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This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that customers ask us in regard to purchasing eBooks from Mexperience

Free eBooks vs Paid eBooks

Mexperience is now offering our most popular eBooks for free.  Simply click the ‘Download Free’ button and the PDF will download to your device so that you can save it and read the eBook.

When you purchase an eBook(s) from Mexperience, our shop sends you an email with an encrypted link(s) so that you can download and save your paid eBook(s). If you have not received this email 5 minutes after you complete your purchase, please check your junk/spam email folder in case it was placed there by mistake. If you still can’t see it, contact us and we’ll be pleased to assist you.

What is an eBook?

eBooks are like regular books, but instead of being printed, bound and physically shipped to you, they are presented in a readable electronic format that can be downloaded as a file instantly over the Internet. There are no packing or shipping charges and there’s no need to wait for your book to arrive–it will be delivered to you moments after you complete your purchase.

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What type of device do I need to read Mexperience eBooks?

Any computer or mobile device that will read PDF (Portable Document Format) files will be able to read Mexperience eBooks. This includes all computers in use today (Windows/Mac/Linux), as well as eBook readers, and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Mobile, etc.

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What is a PDF file?

Mexperience delivers all its eBooks in the popular PDF file type. PDF is a special format that enables all types of computers to read files easily, regardless of what brand or operating system you are using.

Your computer or other device will need a “PDF Reader” installed. A PDF Reader is a special software program that opens PDF files and presents their content to you; it also allows you change the way the file is viewed and it enables you to print out the file. Every computer and mobile device sold today have a PDF reader installed at the factory. This means you don’t have to do anything; your computer or device will automatically recognize PDF files and open them in the PDF Reader for you when you click to open them.

In the very unlikely event that your computer or device does not have a PDF Reader installed, you can download a reader completely free of charge from Adobe’s web site. The download and installation only takes a few moments.

Tip: PDF Readers allow you to magnify pages, so you can make the text look bigger or smaller on screen than the original text, depending on your eyesight and reading preferences.

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How do I purchase Mexperience eBooks?

Our eBooks Store makes browsing and purchasing eBooks simple.

Note: Free eBooks download immediately, there is no shopping cart and no need to make any payment.

  • As you browse the store, you can add one or more eBooks to your basket by clicking the “Add to Basket” button
  • Each time you add an item to your basket, you will see that item presented in your Basket
  • From the Basket, you can either check-out, continue browsing for more eBooks, or remove item(s) from your Basket
  • When you check out, you will be redirected to a secure online payment page on PayPal.
  • We use PayPal to take payments for all our eBooks.
  • When you have completed your payment, you will be sent an email with encrypted links which enable you to download your licensed copies of the eBook(s) files (PDF) you have purchased.

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Are Mexperience eBooks available in paper format?

All our eBooks are provided in electronic versions only; however you can print one copy for personal use if you want a paper version of the eBook as well. See also: Can I print my eBook to read on paper?

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How do you take payment for eBooks?

Note: Free eBooks download immediately, there is no shopping cart and no need to make any payment.

We use PayPal to transact all our eBook purchase payments.

PayPal is a popular, well-established, and secure way to pay for goods and services online.

When you check-out from our eBooks store, you will be directed to a secure payment page on PayPal. From that page, you may either:

  • Login to your PayPal account (if you have one) and pay using PayPal; OR
  • Enter your credit or debit card details (PayPal will ask you to create a PayPal account when you do this).

PayPal payments are fully secured using the latest security technologies. Mexperience never asks for or knows your credit card details; your payment is transacted securely with PayPal who pass on the funds to us.

When your payment has been completed, you will receive an email from Mexperience confirming your purchase with instructions about how to download your eBook purchase(s).  You will also receive an email from PayPal confirming receipt of your payment. You should keep this receipt and its corresponding reference number in case of any future inquiries you may have in regard to your payment.

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Will eBooks offered by Mexperience work on my Kindle, Nook, Tablet, iPad, etc.?

Mexperience eBooks will work ANY mobile device or eReader that supports the universal PDF (Portable Document Format). Most Kindle eReaders will read PDF (very early models of Kindle did not, but this anomaly was addressed in later versions); the iPad reads PDF as standard; most mobile phones that can display web pages will open PDF file (or have downloads which make PDF viewing possible).

Also, if you download a copy of the Preview Version of any eBook we sell, and that opens in your device, the full version will open too, because they are both distributed using PDF files.

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What if I am not satisfied with an eBook I purchased on Mexperience?

We want you to be absolutely satisfied with every eBook purchase you make from Mexperience.

Our eBooks Guarantee

We guarantee that you’ll find the knowledge and information you purchase via the Mexico eBooks we sell to be of excellent value, AND we guarantee that you will be able to view the eBook on your computer… or we’ll refund your money.

Your custom is very valued and important to us. We want to deliver goods and services that meet your expectations and this guarantee is part of that pledge.

How to Request a Refund

In the event that you are not satisfied with your eBook purchase, or in the unlikely event that you cannot view the eBook file document on your computer/device, please contact us using this form within 30 days of your purchase date to tell us how the eBook failed to meet your expectations, and we will cancel your eBook license and promptly refund your money.

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How do I download and read eBooks I have selected?

Free eBooks download immediately.  eBooks offered for a small fee can be downloaded after you have completed the payment (see above).

Downloading Your eBooks

Free eBooks download immediately: there is no shopping cart to check out from, no payment and no email sent to you.  Simply download and enjoy!

If you purchase an eBook, our store will send you a purchase confirmation email after you check out and complete the payment.  The email we send you will contain an encrypted link.  By clicking the link, you will be redirected to a secure page online where your eBook can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

When prompted, click “Save” and choose a location on your computer or device for safe-keeping of the file.

Copyright Notice: All of our eBooks (Free and Paid) are protected under international Copyright Law in the same way that any other book or publication is protected. Infringing Copyright is illegal and undermines the knowledge economy.

Free eBooks: You are allowed to download and share as many copies as you like, in line with terms of the licence certificate contained in the eBook.  You must share the eBooks in their original form only: you are not allowed to re-publish sections or extracts from our Free eBooks.

Paid eBooks: You are only allowed to download and keep one copy of the eBook file on your computer (you may share this file with members of your immediate family), and you may only print-out ONE copy of the eBook for personal use. Sharing the file with others outside your immediate family breaks the terms of the license for paid eBooks and amounts to stealing from the authors and publishers who have worked hard to bring you the knowledge you have paid to enjoy.

Please support our community’s efforts by respecting the eBook works offered via Mexperience.

Where the eBook is provided free, the sponsors have paid for you to enjoy it at no cost to you.   For eBooks you purchase, your payment makes a direct contribution to funding this independent web site and ensures that authors and publishers are properly rewarded for their work.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

What if I am having trouble with my eBook downloads?

If you have made a payment but that payment has not cleared, you will not receive your download link(s) until PayPal tells us that your bank card or PayPal account payment has cleared.

In most instances, payments clear immediately and the eBook(s) you purchased are available for immediate download via the encrypted link sent in your purchase confirmation email.

In a small number of cases, there might be a delay receiving your payment clearance from PayPal. The overwhelming number of payments are cleared within an hour, maximum. If your payment has not cleared within 48 hours (or 7 days if you paid using a PayPal eCheck), please contact us and we will investigate further.

If you experience a technical problem when downloading your eBook(s) please please contact us and we’ll be pleased to help you resolve it.

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Who writes and publishes the Mexico eBooks you sell on Mexperience?

Every publication we offer for sale is carefully reviewed and screened before it reaches our Mexico eBook shelves.

We publish our own books in-house, and we also work with a diverse range of writers and publishers who produce works of high quality.

Every eBook item lists the Author(s) so you can read about the people who have composed the works being offered for sale.

Every eBook item documents the name of the Publishing House, whether it’s Mexperience or another publisher.

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May I print-out a copy of the eBook(s) to Read on paper?

The eBooks we sell allow you to print-out one copy of the publication for personal use. See How Do I Access and Read eBooks I Have Purchased? for more information about this.

Free eBooks: You may print as many copies as you need provided they are for personal use; they must not be printed for your commercial use.

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How do I contact Mexperience about eBooks?

We want you to be completely satisfied with the Mexico eBooks you buy from Mexperience.

If you experience any problems downloading or reading an eBook you buy from us, or if you are not satisfied with the eBook you have purchased, please contact us using our customer Contact Form (select the eBooks option) and a member of our eBooks team will be pleased to take care of your concerns.

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