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June 2023

Spring into summer; INAPAM; Tlaloc returns; Mexico's peso; Car breakdowns & accidents; Retirement options; Summer tours; Mosquito season; Lifestyle planning...

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June’s summer highlights in Mexico

Seasonal thunderstorms are beginning to break the long dry spells across the country. As June unfolds, spring yields to the summer season and we look forward the longest daylight weeks of the year in Mexico.

Rains bring welcome refreshment to Mexico’s vast natural landscapes and relief to gardeners and their plants.  It’s also a season when sudden windstorms can cause electrical power cuts, and when mosquitoes proliferate.

Living well in the rain season: Our article about living well through the rain season shares practical insights and helpful advice for making the most of rain season in Mexico and living well through this time of year.

INAPAM might be closing to foreign residents

As we remarked in last month’s newsletter, readers have been writing in to tell us that some INAPAM offices are advising foreign residents that they cannot process their applications due to administrative technicalities.  We’ve published an article to describe the current situation and we’ll keep this updated as new information becomes available.

Share your experience: If you’ve recently applied for an INAPAM card, please consider leaving a comment on the article to share your experience.

Selling-up: how sellers value their homes in Mexico

When you own a home in Mexico, at some point you might decide to sell-up and move on.

Setting your sales price: Most sellers in Mexico list their property at the highest realistic potential price point based on several variables—that are described in this article about valuing your home for sale in Mexico.

Marketing and selling your home: Once a price point has been determined, most sellers will use the services of realty agent, although some sellers decide to sell privately or use a hybrid arrangement as described in this article about putting your house on the market for sale in Mexico.

Home and property insurance

Whether you own or rent a house in Mexico, a home insurance policy can provide essential support in the event of troublesome circumstances including structural damage, floods, burglary, and events that affect third parties.

Learn about insurance policies to protect your home in Mexico.

Home insurance: Get an online quote and arrange instant coverage.

Dealing with vehicle breakdowns and road traffic accidents in Mexico

Summer is a busy time on Mexico’s roads and intercity highways as the long daylight hours and seasonal holidays encourage families to pack their bags and rucksacks and take time away from their usual routines.

Managing mechanical breakdowns: Even the best maintained vehicles can experience mechanical problems and having an insurance policy that includes breakdown coverage will provide essential support when you’re on the road—especially on Mexico’s highways, some of which traverse remote regions across the countryside.

Accidents happen: If you become involved in a road traffic accident in Mexico, then an adequate insurance policy will insulate you in various ways, including coverage for third party damages and legal assistance in the event the drivers are detained pending investigation.

Mitigate the risks: Our insurance associate, MexPro. offers competitively priced auto insurance that provides comprehensive coverages.  Policies can be customized to your needs and you can get a quote and arrange cover quickly and easily online.

Insights and advice for safe and enjoyable road trips across Mexico

Latest updates about Driving and Road Trips in Mexico

Learn about being properly insured when you drive in Mexico to cover liabilities, breakdowns, and medical incidents while you’re on the road.

Get a quote now and arrange coverage online

Immigration and residency updates

A pattern we have noticed over the years people who are considering an application for residency in Mexico tend to use the summer months to research their options and make preparations for an application during the fall season.  This is especially pertinent to people who live in Mexico part of the year, as well those who are on the cusp of leaving their working professions to retire.

Mexperience offers extensive and updated information about applying for temporary or permanent residency including:

Immigration Assistance

When you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

If you already have your visa and need help exchanging that for a residency card in Mexico, our associate offers a visa-to-card exchange assistance assistance service.

No Hay and the art of assimilating impermanence

If you’ve shopped in Mexico for a while, you’ll notice how even the most erstwhile retail brands will visit the ‘No Hay‘ treatment to your  shopping experience at some point.  No Hay, in Spanish, means “there isn’t any,” and in Mexico the term may be applied to almost anything, anytime you need or wish to acquire something.

Frustrations and opportunities: Although this can be a source of frustration to one’s plans, it also offers an opportunity to break habitual patterns and consider alternatives, as we describe in the language article about learning to assimilate impermanence with No Hay

Mexico’s súper peso sprung-up in spring

Mexico’s currency rallied again between March and May, touching levels of around $17.45 to the US dollar and prompting a popular news site columnist to ask how foreign residents here relying on US incomes would be affected by a downtown in their peso spending power.

Fluctuating value: The peso’s rally against the dollar in 2023 (after a solid performance in 2022) is a reminder that Mexico’s currency floats on international currency markets and any assumptions that its value must gradually decrease over time are unfounded.

Trends and predictions: Our article about the history of the value Mexico’s peso offers perspective, and our article about the forlorn effort to predict exchange rates offers practical insights.

Insurance coverages for your lifestyle in Mexico

Connect to our insurance associates and get quotes online for essential insurance services that can mitigate the economic effects of unforeseen events and provide practical support through what are often difficult situations.

What to look for in an auto insurance policy for Mexico

Tips for arranging home insurance coverage in Mexico

Health cover: review your options for healthcare in Mexico

Visiting or living here part-time? Medical evacuation may help

Your leisure time in Mexico

Whether you’re visiting Mexico for a vacation or living here and seeking to discover more of the the country you’ve adopted as your home, a custom tour enables you to make the most of your leisure time and absorb the experience of the activity instead of grappling with the details and logistics.

Popular this time of year: Visits to Mexico’s Copper Canyon are popular this time of year. For those planning ahead to the fall season, consider arranging your tour to see the Monarch butterflies, that will begin to arrive in Mexico during November.

More custom tours this summer: We’re in talks with our associates to present more custom tours for you to browse through starting this summer.

Discover the benefits of a custom tour in Mexico

Mexperience works with selected travel partners who offer custom tours that take the care of all the details and enable you to get the most from your leisure time in Mexico.  Browse all custom tours offered via Mexperience.

Attractions & suitability of retirement in Mexico

“Retirement” is not an activity, but moreover a lifestyle concept that exists in many forms and which can manifest in lots of different of ways.

Attractive location for retirees: Mexico offers wide range of benefits to people relocating here, and it’s attractive to retirees as some of those benefits are especially helpful to them.  Agreeable climates, an ample choice of location types, good access to services and amenities, and affordable living costs are among the key features that attract retirees to live in Mexico—whether full-time, or part-time.

Suitability: To determine whether Mexico is ‘right for your retirement’ you need to first determine whether Mexico is right for you.  Our article about determining if Mexico is the right place for your intended retirement lifestyle summarizes key points and connects you to a series of articles that share detailed insights for your consideration.

Medical Insurance vs Medical Evacuation Insurance

When you’re staying in Mexico longer-term, a travel insurance policy won’t cover you. You can learn about options for medical insurance coverages here. If you are covered under a medical plan in the US, a medical insurance evacuation plan could be helpful to you, for example, if you live here part of the year.

Discover and experience more of Mexico

Mexperience helps you discover Mexico and experience the wide range of opportunities available here for lifestyle and leisure.

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