs and budget based on current market availability.  They will also act as interpreters and negotiators, explain how the procedures work, and project-manage the transaction for you.

We’ll Connect You With Local Realty Agents

Mexperience works with hand-picked real estate experts in towns and cities across Mexico.  Our associates currently cover key areas across the country and we’re expanding our network to serve even more locations.

Our realty associates are independently owned and managed agencies who are well-established in the locations they work in.

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As our guide to real estate agents in Mexico explains, a local agent is part of the professional team you should call upon when you’re looking for a property to rent or buy.  By finding a good realty agent and investing time to cultivate a good working relationship with that person, you will be giving yourself access to a treasure trove of local knowledge, insight, and market intelligence that you would otherwise find hard to come by.