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Flare-ups in Mexico’s drug-related violence are again contributing to dramatic news headlines, and stoking fear in some people about the security situation here.  Notwithstanding the drug-related problems, the overwhelming majority of foreign visits to Mexico remain trouble-free.

We have just published a revised and updated Safety in Mexico guide, to include information about safety matters relating to the drug-violence as well as a range of general safety advice and travel tips based on recently-reported situations in Mexico.

It’s part-and-parcel of our Travel Essentials section that offers you comprehensive and wide-ranging guides to all aspects of travel and visit preparations for Mexico.

Some information in our safety guide has been published using information from local contacts as well as information presented on government travel advice sites. Local foreign consulates are excellent sources of information as they have publicly-funded staff ‘on the ground’ in Mexico, and report events and alerts on a regular basis via their travel advisory web sites. We have included links to these as part of our Mexico Safety guide.

For the safety information, connect to our Safety in Mexico guide.

For matters about health and healthcare on your visit to Mexico, connect to the Mexico Travel Health guide.

To learn about what your local consulate can and cannot do to help you when you are visiting or living in Mexico, read our article: Obtaining Consular Assistance.

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