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A Quiet Week in the Capital

Basilica de Guadalupe, Mexico City

One of the best times of the year to visit Mexico City is Holy Week, or Semana Santa. This is one of the few weeks of the year when the teeming home of 20 million empties out – partly anyway – and the traffic is lighter, the streets less crowded, and the queues to get in to things somewhat shorter than usual.

Since most people have the week off work, it’s a time when the chilangos head for the provinces, filling the airports, bus stations and roads out of town, and then filling the highways and the beaches and the colonial towns.

This is when you want to be in Mexico City. It’s a good chance to take in some museum you’d been meaning to visit, go sightseeing, ride the Turibus, or wander around the zoo.

Among its many attractions, the capital has over 100 museums. The newest was opened at the end of March at the Plaza Carso, the latest real estate development of well-known businessman Carlos Slim, a few blocks from the trendy Polanco neighborhood.

With the new opening, the Soumaya Museum, named for Slim’s late wife, has two venues, the other  is located at the southern end of the city at Plaza Loreto. According to the museum, more than 70,000 people have visited the one at the Plaza Carso in its first few weeks. Admission is free.

For those who might find a whole museum a bit tiring, and would rather pop in for a quick look round while, say, sightseeing or shopping, the place to head is the city center, the Centro Histórico, which has the greatest concentration of museums.

One always worth a visit is the National Art Museum – Munal – located on Tacuba street opposite the Palacio de Minería. This can easily form part of a day’s sightseeing in the downtown area.

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