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Festivals, fiestas, events, and public holidays in Mexico

Posters for Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Mexico

Cinco De Mayo in Mexico

It had been mentioned that Mexico's May 5 holiday - Cinco de Mayo - is more celebrated among Mexicans in the U.S. than it is in Mexico, and that nobody really seems to know why . . .

Bottle of Champagne being popped

New Year Celebrations in Mexico

New Year’s Eve is mostly a quiet affair at homes across Mexico. Many Mexican families stay indoors and pass the evening taking supper and drinks with close friends and family. Some people might gather with the neighbors for small, impromptu, street parties where a lively, but intimate, feel may spring up . . .

Christmas Poinsettia Decoration

The Mexican Christmas Experience

Mexico may not reflect the romanticism associated with 'dreaming of a white Christmas' but is nevertheless every bit as atmospheric in its own way at Christmas time as the ‘traditional’ Christmas imagery . . .

Christmas Street Decorations in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Preparing for Christmas and New Year in Mexico

December is one of the busiest travel months of the year in Mexico, with no less than three major events taking place nationally, and dozens of regional events also taking place throughout the country . . .

Image of Virgin Guadalupe on Wood

The Virgin Guadalupe and Juan Diego

December 12 is one of Mexico’s most important religious holidays. It is estimated that a million or more Catholic Mexicans will visit the Basilica de Guadalupe, in north-eastern Mexico City, to pay homage to the country’s most revered religious icon: the Virgin Guadalupe (The Virgin Mary) . . .

Marriage Preparations

Tips for Planning Your Marriage in Mexico

Experience is a precious thing. But with your marriage, you are not likely to get a second chance to benefit from your hard-earned knowledge after the event. So here are six insider tips from a foreigner who married in Mexico about getting it right first time: a country where religion, partying, and bureaucratic procedures are taken seriously and will play a significant role in...