Living in Mexico

Articles, advice and connections to help you live in Mexico

Articles, advice and connections to help you live in Mexico

Colorful Mexican Street

When in Mexico, Speak Spanish

Whether you plan a short visit to Mexico or to stay for longer, being able to communicate in Spanish will make a material difference to your everyday activities and experiences

Lightning strikes power distribution station

When the Lights Go Out

Local power cuts are a regular feature in Mexico, especially during dramatic thunderstorms. Some forward planning can help to mitigate potential problems

Jim Johnston Artist Mexico City

Living an Artist’s Life in Mexico

Jim Johnston talks about culture, self-sufficiency and the need for patience as he shares insights into the experiences of a working artist’s life in Mexico

Spanish Pinpointed

Mexican Spanish and its Nuances

Being able to converse in Spanish, even at a basic level, will make your experiences in Mexico richer and more meaningful


Finding Your Place in Mexico

To settle well and be content with a new lifestyle in Mexico, you'll need to seek compromise, be accepting, and learn how to craft your situations on Mexico's terms

Green Iguana

Take The Iguana

Award-winning writer DBC Pierre shares some of his personal reflections as a fascinated child growing-up in Mexico City

Planning a New Lifestyle in Mexico

There are lots of good, sensible reasons for moving to Mexico, but it takes consideration, research and a plan to make your move a success