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Mexico-US Land Border Opening to Vaccinated Visitors

A two-stage reopening program of the Mexico-US land border will require all visitors to the United States to be fully vaccinated

US Mexico Land Border on Map

The land border restrictions imposed by the US on visitors by land from Mexico, introduced in March 2020 due to Covid-19, will begin to be lifted from November 2021—but only for visitors who can show an approved vaccination certificate.

US land border to open to vaccinated visitors only

The new rules require visitors (people who do not hold a US passport or Green Card) who wish to enter the United States by land from Mexico to present evidence showing that they are ‘fully vaccinated’ with an approved Covid vaccine brand.

US citizens and US permanent residents (“Green Card” holders) are not required to show proof of Covid vaccination when using the land border crossing into US.

The new policies were announced by the US Department of Homeland Security on October 12, and Mexico’s foreign secretary gave a press conference about them on October 13.

Visitors from Mexico to the US traveling on rail and sea ferries will also need to demonstrate proof of vaccination to enter the US.

Two-stage opening plan: November 2021

According to the rules outlined by the DHS, from November 2021 visitors to the US wanting to enter for ‘non essential’ reasons —that include visiting friends and family, tourism, and shopping— will need to demonstrate proof of being ‘fully vaccinated’ at the border.

January 2022: all visitors to USA must be fully vaccinated

As of January 2022, all visitors wishing to enter the United States, regardless of whether they are traveling for ‘essential’ reasons or not, will need to demonstrate proof of being ‘fully vaccinated’ at the border.

Traveling to Mexico from the United States

Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on passengers or vehicles entering Mexico by land from the United States.

You do not need to show proof of a Covid vaccination to enter Mexico.

We are hearing that American citizens are driving and walking into Mexico without hindrance.

Mexico tourist/visitor permits (FMMs) and temporary import permits (TIPs) for vehicles are being issued as normal.

If you have a legal residency card for Mexico, —or residency visa sticker to exchange for a Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente card— you can cross the border by land to Mexico using that permit or visa.

See this article on expiring residency permits if your existing Mexican residency permit is near or past its expiry date.

Flights between the USA and Mexico

The land border restrictions did not affect flights, but policies are now being aligned to make it necessary for all visitors to the United States to be vaccinated to whether they arrive by air, land, ferry, or rail.

Flights to the US from Mexico

The USA has announced separate policies for visitors to the United States entering by air that also require visitors to the US to be fully vaccinated to enter the country.

Flights to Mexico from the US

Mexico does not require air passengers flying to the country to be vaccinated; however, visitors flying from or through Mexico to the US will be required to show proof of vaccination.

Check before you fly

We strongly recommend that you check current rules, restrictions and requirements with the airline you intend to travel with before you fly.

If you have a foreign-plated vehicle in Mexico

If you are driving into Mexico (or currently in Mexico) with a foreign-plated vehicle with a TIP (Temporary Import Permit) we understand that Banjercito —the Agency that administers the permits— is not giving any extensions to TIP expiry dates due to Covid.

If you fail to drive your vehicle out of Mexico before the TIP expires, the vehicle will become illegal in Mexico (this affects the validity of you your auto insurance) and you will lose your deposit.  A TIP’s validity is usually tied to a Visitor Permit (FMM) or a Residente Temporal permit.

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  1. Mike Bates says

    Why is this thread full of trolls telling people to get vaccinated, when it is clear that this is irrelevant for the questions asked?

    I stopped reading as the thread is a waste of time.

    I won’t be back.

    Plenty of

  2. Aruna says

    Hello! I am an international Student on F-1 Visa from India.I have enterrd USA on November 11th on B-1 and B2 visa. I need to go back and reenter on F1 visa. Can I go to mexico and re entrr on same day on F1 Visa. Which Poe is good for me to entrr to california

  3. Billy Kornish says


    I wish to cross the border from USA ?? to Mexico ?? via Tijuana on Monday 3rd January 2022 returning on 09th January 2022.

    We plan to either cycle or walk across the border but wanted your advice on if this is possible please?

    • Rosie says

      I don’t see why not. Mexico is not requiring vaccination, only USA.

    • Michelle says

      Hello I have a question my mother-in-law will be coming from Mexico and has her vaccinations from COVID bit the bus ticket person said Hera weren’t valid for her to come cross the border so I would like to know which are the approved vaccinations for a person to cross the border?

      • Maria R says

        These are the three vaccines that are FDA-approved or authorized for emergency use within the United States:

        Comirnaty and Pfizer-BioNTech
        Janssen (made by Johnson & Johnson)

        And these are the vaccines that the WHO has authorized:

        Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)

    • Robert says

      Hi there quick question we are traveling this weekend to Mexico from lax I heard they’re closing their borders due to the new omicron virus… does anyone know if we will get stuck over there some of our family has the second and third shot

      • James says

        Mexico’s president, at a press conference today (Dec 3), stated that commerce, tourism and borders would NOT be closed.

  4. Yadira Martínez says

    Hello, my husband and I are planning to travel to IL in January through land to visit family. I’m a U.S citizen and he has a Mexican visa. Neither of us are vaccinated per religious beliefs. What are the restrictions if we are not vaccinated and wish to travel?

    • James says

      Dont go

      • George Merel says

        I’m also a green card holder planning to return to California by January or February 2022. Will this restriction for US citizens and US green card holders be enforced well beyond January 2022? and for how long could be extended beyond January 2022?

        • George Merel says

          I’m 71 years old, also a green card holder planning to return by land border to California by January or February 2022, I’m not vaccinated due to California doctor’s recommendation because of my heart condition and allergic reactions to various medicines which he said can have negative adverse consequences on my heart and perhaps die… Will this restriction for US citizens and US green card holders be enforced well beyond January 2022? and for how long could be extended beyond January 2022?

          • Chihiro Atacama says

            US Citizens and US Permanent Residents (Green Card holders)
            are not required to show proof of Covid vaccination when using the land border crossing into US.
            There is no Covid testing for land border crossing as well.

    • David E Mangas says

      Get vaccinated neither Jesus or Hey Zeus don’t want you either….

    • Lisa says

      It is difficult to get accurate information regarding citizen, vaccinated and crossing by land at CBX but i just located information stating – Entry via Land and Sea Ports S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs) may enter via land ports of entry or via ferry regardless of vaccination status and are not required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test. This obviously can change as they rollout new procedures but I think the only requirement they can do is make you take a covid test like they do with air entry.

    • C carter says

      My wife and I are afraid to go to Mexico and we are permanent residents there and have business in Mexico as we go to our dentist there and I show my art work in San Jose Los cabos! We also have business in the us as well! But I am afraid of what will happen coming back to us from mex

    • Sarah says

      Illinois has some the strictest restrictions for Covid-19 of all the states. It’s best to get vaccine.

    • Vickie says

      US restrictions on entry if non-citizen. Mexico has no restrictions.

  5. MGRV says

    Looking to drive to MOnterrey via Laredo/Nuevo Laredo via the autopista in January. Is it safe to do?

    • Roxx Venecia says

      No is not safe specially Nuevo Laredo Mexico please avoid that area i recommend you cross by Presa falcon is a little bit farther but is safer either that or fly all the way to Monterrey

    • Vickie says

      You could enter/exit via Nuevo Progreso (south of Weslaco) very safely and easily travel to Monterrey. Avoid Laredo, Matamoros, Juarez, Del Rio!

  6. Chima A. says

    I am trying to get back to the US with my SSN, Expired Driving License, and expired Employment Authorization Card.

    Can i reclaim asylum at the Mexican border using these documents? Will the US border official allow me? i am from one of the sub-saharan countries in West Africa, i abandoned my asylum claim in 2016 and went back to my country

    • larry says

      Did you formally renounce your asylum? If so, you have to start over.
      If you did not renounce it but left the US without requesting authorization from the US immigration authorities, it is likely you have lost your asylum and will not be allowed to re-enter. I have seen it happen. If you left by the Mexico or Canada land border and did not stop on the US side to check out, the date of your leaving is probably not recorded. You could send your proof of asylum to a friend in the US, ask them to get you a permission to leave and re-enter and send that back to you. Then go to the border with that in your hand … . If you got a date marked in your passport when you left, then you are recorded in the system. It is also true that it depends a lot on the official who deals with you at the border.

  7. SW says

    My partner and I are enquiring about driving through Mexico southbound. We are Canadian citizens looking to drive from Canada direct to Costa Rica. What is required at the land borders for us to pass through?

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      Valid passport

      • Awa Rodrigue says

        – Valid drivers license
        -Valid passport
        -and a proof of vaccine.

        • Arlene says

          I plan on going to Mexico for dental I am an American citizen and have passport Coming back into the United States from my visit to Mexico will I have a problem because I’m not vaccinated

          • L.T. says

            not yet. I predict it may become a problem in the future. I go across for dental reasons and upon driving back into San Diego county the questions are always about the reason and where we’re heading and if we are bringing anything back. Not about “health”.

    • Jose says

      That’s One Of My Friends and I Dream’s but to tell you the truth I won’t recommend drive through Mexico right now I will say Mexico still safe to visit but on the road things are much more unsafe

    • larryq says

      You will also need your car registration or title.

  8. Alex Mh says

    Driving from Canada to Mexico across the US. Will ship my car from Vancouver to WA and take a flight to pick up the car.
    Question: are there any such services in San Diego, to ship/tow my car from Tijuana to San Diego, preferably with a reasonably priced charter flight to San Diego?

    • larry says

      There is no need to do that. Just drive across. There are no restrictions on the Mesican side;

  9. Lakko Salaiz says


    I live in AZ with a TN Visa, and I would like to cross the border by land through El Paso, heading to Chihuahua to visit my family. Do you know if I would have a problema re entering the US after maybe a week staying in Mexico??

    I have been researching and found that ‘People coming to the US to work’ are allowed, but then there is a parenthesis and it says something like: ‘eg people working in agriculture…’, so not sure if it is purely an example, or if they are trying to limit it just to certain jobs.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      I’m not sure if you received the answer to your question?

      • Lakko Salaiz says

        Hello Flavio,

        No, I didn’t get the answer, but I did go to visit the family in Mexico and came back with no issues. TN Visa holders and re-enter the US normally.


  10. Maria Musquiz says

    Hello, my wife who is a Mexican citizen with a b1 b2 visa border crossing card and we want to travel to Las Vegas, but since I can cross driving and we have a wheelchair bond child we prefer driving, my daughter and I are both US citizens. My question is, can my wife travel to El Paso by plane and then drive with us to Las Vegas? I ask because just at the 25 mile point there is an inmigration check point. Or does she need to fly over to Las Vegas, better.

  11. Walter Friedrich says

    I am a US citizen and my wife is Mexican citizen. We are both living in Queretaro, Mexico but I still have an appartment in San Antonio. We usually go to the appartment once a month or once every two month and just stay there for a few days.
    We have been flying to San Antonio several times now and this is (of course) no problem at all. My wife has a B1/B2 tourist visa and Global Entry.
    Anyway, since flying is getting expensive and we always have layover in Houston, I would prefer driving to San Antonio.
    Will my wife be allowed to cross the US border with me?

    • Raquel Ortiz says

      No. Only you will be allowed she has to fly into the US.

      • Darrow says

        Hi Raquel, My friend and I want to meet in Mexico for 2 weeks and then fly to San Francisco, where I live. She is a Brazilian citizen who would fly to Mexico from Rio de Janeiro and I am a US citizen who would fly to Mexico from San Francisco. Will she be able to fly to SFO with me if she can show that she has been in Mexico for more than 14 days, since she cannot fly direct from Brazil to USA due to the 14 day rule? I am confused. Thanks.

    • J Mtz says

      My sister-in-law who is a US/Mexican citizen tried to cross with her husband in Nuevo Laredo and was denied. He is a Brazilian/Mexican citizen with a US vida for many years. They told the agent he was coming for his a doctors appointment but they rejected him still.

      • Flavio Alonso Perez says

        There should have been paperwork of the therapy from a doctor. The doctor’s name address telephone number should have been on that paperwork showing proof of therapy.

    • Benito Gonzalez says

      P.S. Sir, may I please know (If you can tell me) how did you meet your Mexican wife? Where did you meet her, and more importantly did you approach her or did she approach you first? Just curious. Thank you again.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      I was wondering if you had received an answer to your question. To my understanding no one is allowed to enter the United States for shopping or visiting family. You mentioned a special card global entry card?

  12. Michael Hadderton says

    I would like to know who exactly makes the decision to keep honest Mexican nationals with legal tourist visas from crossing the border, yet we allow 12400 illegal Haiti immigrants come and be transported all over the USA without even a Covid test , not to mention TB, Measels, AIDs and who knows what other diseases and parasites. In addition to the people of Haiti there are 100s of 1000s of illegals from around the globe .To further add insult to injury , truck drivers are allowed daily, are they immune to Covid just because the big factories want to continue to rake in the big bucks while paying $50.00 a week to workers to make their riches? Also there are lower, much lower Covid cases in border cities in Mexico than their sister cities in USA. I am in a nursing and rehab facility in Del Rio TX with no family to visit or go for essential items , yet my fiancee in Mexico who holds a current visa and even with a letter of need from the facility, she is refused passage. This is a disgrace. Who makes these decisions and WHY ???

    • Roger Spark says

      I also live on the border, in Ambos Nogales. The border restrictions are destroying the economy on the US side of town. Many chain stores that attracted visitors from Mexico are opening locations on the Mexico side, so the local economy may never recover. The inabilty for Mexican citizens to visit friends and families across town is just cruel. That said, I must correct some misinformation in your post. First off, the Haitian migrants are not “illegals”, they are asylum seekers, a status protected by international law. Nevertheless, thousands of Asylum seekers are being deported to Haiti without hearings. Most of the deportees have not set foot in Haiti since 2010, a country that has been destroyed by natural disasters, and political and gang violence. Despite Fox News’ propaganda, the ones that are allowed to stay here while their claims are processed are tested for covid and other diseases. Demonizing Haitian migrants is no different than when Trump called Mexicans rapists and drug smugglers. Besides, we are a country of 330 million people, we can easily absorb a few thousand eager and hard working immigrants.

      • John says

        Except the Haitians actually ARE rapists.

        • White JC says

          All of them? All the men? I guess they have something in common with Southern Baptists – or most baptists I suppose. Guess they’ll all get along real swell! PTL!

    • Dave says

      Well the US did exactly the same thing to Canada. Canadians cannot drive to the US, however vaccinated Americans can drive to Canada. And as everyone knows Canada has very low covid compared to the US.

    • John says

      Sleepy Joe Biden, that’s who.

    • Benito Gonzalez Garcia Jr. says

      Mr. Hadderton, remember one thing Sir, with or without a Green Card or Citizenship, no Mexicans should be considered an “illegal alien” in the United States of America. I’m sure you know the entire history between Mexico and the United States of America. So you know where I’m going with this. But in any case, the following questions are for you.

      Mr. Hadderton, may I please know what is your earliest memory and/or history with my country of Mexico or with Mexicans or with Mexican culture as far back as you can possibly remember as a child or teenager in the United States of America or in your home country if not America?

      In other words how did you first learn about Mexico or about Mexican culture growing up?

      Perhaps your very first knowledge about Mexico or about Mexican culture happened in school, or from the television, or from the radio, or perhaps it was your parents, or other family members or friends who first introduced you anything relating to Mexico or Mexican culture? Or perhaps your very first knowledge about Mexico happened in some other way?

      Also, is your fiancee Mexican or of Mexican descent by any chance? I’m just curious. Thank you.

      • Grant hansen says

        The Mexican government sold the land to the USA, get educated.

        • Not Your Mama says

          It was stolen. The US governement steals, takes, bullies.

          • Renee says

            USA paid $15 million to Mexico for lands north of the Rio Grande in 1849. They gave those north the option of staying and becoming citizens or moving south to Mexico. The USA & Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Either country illegally invading the other is considered an act of war. Get educated.

      • Renee says

        USA paid $15 million to Mexico for lands north of the Rio Grande in 1849. They gave those north the option of staying and becoming citizens or moving south to Mexico. The USA & Mexico signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Either country illegally invading the other is considered an act of war. Get educated.

        • Fabio Juliano says

          The “sale” was made under duress, as much of Mexico, including Mexico City, was under US military occupation. If you didn’t know that, you need to get better informed before discussing the topic; if you did know it and simply chose to disregard it, you’re plainly dishonest.

    • RC E:PA says

      Michael who the heck allowed all of those white european to come to my country?

    • Mark says

      You sound more like a dumb racist. I wouldn’t let anyone you know in with the state of mind you have. Its plenty of people who think the same of Mexican nationals drugs, rapists and AIDS but don’t clarify it justify acceptance. Educate yourself more it’s obvious your unintelligent.

    • Vickie says

      JOE OBIDEN SAYS COME ONE, COME ALL! Just don’t do it legally.

  13. Shannon says

    I am a US citizen, my husband is European we will be going to AZ to see my mother. My husband can get into the US because we are married. During our visit we want to go to Hermosillo as our son is playing in the World baseball championships there. We were planning to drive or take the bus from PHX or Nogales to Hermosillo. Will my husband who has a European passport be able to get back into the US via border control? According to the rules above I thought it says spouses of members of U.S. but are they actually enforcing this?
    Does anyone have experience or advice for us?

    • Laura Isaly says

      I am in same situation with European husband. Waiting to hear a reply

    • Kevin says

      I would be interested to know too. I’m a Kiwi who’s been on a campervan holiday in America for 4 months. Is it possible for me to drive my campervan, which I own, into Mexico to continue my holiday before my visa runs out (6 months)? Or do I need to make up some ‘essential travel’ excuse.

      • Flavio Alonso Perez says

        Absolutely, you can travel in your RV anywhere. Please be advised that inspection will be required. Make sure you have on hands the registration that shows your name on your driver’s license or passports should I say.
        Do not surrender the pink or title as it shows ownership to anyone who possesses it.

    • Kelly says

      Hi Shannon. First, congratulations on the championships, wow!!! Second, I hope your visit is amazing. I also hope that you get some more help from other people as I am rather inexperienced, just wanted to reply. I’ve lived in a city where I can see the az/Mexico border for twenty years. I know that smaller border crossings, sure, such as Nogales can in ways be more relaxed than others. The rules in this article say members of the U.S. Military/armed forces and their spouses/children, by the way, but when U.S. citizens are married to foreign nationals, they are generally allowed to go into the US with their spouse or to meet them their, etc. (I say generally because of my own inexperience with formal laws and regulations) and I can’t imagine you two having any problem entering back into the US other than possibly needing to explain to C.B.P. your situation and what you were doing there, your marital status, etc. I hope you’d be ok with that (I value my own freedoms and privacy), and I hope you also get a better answer and enjoy your travels. Again, congrats!!!

    • Kelly says

      Edit: Wow, sorry, I apologize. Smaller border crossings will generally be more relaxed, but your husband, being a foreign national, I guess wouldn’t be allowed back into the States. I was thinking of married people and US citizenship regulations (which I’m obviously far from knowledgeable about). Again, my apologies. I’ll talk to some friends in the area and in Tucson and see what’s going on, and some local people in border patrol/law enforcement agencies.

    • Raquel Ortiz says

      Shannon I cross often thru Nogales and travel all of Sonora, only legal residents and citizens will be allowed by land. Being married does not warrant entry if he holds a tourist visa only, in this case he can get back by air only.
      Best wishes!

    • J Mtz says

      Based on my experiences no. My husband is from Mexico but him and his siblings all have US citizenship as well. My sister-in-law came to Nuevo Laredo border with her husband who is Brazilian and Mexican and they would not allow them to cross. He has had a visa for well over 20 years so they are pretty strict. He ended up just paying to fly instead.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      Hello there, the answer to your question is will he be able to enter the United States with a European passport? The answer is he should have became a national, us residence and achieved an American passport

  14. Argiro says

    Driving to Rosarito for couple days,
    Been waiting since last year….
    US citizen, fully vaccinated, should I cancel or go? ???

    • B says

      I drive to Rosarito every weekend with no issue. Live your life.

    • Carlos Corona says

      Hi Argiro.
      Go ahead enjoy Rosarito. Make sure you bring your US passport with you,
      Expect to wait in line around 2 to 3hrs going back to the USA.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      Absolutely, enjoy your trip.
      Be sure to carry your passport and have all your registrations in order.

  15. Misty says

    My spouse and I are US citizens and live in Del Rio, Texas. We have never been across the border to Acuna, but we both need to travel there for dental issues. We would walk across, go to the dentist and walk back, all in the span of a few hours. We are both fully vaccinated and have our vaccination cards. He has a current US passport and passport card. I don’t have either (just an expired US passport). I also have a current Texas driver’s license (not Real ID). Would I be able to cross over and would I be able to get back okay? Or is it simply a “no go”? And do either of us need a tourist permit just to go to the dentist?

    • Mickey says

      If you try to cross back without a passport, it will take additional time for them to find your information, but you should be able to come back.

    • Dee Smith says

      I cross all the time without a passport since I cannot obtain one due to child support and I have no problems they just ask for $20 for a 7 day permit and absolutely no problems getting back into the states

      • Dennis says

        Would you know if I can cross back into the u.s. from Mexicali with just my identification card enhanced and my birth certificate as I am stuck in Mexicali not knowing.thank you dj

        • Terrie says

          Dennis…. I am a US citizen who lives in the middle of MX half the year. I also hold a Permanent Residency card for MX. Recently, I entered MX (by land) with an expired US passport (as my renewed passport had not arrived in the mail before my travel to MX), US birth certificate, and of course my MX Permanent residency card. Upon return to the Laredo border crossing, I presented my expired YS passport, TX DL and birth certificate. The officer simply asked me where in Hawaii was I born…. then the capitol of California (thank God I remembered) and let me pass. They actually cannot deny entry into the US to any US citizen with or without documentation. It will take longer to verify who you are without documentation. So take with you whatever you think may be helpful in shortening your delay at re-entering the US at a border crossing. As for air travel, you will definitely need a valid passport to even get on the flight bound for the US.

    • Devorah says

      Don’t leave the US w/o a valid passport! Can’t you just renew it?

    • Devorah says

      Entering or returning to the USA from Mexico
      If you are entering or returning to the USA from Mexico, you will need a form of documentation described on this page of the CBP website. If you are not an American or Canadian citizen, you will require a valid passport and a visa or visa waiver (ESTA) or ‘green card’ (legal residency card) to enter the USA from Mexico.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      As a US citizen all you need is your passport to be able to cross without any issues or problems.
      I’ve been traveling through for many months now with an expired passport. That doesn’t mean my citizenship expires with it. Never had an issue with this nor question brought up against it.

    • Vickie says

      Misty – you will Need a US birth certificate to prove citizenship, along with ID. Expired ID alone, no good.

  16. Son says

    I am a US citizen living in Mexico and my husband is a Mexican citizen with a US tourist visa. I want to drive with him across the border to avoid buying a flight from Tijuana to San Diego. Will this be possible? Or will they turn us back at the border?

    What are the medical reasons Mexicans can cross into the US? And what proof do we need to take?

    • Mickey says

      Your husband will be turned back. If he gets a note from his doctor For a medical appointment that is considered essential and he should be allowed to cross.

    • Carla says

      I am in the same situation my understanding is that they will not let your husband pass but you will be able to

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      If you have proof of prior visit to the a doctor for medical attention, treatment, you must be able to demonstrate and have doctor’s name address telephone number. Without this I would not even attempt.

  17. Steven says

    I am thinking of visiting Tijuana for a day trip from San Diego in early September, just visiting and coming back the same day. I’m a US citizen. Is this allowed now (non-essential travel) and when coming back (via a walking across crossing) do I need a negative COVID test?

    • Jim C. says

      I run a dental clinic in TJ. We have patients crossing into Mexico and returning to SD every day. Either walking into Mexico or driving in, you will be allowed to enter. Walking in, you will need a US passport to show and get a tourist permit. Up to 7 days, there is no charge. Going back to the US, they will not ask for any covid test. You just need to show your US i.d., either passport or other US ID.

      • Jan Ellis says

        This is helpful. I live in Tijuana and have been wanting to walk across the border and back again like I used to, but have been worried about trying it. I drive all the time back and forth, no problem. I am hoping to get a 6 month tourist visa as well, but at least from your comment I guess I can be sure at least they will let me come back into Mexico.

    • Fuga de roñares says

      You are allowed

    • Ryan says

      Just walked across today. Covid test not required to come back. Driving into Mexico, no issues. Walking to Mexico, you will be pulled into a waiting room and will have to purchase a visa for $30 which is good for 6 months. This is the first I have ever seen anything like this crossing. Wear a mask in the building. Although they said crossing was essential, they stamped the visa and we were on our way. No issues coming back and it was only about a 30 min wait (walking). Just have passport

    • Mickey says

      You are good to go… no vaccine passports or negative tests required. Just bring your passport and your patience as the line to get back in the US can be very long.

    • J Mtz says

      You can go in and out as much as you like if you’re a US citizen. For non-US citizens they cannot. We have family members who have lots of $$ and visas for over 30 years and still were rejected at the border. Many could afford to fly but didn’t want to because of covid. It’s a silly rule since we know being in your own car is less of a transmission risk vs flying, but the US is smart and knows it’ll create more $$ for the tourism industry. The number of people who have paid to fly, stay in hotels, rent cars etc. because they couldn’t drive up for the day is remarkable and so it’s a clear motivation.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      Enjoy your trip visiting Mexico.
      For the time being it is not a requirement. If you happen to fly to certain states in Mexico could be a requirement.

  18. Bill says

    I am trying to go to Nuevo Progreso for dental care in early September with my dad who needs a few extractions for a couple bad teeth. the oral surgeon there does an excellent job at 1/5th the cost compared to Houston. Do we need to show a vaccination passport to get back into the USA if we are only going for the day? Thanks.

    • Lilly says

      I’ve been taking my son to Miguel Aleman for dental work as well. All they ask for at the border for crossing is his school identification card (he has no DL or passport) and just in case, we’ve been carrying his vaccination card along with us. Me, the parent, I do cross only with my US Passport and vaccination card as well.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      At this moment it is not a requirement. Certain states in Mexico are required it if you are flying in.

  19. Valeria says

    I have a 16 year old sister that lives in Mexico. She moved when she was 14 after her mother died. I want her to come back to the United States but she doesn’t have a passport. I need help on how I can bring her back

    • Juan Vazquez says

      I think under 18 citizens don’t require a passport. Just maybe a birth certificate or some sort of identification. If she’s a US citizen.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      Was she born in the United States. did she go to school? I think I have the answer if you message me.

  20. Ricardo J. Grimaldi says

    I represent a group of investors from Mexico. I need to travel to do due diligence process. I have a contract and a letter requesting my trip to Houston asap. Can I cross the border?

  21. Eric says

    Do you need a negative COVID test to re-enter the US at the border in El Centro CA if you are a US citizen coming back in a car? Planning a Trip to San Felipe and would like to know what to expect.

    • Jan Ellis says

      I travel in my car into the U.S. often from Tijuana and no vaccination evidence is ever requested. Just ask you where you are going which they always do.

      • Glen kluzak says

        I live in canada but a dual citizen,can i walk across the border to mexico for dental work,so any problem coming back into the USA the same day?

    • Argiro says

      Please tell me how it went , as I always went to San Felipe too, but have not been for 15 years…..
      Is it safe ????
      Thank you.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      At the moment no, but soon we will have a proof of vaccination card. If you want to travel by plane this would be a requirement as some states outside of the united states require this to be able to move about.

  22. Mitch says

    Hello there,
    I am a Canadian resident fully vaccinated with Pfizer, living in BC Canada right now . I quit my job for mid sep and the plan was to drive down to la paz, Baja to be with my girlfriend for the winter and possible obtain a job offer and a visa so i am able to work. Will I be able to transit( drive ) trough the USA to get to the Mexican border? Any recommendation or experience in what I should do?
    thanks for any tips.

    • Terry Macdonald says

      Hi Mitch,
      As a Canadian myself – you are asking a very legitimate question. Right now the answer from what I have read seems to be “no”, but the “no” is unclear.
      Consider this – American’s are permitted to “transit” across Canada to get to Alaska, if they can state they are returning there to a home. Yet a Canadian (in my case) who has a home in Mexico, and is a permanent resident in Mexico is NOT permitted to transit the US.
      Seems like a double standard no matter how you look at it!. Terry

      • Marilynne says

        Are you surprised at the double standards both sides of the border? It’s been operating for months and months.
        Note all the many exceptions as to who can cross and why. In terms of “spreading” virus, the exceptions to the rules make no sense.
        Best of luck. Perhaps come Sept 21, rule will change.

      • Paul says

        How is that a double standard? Mexico is not a Canadian province.

    • Ac says

      you should call them however I just did and no, you cannot cross into, or pass through the US for anything other than essential travel (commercial etc)

    • Art says

      You could try to become a permanent resident of Mexico. Apply at local consulate for permanent residency, then you might be able to travel through USA – no guarantee. If that doesn’t work, you can fly there and then finish getting permanent residency, then you should be able to transit US to your legal home.

    • Bill Goldberg says

      Fully vaccinated? ? oh wow. The sheep just blindly trust the private sector CDC and the Jewish controlled American media. Your balls are now sterile. No more kids for you baa baa sheep. Enjoy your magnetized body dumb ass.

      • Jacob says

        Bill, YOU just proved what they say is true: You can’t fix stupid.

      • Your comeback says

        But 9/11 wasn’t the government huh!

      • Pancho Villa says

        No mames guey.

    • Brendan says

      Baja is beautiful, take your time.

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      First of all you will be traveling my friend, never driving. You should be fine if you can manage the drive from the northern US to the southern US, just before reaching the border. Keep your passport and registration on hand. enjoy trip

  23. Jessica says

    Does anyone know if they a require a negative covid test to drive through the Mexico border back into the US? I am stuck in Cancun and cannot fly back home until I test negative but I cannot stay here 14 days! I NEED to get home.

    • LUISA says


    • Elizabeth says

      If you’re returning to California, you can also fly to Tijuana and cross over to San Diego via the Cross Border Xpress bridge which does not require a Negative Covid Test.

      • Jeff says

        How about NO on flying to TJ and walking – And give everyone else on the plane COVID? The absolute height of selfishness to do that.

        • Mark J Simons says

          If that is so selfish , . . . What the hell does one call what is transpiring at our southern border ? You think anyone from any country gives a damn about feeling selfish and getting people infected with Covid. OMG THE ABSURDITY AND HYPOCRISY IS OBSCENE!!!!

        • Helen janocka says

          You are art of the problem! Believing all the bullshit stick your head in a hole will ya and make sure you get that third one

    • Kelly Garcia says

      We came back from Mexico on August 1st. By car they didn’t ask for a negative covid test but I have heard that by plane they are asking everyone for a negative covid test.

    • Adele says

      We had the exact same thing happen to us a few months ago. We flew from Cancun to Tijuana, crossed the border via Cross Border Express into San Diego, and then flew home. No COVID test was needed to enter the US that way.

    • Jan Ellis says

      I am a U.S. citizen who crosses into U.S. from Tijuana often and no evidence of vaccination is required. They just ask you where you are going, and what you were doing in Mexico like they always do. I assume you are a citizen.

    • Lorene/Neal Alston says

      Since you are in Cancun, you should be able to rent a car to the USA border towns (Brownsville, etc.) or other border towns to cross. Turn in car, walk across border. I don’t think you need to “test”. I heard of this happening to someone else and it worked out for them. Not sure where home is, but you can drive rental or fly to your home from border area.

  24. Jan says

    I am a 60 year old woman that needs to go from San Diego to Tijuana for dental work. I plan on walking across then taking an Uber to get to the dentist and back to the border. How safe is for me to go alone if I go early in the day?

    • Pablo Chicone says

      Super safe Trump said its all fake news. I was there yesterday buying me some tacos before 3:00 I was home already

      • Jose Duran says


    • Ann says

      Not safe …. Never go alone

    • Jan Mary says

      Totally safe. I live here, have for several years. I was afraid at first too. The longer I live here the more I realize there was nothing to be afraid of. Only thing to be afraid of is renting an apartment near a noisy dog that barks all night, or next to people who play their music loud.

    • Diane says

      Best Western San Ysidro has a shuttle for medical appointments if you stay there. I understand they are charging for it now, it used to be free. Anyway I use it to go to my dentist in Tijuana. Before Covid, the dentist office had someone pick me up and drop me back off. Ask your dentist about transportation

    • Flavio Alonso Perez says

      You should be okay as long as you follow your own instructions cross take the Uber to the dentist office and back and cross ?

  25. Gary D. says

    I am an American citizen. I am planning to use the San Diego/Otay to Tijuana CBX and fly from Tijuana to Cancun (non-essential). I have read that air, sea, rail travel from US to Mexico is open, but land crossings (which I believe CBX is) are restricted for essential travel only. But I have also read that people are doing so with no problem.

    Question 1) Which is the truth? Will I get turned away at customs when crossing into Mexico? Or will I get through? Do I have to tell them I am going for an essential purpose?

    Assuming I am able to make it into Mexico, I am also planning to return to the US via the CBX. I have read that a negative COVID test is required when arriving by air, but not by land.

    Question 2) Since CBX is a land crossing, do I need a negative COVID test? Does it matter that I obviously just arrived to Tijuana by plane?

    Thank you.

    • Jen says

      I have been using CBX since Nov 2020 to fly from Tijuana to Monterrey. Used it in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, & Mar. I visited my fiancé monthly before I began driving.

      You do NOT need a covid test. You will not be turned away.

      Just make sure you have a mask. I just left Mexico yesterday and all public areas require a mask.

      • Gary says

        Thank you for the info, Jen. I appreciate it.

        Stay safe.

  26. Gerónimo Ocana says

    Does anybody know if crossing the border from Mexico to the USA for banking purposes is considered essential activity? … I am Mexican, non USA resident, but I always kept my bank account in San Antonio and after more than one year of being in Mexico without going to the USA, I need to get back to the bank for signing forms, documents, and new wire transfer authorizations.

    • Jacqueline says

      Hi does any one now if my fiance can travel through the boarder walking with his fiance visa ? Does it count as essential?

      • Shan says

        Not essential unless he’s doing something essential related, family visits are not essential under the circumstances

      • Kevin says

        Hi, I have advance parole ( combo card) with work permit, my spouse is us citizen we want to cross the border from San Diego to Tijuana, just for one day. Am I able to come back to the us ?

    • Laura says

      Everything can be done online your bank can direct you. Unless you are selling property you might need an attorney. Not consider essential.

    • Stepphy says

      If I am in Tj for medical purposes and do not have my us passport… will I be able to get back to US?

      • Scott Mason says

        It won’t be easy! If you haven’t left for TJ, then you need to apply for a passport, wait for it’s arrival, THEN cross the border. Why not do what’s required just like the rest (or most) of the traveling public?
        If you’re already in TJ, and have just now realized/learned of this issue, then wherever you are crossing back into the U.S., I would go directly to any officer, and tell them your plight. Be as upfront and honest as needed. Any deception will not help you in the long run.

      • Flavio Alonso Perez says

        Just tell him the truth you lost it and they’ll walk you through the necessary process to identify you and then you should be on your way

    • Paola Z says

      I would like to know this too, I’m on the same situation, and my bank announced they would start closing foreign accounts.

  27. Amy says

    Hi! My family and I are planning to travel to Jalisco in two weeks. We plan on crossing the border in Nogales. From this article, it seems like restrictions only really apply when trying to return to the US and not when entering Mexico, but I just want to make sure. We will be able to cross the border at Nogales into Mexico for non essential travel, right?

    • K says

      Yes. You’ll be fine

      • Lauren Smith says

        I’m desperate. The caregiver we hired for our 92 year old mother has been unable to get over to Laredo from Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. How can we get her across? Can I make a medical appointment for her in the US? Would that work? She refuses to get on a plane and I’m running out of options. She has a tourist visa only and is a Mexican citizen, but needs to come back. She is also vaccinated. How can we get her over here?

        • Be aware says

          You do know that a Mexican citizen with a tourist visa can have that visa revoked if they are caught “working” and “making money” in the U. S. , right?

    • Mike says

      Lol forwat

  28. Sabrina says

    I’m from Japan and will cycle from LA to Baja then head south to Guatemala. Is it OK for non Americans to walk across from San Diego into TJ?

    • Jose Maria Aguirre Cabrera says

      Yes. I live in Mexico and our government has no travel restrictions on our borders. Just be careful. do not travel alone at night and be on the look out at all times.

      • Sarah says

        Are they strict on checking passports when coming back?

    • alexia says

      i have a visa and i am wondering if i can cross the border of nogales to arizona to get vaccinated? is that posible?

      • Helen janocka says

        Are you seriously considering getting a death vaccine? What a dip wad you must be

  29. mgr says

    How is the driving into Laredo? I hear it’s bad?

    • Papuh says

      Very bad, cartels at hot in that zone right now

      • M says


    • Jen says

      Stay away from Laredo at any time after 5pm to sunrise. I just went through Laredo on June 30 2021 and took Piedras Negras to Eagle Pass when I came back through on Aug 13 2021. Laredo is bad. The Marines are trying to exterminate the former Zetas cartel that have kidnapped over 70 people on that highway. Better to be safe than sorry.

      • MGR says

        How about the toll road into Monterrey from Laredo?

  30. Logan says

    Why do we need to show our documents e.g. ( passport) even before reaching the border patrol agent at the kiosk – shack? Is it policy or law? This is redundant and pointless to have to do that. I have told many agents when crossing into ??from Mexico at the mexicali east Port that if I show them my passport then I shouldn’t have to show it again at the border since they let me pass already right?

    • Carlos says

      They can ask for your documentation anytime they feel it’s necessary if you refuse you can be detained and send back wherever you came from and even if you show your documents during questioning you may get them back or they could keep them, but what about your freedom rights as a person? It only works for them right there, if you want your freedom rights work for you it will cost you. “Lawyers fees, travel expenses, time…etc, etc, etc…

    • Janet says

      They say to make sure you are in the correct lanes before you get to the actual booths. So if in Sentri lane you need to show Sentri or Global Entry card and if in ready lane you show passport, passport card or real ID. That is what I was told

      • Teresa says

        Janet real ID is not good anymore they asking for your passport and green card or they will leave you for hours at they office until you file come clean, anyways they will charge almost $600.00 dollars and a warning if you do it again they will not let you in to USA, and the same to citizens they need they American passport to back into USA
        Let you know at the border the officers they don’t care about your realID they want to see all your papers.

        • Me says

          If your an american citizen they have to let you back in. I have crossed many times with out a passport and just ID. A Few times i got some grief for it but they still had to let me in. I use a passport card now just so I dont have to listen to the verbal scolding.

          • Rosiesocks says

            Hello how long ago was this. I need to go to Mexico for an emergency but it’s impossible to get an appointment for my passport

      • Carol says

        Thank you Janet! waiting on my passport so I can travel to molar city for dental work. I will be walking across the border. I have a Cali license.

      • Flavio Alonso Perez says

        To be honest nothing is clear. you can end up in the wrong lane, you must pay attention though because a Sentri is totally by itself. Now a real ID is required if you are crossing with a birth certificate..

  31. jack says

    Hell If you are a Mexiican, go to U.S. border and turn yourself in and get a free ride to anywhere in the U.S. Thank stupid joe

    • Jose Biden says

      De nada!

      • Katy says

        I went to Cancun Mexico and it was full of Americans. I don’t see why tourists can’t come here to USA, when all the people from America keeps traveling. If is matters of restriction because COVID they should not be allowed to get out of the country. Let’s be real.

      • Terrie says

        ??? I soooo need that laugh today! Thanks Brandon…ugh I mean Jose Biden.

    • Joseph Mama says


  32. Nik says

    Hi, I live and work in the US but I am a not a citizen nor a permanent resident. I’m on a work Visa. From what I understand I can enter Mexico via land border (e.g. San Diego -> Tijuana). Planning to stay there for ~4 days. Will I be able to enter the US again via land border (Tijunana -> San Diego)? From what I understand working in the US is considered “essential”. Or is “essential” only work in certain fields (agriculture, health care, etc.)? Couldn’t find this info anywhere.

    • Luis says

      Any updates on this?

      • Edgar Monroy says

        Just be prepared to answer the question: “Why you were in Mexico?”

    • JC says

      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be allowed. Restrictions are for “Tourists Visas” you claim to have a “Work Visa” and crossing for employment purpose. If anything, print out the actual “Restrictions” from a legit INS or gov website as back-up, and have proof of your current active employment.

    • Suzanne Roth says

      July 22, 2021
      I live in San Diego. Local news on radio today is that Mexicans who live in Tijuana but work in San Diego are having very long waits to cross into San Diego. Up to 5 hours. Usual time is 2 hours. Mexicans have to get up at 2 am to make it to work on time. Apparently staffing shortage. / Over last 8 months, I have flown twice to Mexico via CBX (pedestrian bridge direct to Tijuana airport) without issue. Easy. Also, have crossed border by foot and car. Took 4 hours to cross back into San Diego by car. Not unusual on a Sunday afternoon. No problem returning to US. Mexico needs tourism dollars. They are not restricting travel.

  33. Alejandra Almaraz says

    How about opening the doors to vaccinated non-essential with visas?
    This should be highly considered.

    • Stevie says

      How about you stop being a dictator and let EVERYONE pass. Vaccine or not. My body my choice!!

      • Luanne Colasanti says

        It is not all about you. It is what’s best for the masses.

        • Dan says


          • Douglas Gold says

            The foolishness of anyone who believes that controlling border entry for the purposes of protecting a vulnerable population is astonishing. Even my 10 year child understands that you don’t allow people to get infected when 2-3% (the overall mortality rate in the USA) are likely to die. ?Sheep?

            If you don’t want to get vaccinated, do what it takes NOT to get infected and isolate yourself. Don’t go around killing people.

          • Angela says

            Traveling to Mexico over the border to drop of my cat to get operated to get out something they put on for her femur ? can grow back safely would it be okay ? then pick her up in 4 days leaving Monday August 16

        • Not Me says

          I’m vaccinated and I say “to each his own”. I don’t want mandated vaccines. If I CHOSE to vaccinate myself, goody for me but NOBODY should be required.

          • Angela Eren says

            Thank you!

          • Fabio Juliano says

            Actually, baddy for you. The “vaccine” is safe, ineffective, and not a vaccine. Its lack of safety or effectiveness is beyond dispute because if it were safe and effective, the jabbed sheep wouldn’t be worried about being given “covid” by the pureblooded. Their fear is an admission that the “vaccine” is unsafe and ineffective, and yet they want their betters to be forced to take it.

        • Shac says

          wow..more sheep talk. when will you zombies wake up and realize govt doesn’t love you. smh. lol.

        • Debra Reno says

          We have individual rights. Not one big mass. If u decide not to vaccinate, then thats on you. Then you must bare the burden. If u cant vaccinate through no fault of ur own then you must protect yourself. If Im vaccinated then I want to go back to normal.

      • Mike says

        My body, your choice. MMMMM, NO.

      • TJ says

        Spot on Stevie!! Well said

      • teehee says

        Tell that to a police officer when you get a ticket for no seat belt.

      • Rob says

        Your a damn idiot, my life not your choitto give me the virus. People like you are why we are in this mess.

  34. KC says

    We have a trip planned to Valle de Guadalupe in mid-July; flying into San Diego and driving to Guadalupe. We’re all US citizens. We have read that there have been no issues crossing the border from San Diego into Baja. Can someone please confirm the same if you have done so recently? Also, any issues getting back into the US?

    • Michael Pereira says

      My Son and his girlfriend just drove from SanDiego to Valle de Guadalupe.
      They crossed from San Diego into T.J. by car without any issues.
      They had a great trip and you will too.

      • Adam says

        How long ago? Today is July 23 and I was planning on doing the same.

    • John Hartog says

      You will have no issues whatsoever, we recently travelled from San Diego to Valle de Guadalupe. No issues going into Mexico and no issues coming back. We go back and forth between San Diego and Tijuana every other week.

      • Sherry DeHart says

        Do you drive into Tijuana or take the trolly out of San Diego. If you drive, are there plenty of safe places to park and how much is parking?

      • Janet See says

        Do you need a passport???

        • MB says


      • Amy says

        Do you have a passport?

    • Peter says

      Hello KC, as you and your Family are all US Citizens, going into Mexico, by car, beside waiting in line, you should have no issues going into Mexico, and as for getting back from Mexico to the United States, going into the US is considered on you and your family’s part, “Essential travel”, If only we could say the same or visa versa for those wanting to go into the States that do not meet the requirements or what is Considered “Essential”. Stricter rules going into the U.S, however Mexico is being very friendly on their part. I have been going back and forth Via Walking, with no Issues at all going in and out and I am a U.S Citizen (Eligible for dual nationality).

      • Anna says

        But have you been needing to take COVID tests on your way back into the US? Are they checking for that at the border? Looking to go from San Diego to Tijuana just for a 2-3 days and not sure if it’s worth it if I also have to buy tests.


    • Connie Mendoza says

      I live in Tijuana but I’m a US citizen and I cross the border 1 to 2 x a day. If all of you are US citizens you’ll have no issues coming into Mexico or leaving. The border crossing restrictions (due to Covid and people crossing) does not apply to us. Its in black and white on the page. I hope this helps and enjoy your trip. Bienvenidos!

    • Holly says

      Confirmed. As U.S. Citizens, we cross the border all of the time. Mexico will let you in. The U.S. will let their citizens back in. A passport card is preferred. Passport is fine. Sentri or Global Entry is the golden ticket to driving back. (10-15 minute border crossing as opposed to ½ -2+ hours by car at San Ysidro)
      Have fun!!

      • Mark says

        Isn’t there a restriction until July 21st right now?

    • Retta says

      I would just like to mention although there was no problem crossing the borderYou are well advised to buy Mexican car insurance in the United States. Your u.s. insurance isn’t good in Mexico. Check the prices because insurance for a 6 month term cost me less than buying by weeks.

  35. Gerardo says


    I’m a mexican living in AZ with a work Visa but I need to cross the land border to Mexico in Nogales to get my dog and then go back to AZ. Will I be able to cross the border back to the US with my work Visa?


    • mike contreras says

      I’m a veteran and have a medical condition emergency can my wife travel with me we, both have our covide 19 injections .

      • Christina says

        Me and my son won’t to come over to Mexico to see my husband can we cros

        • Richard Henry says

          Yes you can anytime

        • Retta says

          Many cities are giving the vaccine. If you have a residence card you can sign up. They ask for your CURP card. My city accepted some Canadians that were property owners. Some other foreigners were given the vaccine if any was left over at the end of the day and then we’re automatically signed up for the 2nd shot. You could possibly talk to a local doctor for advice.

      • Víctor La Santa says

        My spouse and me are USA citizens and came to Cuidad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico to get dental work done on our dentures. Soon we will finish these procedures and return to Texas via land personal vehicle. Are there any restrictions for U.S. citizens as of today 6/30/2021, to cross the border from Mexico to the Texas, USA border?.

  36. Linda Wylie says

    Looks like I could easily cross into Mexico and back but not 5 miles across the Canadian border to see my granddaughter. Makes a lot of sense.?

  37. Lorenzo Casas says

    Hello! We are Canadian family residing in Mexico. Does anybody know if we are allowed to use CBX to enter the US?

  38. Ann says

    I live in San Diego and plan on walking across to Tijuana to fly out of there to go to Salina Cruz in Oaxaca State. Do I need Covid Test or medical questionnaire to return? I go on 6/11 and walk back across border on 6/18 for a surf trip

    • Maria Aurora Garza says

      If you are us citizen, and crossing walking you don’t need a test.

      • Eileen Flynn Alba says

        We are going to our daughter’s wedding in February 2022. We live in the SanDiego Area & would like to fly out of Tijuana, using the land bridge into the terminal. Is this possible? We need to book flights.

        • Jen says

          Yes it is open. Book your flights out of Tijuana and you can cross at the CBX without issue.

      • Jesenia says

        Hello. This is what I’m trying to figure out! I’d like to visit mexico but I dont want to test.
        I was wondering if I can fly close to border and drive over or walk over.

        • Peter says

          If you are a Citizen or meet the requirements to return to the U.S for “Essential” Travel, then you can enter Mexico and return to the U.S with no problems.

        • Alejandro B Molina says

          Yes you can if you are an American citizen and no need to be tested

    • Eileen Flynn Alba says

      We are going to our daughter’s wedding in February 2022. We live in the SanDiego Area & would like to fly out of Tijuana, using the land bridge into the terminal. Is this possible? We need to book flights.

  39. English says

    I arrived here in Mexicali Mexico in 2007 from the UK to work, I have my permanent residence card, and current UK passport. I want to return to the UK via San Diego, crossing by land at the Mexicali/Calexico border entry. I have received both Covid 19 shots. Can I go to immigration, and request permission to cross? And once in the UK, after a 10 day stay, will I have any issues to return to San Diego, and on to Mexico?

    • Charles Isaac says

      Hi English,
      You have raised a bunch of difficult questions. You will likely have problems entering the USA from Mexico unless you can show essential requirement. And at present, air travel between USA and UK is limited. I hear that will change soon but not at this moment. Entry from USA to Mexico when you return should not be a problem as there are no restrictions that I have observed over the last year.
      But I am raising questions for you from what I hear so please investigate more comprehensively.

    • Carl says

      You wont be able to fly from the uk to USA but you could fly directly to mexico from the UK wait in mexico for 2 weeks then fly to USA. It just doesnt make sense.

  40. Hw says

    I Live in Mexico, and I’m noticing US plated vehicles driving in Mexico. Also, my Friend is a Truck Driver who his permitted to cross for Cargo Transportation says that hundreds of people are entering from US to Mexico, but almost no vehicles from Mexico to US. If Border restrictions are to stop the spread of Covid then tell me why just some people can cross and others not. It makes absolutely no sense!!

    • Henry McHenry says

      Because Amlo doesn’t care about our well being.

    • polski pedzio says


      As you have noticed “It makes absolutely no sense!”.

      Why in your opinion?

      Do you still belive in this manufactured “pandemic” or are you, like millions of others starting to understand how deeply you have been fooled?

      Check ‘the great reset’ (world economic forum) and ‘UN agenda 2030’ and you will understand why they created a global ‘pandemic’ to serve a very sinister agenda.

      Warning: don’t get jabbed if you want to stay healthy and free.

      • Someone with a brain says

        I feel sorry for you. Please do us all a favor and go set yourself on fire.

        • Rick says

          Lol. If she or he has covid the fire will kill it as well. Well said, thank you for some common sense.

          • Debra Reno says

            We have individual rights. Not one big mass. If u decide not to vaccinate, then thats on you. Then you must bare the burden. If u cant vaccinate through no fault of ur own then you must protect yourself. If Im vaccinated then I want to go back to normal.

      • Kevin Kennedy says

        You need serious help, sir.

        • Rick says

          Lol no I just have an aversion to ignorant people. Like you!

          • Jennifer says

            I know, thank you for showing some sense! That’s like saying that there are really rich and powerful perverts, like presidents and major CEOs that own child abuse islands, and sell and buy kids. Or like that ridiculous one about the military keeping UFO footage/knowledge secret from the public, because we all know they don’t exist. Or how about the one where all those African American men thought they were getting free medical care from the federal government, but in “reality” were part of an experiment to see what happens when Syphilis goes untreated!

          • Madi says

            You are ignorant one just saying.

      • Michael Cordoba says

        You are right!

    • Gary says

      I am a US citizen that lives in San Diego, and my best friend is Mexican, and lives in Tijuana. I do not drive, so I cross the border walking. From what I am seeing, if you drive across there are not checking on essential. If they do its rarely. When you walk across its a whole different story. I have went to Tijuana to visit him probably 5 or 6 times since they stopped non essential travel. I never know what to expect when I get there. Sometimes its been a barely checking my ID and letting me through no questions, all the way to once they they were not letting anyone through that couldnt prove essential crossing. So basically just what I have notices is driving you are fine going south, walking its a sometimes yes to sometimes no.

    • Retta says

      It depends entirely on each country. If you have a work permit you can cross back and forth between TJ and other crossings into the US but non essential people or vacationers from Mexico are not allowed into the USA st this time. Mexico does not have restrictions against tourist travel at this time so us citizens with us passports can cross into Mexico.

  41. Basil says

    I’m an Indian citizen and I have travelled to Mexico City for 14 days to then fly into the US on a B1/B2 visa to attend my nephew’s wedding.
    I arrived in Mexico City on 26 May. Will I be able to enter the US on the 15th day?

    • Jalover says

      You will not be able to if the restriction is still in effect AND/OR
      you enter the US by land.


      is this possible

      Where to stay in mexico…
      Sachin from pune

    • Bryce says

      If you are flying back to the US from Mexico you will need a covid test.

      • Reegan Lessie says

        My same question ! ?

    • Retta says

      You should have no trouble flying into the US as long as all your papers are in order and you have a negative Covid test within 48 hours of your flight. You can/should check the government website for any updates. But at this time this is the info I found.

  42. Henriette says

    I’m from Norway and have a valid ESTA visa. I wonder, If I travel to Mexico and stay for 14 days – until June 21st, will I be able to travel to the US on June 22nd as a non-essential traveler?

    • Victor says

      You will have to wait until June 21st to see if they prolong the non-essential travel ban.
      But if they don’t you might be able to enter the US by land.
      If you fly there is no problem.

    • Kevin Kennedy says

      You can fly, as already mentioned, but you will need a negative COVID test taken 3 days or less before you get on the plane. In Puerto Vallarta a rapid test costs about $35US.

  43. Jung says

    Hi, I’m Korean and living in Mexico. I just wonder if possible to cross border(by car) to take the vaccine? Or only way to enter is the air plane?

    • Victor says

      By airplane

    • Mirtha Hernandez says

      You may want to reaearch this. As far as I know, you need yo reaide or work in the US in order to register for the vaccine. It may have changed but my nephew is a US citizen living in Mexico and went to a vaccine location and was denied.

      • Retta says

        Many cities are giving the vaccine. If you have a residence card you can sign up. They ask for your CURP card. My city accepted some Canadians that were property owners. Some other foreigners were given the vaccine if any was left over at the end of the day and then we’re automatically signed up for the 2nd shot. You could possibly talk to a local doctor for advice.

  44. Ruth says

    I’m a UK citizen and I travelled to Mexico for 14 days in order to then enter the US the UK is still on the banned list. Am I able to enter the US on the 14th day? I left the UK and arrived in Mexico on the 15th May. Can I enter the US on 29th May?

    • Coco says

      Depends for what reason, the permissions you have, and the items you’re carrying. And if you’re traveling by air or land. Land you should be fine as long you have permissions. Air might be harder

      • Dej says

        Do I need passport to take bus to Mexico??

    • Smatt says

      Hi Ruth, how is the trip going… I’m in the UK and desperate to visit my boyfriend in the USA

    • Tom says

      Hi Ruth,

      I’m in the same as you and was wondering how this went for you. Hoping to do the same in a months time if nothing changes. Please let me know! 🙂

      Thank you!

    • gaelle thieullen says

      Hi Ruth
      I’m planning a similar thing and I hope it works for you and me and all of us,could you let me know how it goes?
      My plan is to go from Cancun to miami by plane

      • Maria Aurora Garza says

        You have to wait 14 days after you left uk. Today, my friend that came from Spain was not allowed on a flight from mexico city to Texas. She has to wait 14 days

        • Sonya Nicole says

          I want to come to Mexico for dental work from Yuma, Az. Can, I come there and back to the USA with my USA driver license?

          • Bryce says

            Take a driver’s and a birth certificate. Before you cross stop at the border office there and asked him to be reassured.

    • Paul says

      Hi Ruth , how did you get on with this plan was it success ? I myself are in Mexico for 15 days and plan to fly to Florida!

  45. Tu Mamá says

    Open the fucking border already.

    • annoyed says

      I agree this is ridiculous every 21st of the month they add another month. Open the border already our family needs to spend some time together!


    I am Indian citizen working in USA on H1B visa. I had come to India few days back. I have plans to spend 15 days in Mexico then move to USA. Will I be permitted to enter?

    • clayton tatro says

      Why not?

    • SanDiegoMan says

      Citizens of India are banned from entering USA due to the pandemic raging out there.

      • saleputepourrie says

        To the mentally challenged moron who wrote about the ‘raging’ bullshit in India.

        This is a fake, there is no problem in India , except that people who got jabbed are now sick and dying.

        The mainstream media are lying and using old footage of past catastorphy in India to make idiots like you believe people are dying from ‘covid’ in India.

        By the way, moron, why do you think the flu disapeared in 2021 and ‘new variants’ appeared suddenly?

        Think, I give you 3 mn….

        Because of jerks like you, most of the world has become a fascist dictatorship…

        Get a grip on yourself, close the TV, idtch fakebook, google gestapo, youlube and twatter and start looking for the truth for yourself like a grown up!

        • Chill says

          Damn, who hurt you?

        • KMags says

          Although I don’t agree with anything you just said, if you really want people to research this or believe any of your nonsense…maybe being a jackass and calling people morons and being so disrespectful is not the way to go! Just my opinion!

    • Israel says

      There will be a no problem!

    • Gary L Torrence says

      Go home.

      • Kelly Gust says

        Really? Not the time to be a jerk.

  47. Jose Gonzalez says


    There are some coworkers from Hungary, that need to do some work in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico in a couple of weeks. Their work would last 3-4 weeks. They plan to fly from Europe to USA and arrive at El Paso, TX. Also stay there in a hotel. Would they be able to cross every day to Juarez and go back to El Paso? Thanks

    • Steven Kosmata says

      I would be very careful about planning to stay in the US and going to Mexico. If you are banned to coming to the US now, I would say you would be stopped from returning from Juarez to El Paso. They border guards even gave my partner a rough time in going to his medical appointment in San Diego (and medical is supposed to be an exception), and ultimately denied his entry. And many times the people on the ground down know the rules either and you have to educate them.

      • rn says

        Yes, hungarians wanting to work in 3rd world( supposedly) , but kicking out the refugees at their door step becuase they are poor LOL

    • Btyce says

      Not sure why they’d want to cross back and forth everyday. It’s a whole lot cheaper to stay in Juarez than it is El paso.

  48. Scar says

    I am Spanish citizen, and I want to cross the border in Tijuana to attend a job as contractor (as employee for US company) . I have ESTA and the invitation letter and purchase order from the company, which is based in the US.

    Will I be able to cross the border by land?
    I want to save some time because I am on the process of getting National Interest Exception (which is now required to entry to the US by plane)

    That way I could by-pass this process and directly show the US Border personel that the purpose of the travel is “work”. I would save some time.
    Then I would travel from San Diego,CA to San Jose, CA.

    Will I able to cross without problems?

  49. Jenny says

    My sister wants to go on vacation with us to Rosarito. Her license expired and was not able to get an appointment until recently and her new I.D won’t be here on time. Will she have any trouble crossing back with her expired I.D and her birth cert?

    • Jamie Herrera says

      She needs a passport.

    • Rita says

      She can cross with a birth certificate if she is a US citizen. It might take time and they might chastise her but they have to let US citizens in.

    • Micah Hedger says

      Minors can cross or return with a birth certificate but adults need a valid passport.

      • Richard Weiler says

        Few have any problems using documents other than passports or border crossing cards. An agent might grumble, but they always let you back. Speaking from personal experience.

      • Ada Ochoa says

        My son born in the USA and he crossed with his birth certificate and driver licence and he doesn’t have any problem and he’s 25yrs old!

  50. Jenn says

    Hi, I’m Korean living in Meixco. But I need to cross the border to take plane to go back to Korea in LAX. I dont have i-94 but ESTA . Will they give me new i-94 to cross the border?

    • Kiran says

      Yes, show them the flight tickets and they will issue new i-94.
      I have recently crossed border holding b1/2 for taking flight from lax to india.
      Make sure you have sufficient time as they take an hour or two to verify your ticket and get permission from superiors.

    • Kiran says

      Hi jenn,

      Yes, show them the flight tickets and they will issue new i-94.
      I have recently crossed border holding b1/2 for taking flight from lax to india.
      Make sure you have sufficient time as they take an hour or two to verify your ticket and get permission from superiors.

  51. Yesi says

    My brother is a US citizen but was sent to Mexico when he was little. He is now 21 years old and wants to come back. He has his birth certificate and social security card. Will he have any problems crossing??

    • eswei says

      I think he won’t have any trouble at all. I go to Mexico about once a month, by car or walking, and all I take is my driver’s license. His birth certificate should be enough.

      • shadow19 says

        when you come back to the US does your job require you to quarantine?

      • Irma Gonzales says

        Do you have two taken of COVID-19 shots to cross the border?

    • BRUNO says


    • Christy says

      I just crossed last week with only my birth certificate and social because I lost my drivers license in Mexico they didn’t give me any problems at all.

      • Jennie says

        Can we cross right now into mexico with all the covid stuff? I booked a vacation in monterrey mexico for May 3rd 2021m thanks in advance

        • Jenny says

          Didn’t you hear? Apparently there is a pandemic in Mexico, due to the “COVID stuff” So although you will probably won’t be stopped crossing in either direction, Mexican citizens are begging Americans to stay at home until it’s over. COVID 19 is once again raging in Mexico.

        • Jack Bober says

          You can fly into Mexico without restrictions. As far as I know, no covid test is required.

          I believe there is still an “essential travel” test if you are coming by land. If you have a Mexico residente visa, there are no restrictions.

      • Shawn says

        Whe man did you go??

      • Sheryl says

        Did they ask you for a police report for the lost D.L? How do they know your not using someone’s birth certificate and social security card? I’ve never been outside the USA so I found this interesting. Thanks, Sheryl.

    • Katrina Golondrina Barker says

      Hi Yesi, if you find any information about this would you mind tellibg me too, my niece is the same story and were not sure how to do this?

  52. fred says

    why is it the american tourists can cross the border at Lukeville to go to Puerto Penasco for a weekend and then back to USA with no problems, yet foreign (Canadians, Mexicans etc.) tourists are prohibited fro going back to the US. Thought this borer closing was to meant to limit covid infections yet it is OK for Americans to cross back and forth yet they have among the highest covid infections.

    • Jack says

      Every country makes its own rules.

    • lola says

      This is so true, and unfair.

    • Mike says

      Because the United States does not restrict its citizens from leaving the country. This isn’t North Korea. We can only put restrictions on non-citizens entering the country, since as a US citizen you always have the right to enter the United States. Therefore it is up to Mexico to restrict who can enter their country and they have chosen not to.

      • corrupt piece of shit says

        Hey Mike: “This isn’t North Korea”.

        Really? Why the lockdown, the forced masking and forced vaccinations + vaccine passports then, if it’s not “North Korea”?

        New York for example is a dictatorship worse than North Korea…

        Thanksfully, in the USA you still have states like Florida or South Dakota to make up for communist totalitarian states run by corrupt ‘democrats’…

        North Korea is a better place than the West in 2021!

        • Lupita says

          LOL. MORON!

  53. Yahaira Cruz says

    Hi I have a Flight on the 3rd of May & I am bringing my grandma back . She has a Visa but we have a religious event, will that be a problem for her to cross that way ?

  54. Lucy says

    I am a Canadian, can I cross the US/Mexico border by land just to renew the TN Visa? Once I pass the border I’ll immediately return to the US for the Visa renewal. Thanks,

    • josh says

      please let me know im in the same boat in AZ. my visa expires 06/31

  55. J Hernandez says

    My dad is a u.s. citizen currently staying in Mexico but is coming back to get a surgery on his leg (he is currently on a wheelchair). Would my mom (Mexican citizen with a tourist visa) be able to cross with him by land? Would this be considered “essential”?

    • Liz says

      I believe you can get a doctors note to show that your mom is “essential “. She is your dads caregiver for his medical needs. Get the note and show it to the consulate. Good luck!!

  56. Betzy says

    My brother is a United States citizen, he recently got his dual citizenship in Mexico. He overstayed the 180 days he gets from FMM but he will be returning in May by land to the USA and I was wonder if he will have to pay a fine?

    • Ed says

      Did he overstay due to civic-19?

    • Yami says

      Yes he will have to pay a fine

  57. Alex says

    Hi- I booked a trip from May 2nd – May 6th and planning on crossing by foot through PedEast. Should I be fine with a passport and birth certificate entering / re-entering?

    • Jose says

      You will be fine. When you crops over yo Mexico they will ask you what is your business there. If you say a trip most likely you will have to pay a fee.

    • Aaron says

      Did you have any issues crossing?

    • Miriam says

      Did you have any trouble entering Mexico and coming back to the US?
      I am planning on walking across to Tijuana from San Diego on August 13th to August 16th. I know the border is closed until at least July 21st. Will it be an issue for me to cross? Should I get COVID tested before I go and before I come back?
      Thank you.

  58. Patrick says

    What is the CBX border crossing????

    • M.J says

      CBX is a special permit to leave and enter the US fast with out getting stop at the border if you cross the US border every day and don’t want to get stuck for ours you may consider getting CBX permit.

      • ALFREDO VALLADO says

        It is not true, the CBX is a cross border betwen the Tijuana airport and the city of Otay

    • Janet says

      I’ve used CBX several times — it’s a quick and easy way to to cross the border via an enclosed pedestrian bridge inside the Tijuana Airport. It can only be accessed by people with boarding passes and a bridge ticket. The bridge spans the border from above the airport and takes less than 10 minutes to cross. On the Mexican side, coming from baggage claim, you cross the bridge and where you land is US Customs. Coming into the terminal from the San Diego side, you’ll go through Mexican customs just before getting on the bridge which takes you into the airport.

      • trish berg says

        Hi Janet, we will be using this crossing to go from US to Mexico in a couple weeks. Do you know if the land crossing requires a negative covid test to cross back to US?

        • Canadiana says

          Land crossing does not require a negative COVID test.

          • Karla says

            Im filipina Im a touirist visa in mexico w/my 2 filipino minor husband is american,is it possible to cross the border to Goin to US w/my husband by land(car)

    • Jamie Herrera says

      She has a passport though right?

  59. Brandie says

    My mother in law is a Mexican citizen who has been trying to come to the US to be our son’s caretaker, but the border closing keeps being extended. Is this scenario considered essential travel since it’s for work? Or will she need to fly instead?

    • Jessica says

      She will most likely need to fly.

    • Fernando says

      Does she have a work Visa to work in the US?

  60. George Scarpati says

    Hello, I am an American Citizen with a valid passport I was planning on Traveling to TJ through Otay, to see my girlfriend for the say on 24th of April, Traveling there early in the morning and Coming home before it gets dark, What’s the best way I should go about this?

    • Jessica says

      You shouldn’t have any issues going into and leaving Mexico. Just make sure to have your U.S. passport to re-enter the U.S. and be safe.

    • Mitch says

      Get a girlfriend in the U.S. so both countries are covered. Stay in U.S. with American girlfriend and visit your girlfriend in TJ when the border opens for U.S. citizen crossings.

      • Tu Madre says

        No mames guey!!!

  61. Sambavi says

    Hello! Thank you for this service.

    Can a person from Europe:
    1) travel to Mexico
    2) after staying in Mexico, fly to US?

    Thank you!

    • Ed Ferdererer says

      People in many countries can do mostly what ever they want, considering that you have the legal means to do so. Passports, visa’s, permits, and what ever it is that country you are traveling to requires to stay for “x” amount of days.

  62. Mike says

    I want to go across the San Ysidro border to TJ on April 17th, stay there for 4 days, and return back across the same TJ land border on April 21st. I have been fully vaccinated 2 weeks ago. Will I need a COVID-negative test in order to come back to San Ysidro across the land border? I am American so I am assuming that a visa is still not required for us to cross the land border inti TJ.
    Any recent personal experiences to share? Thanks.

    • Gintaras says

      You shouldn’t worry about getting back into the US if you’re crossing on foot.
      I do that almost weekly and never had a problem.
      On some occasion Mexican custom officers have demanded a bribe in order to cross into Mexico. I had refused to pay and was turned back to the US.
      You don’t need to show a vaccine card nor have a negative Covid test.

  63. Jesse says

    Hi! I am a US citizen living in MX temporarily. My boyfriend is Mexican. We are planning to drive back to US for 3 months beginning of May thru Laredo probably. The cars plates are MX. Would it be better to have the car regitered in my or his name?
    He has his visa, but will he be allowed in with me? He can show proof of work here in MX too.

    • Katkat says

      As long as the borders by land are closed he can’t enter. If they are open and he has a visa and proof of work and money in Mexico he will be allowed in. But be aware he will need to bring information of his work and living ( receipt of gas or energy) if they ask for it

      • Jesse says

        Thank you!

  64. Berny Dalziel says

    Can I as a Canadian citizen living in Mexico….drive up to Canada at this time through the US /mexican border with my car

    • Ed Ferdererer says

      What kind of car is it that you will be driving on this adventure?

      • Alex Mh says

        … and kind of car makes difference because… ?
        Non-essential Canadians are not allowed to cross into the US by land, period. There were some rumours that they allow “returning Canadians” but there is no such exception in the rule.

    • Dustin Wilcox says

      I would also like to know. I intend to return home to see the doctor, so it is for medical treatment but not in the U.S.

  65. Bella says

    How are documents checked at the border when crossing back to US? Electronically or manually? My brother has a warrant for traffic tickets when he didn’t show up to court. He would like to see our dad in Matamoros but is worried that the warrant will show up? Does anyone know? Thank you.

    • Mirna says

      Hire a attorney to show up for him. It helped a friend of mine.

    • Kari says

      Get a lawyer and get the no show for court taken care of. They can handle that pretty quickly.

    • JT says

      They don’t worry about traffic tickets ,felony ,different story

  66. Bri says

    Hello, a mother is a mexican citizen, she has a VISA but she wants to cross with her 15 year old daughter who is a US citizen, according to Trump’s letter (I have no idea if its still eligibale since Biden is the new president) a foreign person travelling with an underage child can cross the border, no questiosn asked, has anybody tried this? Do you know what “medical essentials” the U.S. 15 year old girl can have to cross with her mexican mom?

    • Ab says

      How did that go? Did the mother cross to US?

  67. Daniel says

    Good afternoon everyone!
    Me, my Wife, one dog, and one cat are in Playa del Carmen area and are looking to head back to the States in the next couple months. Does anyone know who to contact to get from Matamoros to Brownsville (right across border) – walking across is not an option – we have too many belongings for me to carry 🙂 I see that Uber is not an option, and I haven’t found any car rental companies that go across the border either – any help that you know of would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your help

    • Darryl says

      Try a bus. They generally will have a station just across the border

    • Bert Lambert says

      I am an American citizen from Ohio and I have been living in Mexico for the last 19 months except for last June when I returned to Ohio and sold my condo. I married a Mexican women in February of 2020 and wish to drive back to Ohio with her to being back items I have in storage. She has a passport, a valid visa and we have both been vaccinated with both our shots. Will she be considered traveling for an essential reason? She IS essential to me!!!

      • Son says

        Were you able to cross into the states with a tourist visa?

  68. Nick says

    Family and I are moving from Houston, Texas to Guatemala City. We have to drive there due to our dog not being able to fly. I guess I have a couple of questions: What route should I take? How safe is it to drive through Mexico with wife, kid and dog?

    • Tony says

      Take all the Toll Roads. I hear they are safer.

    • Jaime says

      Right, Toll Roads, and always drive at daylight (at least that’s what I do).

    • Kirk L Daughtry says

      Nick, please let me know what you find out.

      I own a home in Panama, and, in early June, I want to drive with my dog through Mexico, and on, from there, to Panama.

      Any info you can share with me is appreciated.

    • Lucy says

      Hi, just came back from Mexico on Saturday. Cannot help you with the the rout to Guatemala, however I have a missionary friend that travels from Coahuila, Mexico to Guatemala very often, I van put you in contact with him. As far as traveling in Mexico make sure you do it by daylight only and have all your car permits handy and up to date

    • Darryl says

      I would agree with toll roads. They are much safer but in my experience driving down to the Durango area multiple times to see family, once your away from the border it’s is ok to travel at night. But even when I do I stick to the toll roads and stay with groups of vehicles.

  69. Kevin Thomas says

    Has anyone had issues crossing from the US to Mexico since the new restrictions were announced on March 18th?

    • Matt says

      I’m very interested in this as well, I’ve got a trip planned in May and it’s too late for me to get a refund, plus I can’t get a flight into TIJ so I’m going to be forced to try to walk across the border from San Diego; has anyone had any experience (personal or from somebody else) walking across the border since this restriction was implemented? I think it’s strange that flights are perfectly okay but walking across isn’t

      • Trevor says

        Cross using the CBX crossing, it cost about $20 though it is a crossing directly into the Tijuana airport. I had no problem crossing in both directions and did not need a Covid test upon return to US soil

        • Alejandro Mora says

          Hi Trevor, when did you cross?

          • AL says

            I need to get my passport stamped in July bcuz my tourist visa will expire and I plan to drive down to Chetumal and cross into Belize. Does anyone know if that’s possible?

          • An says

            Hi, did you cross Tijuana to San Diego with a B2 tourist visa recently?

      • Lajoy says

        Hello Matt, I’m from Minnesota and I just got to Tijuana Thursday afternoon via land crossing. It took literally 3 minutes to cross. They ask for your passport and why you are traveling. I came with a friend for medical reasons but they did not ask for any documentation to confirm that. I was told when going back into the US more questions are ask than coming in.

        • Maria says

          when did you cross? I am going next week to San Diego and wanted to cross on April 16th but I was reading that the San Ysidro border is closed to tourism going to Ensenada. Is that true?

    • Brad martin says

      We drove into Mexico at Tecate on a motorcycle and no one even TALKED to us on the 16th of May, 2021

      • Randle Sink says

        You went to Mexico on 16 May 2021? Do you have a time machine?

        • Dan says

          I want one too!

    • Kevin says

      no I cross daily from San Diego to tijuana driving my car . never had problems. But be carfule never try to reach the Tijuana airport without a us passport or any legal doc. to travel locally in Mexico unless you have Mexican id or you will be arrested this is the new law now in Mexico

      • Lynne Boudreau says

        Hi Kevin,
        Do you think if you are crossing to drive to southern tip of Baja, not to Tijuana Airport, you are safe. I have one son with valid passport. One son with US drivers license, expired passport card and birth certificate. They are driving to pick up my 3rd son, having biked the Baja trail is needing pick up by brothers. Do you think it is safe to travel one son without up to date passport, but US license and birth certificate?
        Thanks for any guidance

        • Charlie says

          A Drivers License is NOT PROOF of Citizenship, Nationality, any where. Penalties can be very expensive in Mexico and always a chance Mexican Authorities will DETAIN persons and even SEIZE an expired Passport. Under your conditions, taking a chance for travel there.

        • Alex says

          Yes , is fine with a expire pasaport, I just pick up my nieces , in March and April , I just show there pasaport and birth certificate, Officer did not say anything they just let us in

    • Guy Shields says

      None whatsoever. Business As usual.

    • Melissa says

      Hi! I have not had any issues. That being said, I am an American citizen and white so I know my experience may be different from others. While it’s not okay, I thought it might be important to include. I go to and from every month to see the orthodontist. I’ve crossed both on foot and in car. I cross in Texas – so I can’t speak for other states.

    • Mirna says

      I drove to Mexico 18th and back to US on the 25 no issues .

    • MGR says

      Crossed into Mexico from Laredo week of 3/22-3/26. returned on 3/26. You can only cross into Mexico at the main border and back into the states the same way.

    • Terry says

      If you want to cross from the US to Mexico it’s no problem I am American living in TJ and I’ve had no problems at all crossing back and forth.

      • Raul M Fernandez says

        Hi Terry, I am a US citizen and planning to go to TJ on April 28th with my sons, are they pulling people over and asking why they are crossing to Mexico? also all the other times I went all we took was our drivers license and birth certificate and never had a problem.
        Has anything changed since 2019?

  70. Mark says

    Hello, I’m a US citizen in Mexico City on a 180 day tourist visa. I came into mexico in October in my car and my TIP expires on April 20. I was hoping to make the drive to Guatemala next month to renew my TIP on the southern border. I’m now reading the news and thinking that’s not possible… and that it’s probably difficult at the northern border as well. Any insights?

  71. Jordan says

    I am currently cycling south through California and was planning to cross into Baja through Tecate on March 28th. Does anyone know if the entry restrictions are being enforced on Mexico’s northern border? I am worried I will be turned away but have heard that many people are still crossing, so it seems uncertain.

    • Angela says

      There are no restrictions for US citizens crossing into Mexico or back to the States (make sure you have your passport Or birth certificate) to get back in the U.S. I cross once a week through San Ysidro and Tecate with no issue.

      • Arely says

        Thank you, do you know if I need a covid test? I’m going on Thursday but gonna cross walking? Now I’m hearing it’s going to be closed ?

        • Mirna says

          I just returned, driving contest required.

      • Brad martin says

        Thanks Angela! We have ridden into Mexico on or motorcycle and are now in Cabo. About to head back. No one here even CONSIDERS driving back to the US. Front desk says you need test 2 days prior to crossing… not sure how we’d do that other than testing up near the border and waiting for your positive result.

      • Lynne Boudreau says

        Is your birth certificate sufficient to cross into Mexico with a US Drivers license and and expired passport card? Thanks so much. My sons (21 and 17) planning to drive to southern tip of Baja to pick up older brother who cycled there.

        • Theresa says

          hi, the problem is not entry into Mexico, it is re entry into the US with an expired passport. get that passport renewed before travel

        • Lucy says

          No, you need a passport. We just travel to Chihuahua and passport was required from all travelers including my 13 year old daughter. That was my experience. Our travel was from March 23, 2021-April 10, 2021

          • tina says

            did u need a covid test to come back to the u.s? im hoping to travel to jalisco from juarez in may but scared i wont be able to come back

          • Margaret says

            Did they ask you for covid negative test to entry chihuahua. Also did they ask what’s the reason for traveling

    • Elaine says

      I crossed by land on Merch 17 through Otay with no problems. However, San Isisdro is charging each visitor 20 dollar per day pass but they are not giving receipts. They are not providing written notice either. Best to be prepared w printed documents of the rules. No charge for people taking flights under 7 days. My sister had to pay this past weekend. Her friends paid a 30 dollar fee because they had their passports with them.

    • Juan says

      If you read the article, you will see that there are no restrictions on Americans heading into Mexico, and there are no restrictions on Americans returning home from Mexico. It is only restricted for non-Americans driving into the US from Mexico

      • Brooklyn says

        is this true? i have a trip planned in May and we are driving across the border from Arizona.

    • Melissa says

      Hi! I have not had any issues. I’ve been crossing on foot and sometimes in car every month

    • Alex says

      Yes , is fine with a expire pasaport, I just pick up my nieces , in March and April , I just show there pasaport and birth certificate, Officer did not say anything they just let us in

  72. Amy says

    Hi, so basically I’m going to drive to mexico and I got mexican plates but they gave me until April 6 to go to mexico to leave the car over there, will I be able to cross the border?

    • Amy says

      Hi, so basically I’m going to drive to mexico and I got mexican plates but they gave me until April 6 to go to mexico to leave the car over there, will I be able to cross the border from the US to mexico?

  73. Nora says

    I just saw on Facebook that Mexico is restricting and tourist crossing into Mexico through land as of March 19. However, this article states that there have been no restriction as of today. Can someone please advise? I am suppose to be going to visit my boyfriend and pick up medicine for my mom.

    • Jonathan says

      Nora, I came by Greyhound from TX to MX in October. Easiest border crossing of my life even though it was “borders closed to non-essential travel.” Mexico wasn’t enforcing that, back then. Just recently MX has agreed to “close its borders to non-essentail traffic” on the southern border (with Belize and Guatemala) in a bid to help America keep out a surge in such illegal immigrants (and also so MX would receive 2.5m doses of vaccine). Apparently they will also tighten up on Americans enetering at the northern border. Whether this will mean Americans actually have a tougher time getting in is unknown, but I doubt it because MX is dependent on the tourist dollar, and will be even more so when economies start really crashing from the excessive pandemic response. Keep checking online (on tourist group boards) for what people’s experience will be and we’ll find out if MX is toughening border controls for Americans (and Europeans) or if it’s all a lot of talk, which is what I expect.

    • Marta Barron says

      Nora, I go every month for a week to see my boyfriend I pass threw Miguel Alemane I have no problems going are coming just the immigration there check you up and down

      • Matt says

        Hi Marta,

        When was the last time you went? I just booked an AirBNB for May to go to Ensenada (right before the travel restrictions were put in place, of course) and I’m unable to get a flight into MX so I’m going to be forced to walk across the border (from San Diego). Do you think I’ll have a problem getting across the border now that “Non essential travel” is barred? I have no experience in MX so I’m not sure if this is a “we’re actually enforcing this” thing or a “nice on paper but we need your tourism money more” thing

  74. Danny says


    I am a U.S. citizen with a Passport flying to El Paso this May and plan on crossing to Juarez by land. As I will have one roller luggage I will probably appear as though crossing for “non-essential” reasons which is currently restricted.

    1. Will I be able to cross by land?
    2. Would my chances be better if I crossed on a bus or shuttle from the airport in El Paso?

    I have a friend (Mexican citizen) in Juarez that could pick me up in El Paso but of course at this time we don’t know if she will be able to do so by the month of May. We are making reservations for travel in Mexico and I wanted to try and establish some degree of confidence for entering Mexico by land before we purchase air fare. Thank you for any help you can provide.

    • Bri says

      I don’t think they won’t let you in, I am mexican-american, I’ve lived in Mexico all my life, Mexico doesnt care if americans cross the border, they care if the southerns cross the border (such as belizians, guatemaltecos,etc.). Honestly, they put these “restrictions” to not look bad for closing the south border, they might ask you some questions and they might want to look tough but they’ll let your cross lol, mexicans don’t mind an american coming to their country and spending dollars, if anything they are happy with it (I can talk like this because I am from Mexico). And they are putting these restrictions because they basically made a deal with the US saying Mexico had to stop the southerns from crossing (because the US is getting full of immigrants, let’s be honest) so that the US can gift Mexico some vaccines, but that was the requierement, don’t worry too much 😉

  75. Mague says

    Tourist visa expires in March,
    Have not traveled into US since last month. When can I renew?

  76. Sandra says

    Hello. I´m Mexican, living in Mexico with a Tourist visa. My grandmother is a US citizen (living in Mexico, but has a house in the US too).
    I am planning on taking her to the US to get the vaccine. Do you know if I am allowed to cross the border (by car) with her with the justification that I´m taking her to get the vaccine since she cannot drive on her own? (she has Glaucoma and is 80 years old).

  77. Albert says

    I’m a US citizen living in Mexico at the moment, I have a car with Mexican plates, will I be allowed to enter driving my car?

    • Henry says

      Yes, you are as long as you have a valid driver’s license either from Mexico or The United States, the issue here is that if you have an American driver’s license some Mexican police officers can make you go thru a rough time but if you have a Mexican one, in my experience is going to be less trouble to drive in both countries

  78. Maria says

    Our grandmother is very ill (NOT COVID RELATED) and is not expected to live. Will travel be permitted?

    • JT says

      Thats life or death you probably need doctors papers

    • Joe says


  79. Bobby says

    I’m a U.S. citizen here in Mexico and my wife is a Mexican citizen but a non resident alien if the U.S. but with a 10 year visa to the U.S. We are officially married by a judge here in Mexico. Can she go through the land crossing such as cross border xpress if we both travel together, is she considered essential as long as she is with me, we will be visiting my family soon, thanks

    • Debs says

      No, she has to have her permanent resident card in order to cross the border she still a tourist until you change her status through marriage.

      • sam says

        So Debs, this makes me curious, does the US not recognize their marriage because they weren’t married in the States?

        • Gustavo B Slovinsky says

          No, they are legally married. But if he tries to cross with her, they will lift her tourist visa because she is married to a US citizen and they will assume she is an intending immigrant, and not a visitor.

      • Victor says

        Question. If my fiancé and I marry here in the USA by the judge can she then cross back to the US with no problems?

    • Rosie says

      IS a covid test required when returning from Mexico on land into the United States???

      • Jonathan says

        As far as I can tell and seems obvious, EVERYONE needs a Covid test REGARDLESS of method of entry into the U.S. Where or how you get it can be dependent on method of re-entry, but everyone needs one, or what’s the point of the law protecting everyone?

        • Ken says

          It has only been required on air crossings. Inconsistent policy.

        • Bri says

          You are WRONG. The test is only required if travelling by air according to the government.

      • oscar gutierrez says

        None is required

      • Lucy says

        Hi Rosie,
        The COVID test was required for us because we flew back to the Sates but it wasn’t required from my cousin and his family because they crossed by land. Many relatives have crossed back to the states by land in the last 20 days and none of them were asked to have a proof of VOVID test

    • Laura says

      Just fly in.

  80. Giovanna says

    Hi, i am a mexican citizen with a tourist visa, i know i can go to US just by air but is there a change i can be send back to mexico in the airport because is not an essential travel? I was tested for covid and everything in mexico.

    • Miguel says

      I think that can happen at any point in time, covid or not.

      Traveling by air from Mex to the USA has been fine for my family visiting from Mexico. I don’t know what would happen if they said they are just “tourists”

  81. Eva Fehr says

    Why can american people go to Mexico without problems and mexican can’t go to USA other then they are US citizen or they have to fly, if it’s because of the stupid covid case, do american people not bring it to Mexico? Do just mexicans bring covid in? Mexico should close the border too for american people! Everything is sooooo stupid it doesn’t make any sense, it’s just they get control you these days, by saying everything is because covid, it will always be the excuse, if we don’t fight against it!

    • Vern Mcilree says

      I agree Eva…it just isn’t right…but what the U.S. is doing to Mexico, Canada does to the U.S….what goes around comes around….I have a home in Canada and can’t go there….

      • Will says

        hi Vern curious why you cant go to your home in Canada?/

    • Vern Mcilree says

      Hi Eva…I did some checking and it appears that the Mexican border is closed but it seems that it isn’t being inforced by Mexico. So anyone can cross and get a tourist card. They are still giving them out…Canada has a fine up to one million dollars and prison terms for anyone caught illegally in Canada. The U.S. doesn’t…

    • Sandra Gonzalez says

      That’s because Mexican president considers Covid-19 as a bad flu, and he was against closing the businesses and schools etc. In fact, he encouraged people to continue their business as usual, even though the pandemic was ravaging through the border community.

    • Candace Zaccaro-Salinas says

      I agree Eva. The Mexican president should hold the Americans to the same standard, but it never happens. My husband is Mexican and I am American. I can say by far, Mexico has always treated me with dignity. I wish the USA did the same for our Mexican neighbors.

      • Mickey says

        Give the Mexican President, credit and the ppl. There are therapeutics for covid. DeathNumbers have been highly exaggerated

      • Rose says

        Candace, I am American and also married in the US to a Mexican national who is awaiting for his approval to adjudicate here in the US but in the meantime, I have not traveled to Mexico because they told me they will not let me cross to Mexico by land because of the COVID. Have you crossed over, or is this just a scare tactic? Thx

        • oscar gutierrez says

          Scare tactic. Ive been crossing ever since the so called restrictions started.

    • Alina says

      It is dumb. I’m sure though that tourists to RP and other border towns are more essential than tourists from Mexico to USA and that may be the differentiator in why Mexico isn’t blocking American tourists. It would decimate the economy.

    • Aimee Rabich says

      Truly understand your frustration on this topic. First lets have the base that your governor has selected tourism for your beautiful country is essential to the economy of Mexico and current rules are such in Mexico “mask up including in your personal vehicle. Covid 19 is not an excuse, the reality all countries all groups were severely hit a true non discriminating air born virus.
      I hope any person traveling into your country will be careful take the necessary precaution, and while visiting spending money, supporting your economy know your Governor made a financial decision to keep Mexico safe and open. Thank you for having us!

    • Brenda says

      I am from a boarder town and the department of public health does regulate people from the USA crossing over to MX. At least in the state of Tamaulipas. The people enforcing it is the Mexican department of public health. They allow only for medical purposes. However, the department only works from 8am-8pm. Crossing after that period is possible.

    • Manuel Avila says

      I agree with you, however, the Mexican decision of having its borders open has allowed me to visit my family in México, of course always safely.

    • J says

      You are beginning to uncover the Covid Scamdemic. Keep asking questions and the truth will be revealed.

      “7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”

      • HappyGoLuckyBrightnSunny says

        OK, Q. Time to put away the Qool-Aide and go find some real, fact-based news sources. Just stick to the facts of whether or not US Citizens can cross the border.

    • Right thinker says

      Possibly because the Americans aren’t traveling to Mexico. Illegally to live there. But there have been do many illegal immigrants in the US and that is what isn’t right. Everyone should do things the right way..

    • Maria says

      I don’t think that the case, well at this time it’s not. The U.S. really is doing this mostly because of COVID-19 and Mexico is allowing their border to be open because closing it would just cause major economic problems.
      The U.S Canada border is closed both ways for the same reason, the virus.

      • Alex Mh says

        Nope, US-Canada is closed only one way – to the US. As of August 9 Canada allows essential travellers from the US by land. US didn’t reciprocate. Virus is NOT the reason for such a US position, there are 4 times more new cases per capita in the US than in Canada, and fewer vaccinations.

  82. Pedro says

    Hello I have a tourist visa my dad passed away in usa his funeral will be 17 February these could be considered as essential travel to cross the border from mexico to usa hope someone can provide me an idea about these bad situation I want to see my dad for last time ..

    • Marco Maeda says

      You can fly in only

    • Maria says

      You can go anyway you can get there as family death is a qualification to enter i have been going back and forth since October and not once have a seen anyone stopped from going in mexico i never even knew the border was closed as i am allowed to cross with no issues but mask are required everywhere and kids cannot go in most stores every single store restaurants ect. Has a person with sanitizer and thermometer at the door before entry…. And are strict on numbers for entry and social distancing requirements way more cautious then america for sure i feel safer going out in mexico then america

      • Rose says

        Hello Maria, which border crossing do you go through? I hear that Del Rio to Cd. Acuña is not letting US citizens travel to Mexico if you are not essential. My husband is temporary living in MX and I have not even tried with the fear of them not letting me through. I am hoping they lift the travel restrictions coming next week of March 21st.

  83. Kayla says

    Can I bring my dog across the AZ Mexico border into Mexico without a problem? Or what do I need?

    • Cindy Ecsedy says

      We live in Mexico and have no problem taking our cat back and forth across the border. We’ve never been asked for paperwork of any kind for the cat.

      • Mexperience says

        Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing your experience.

        We have heard that many pet owners cross the land border without ever being asked for paperwork for their pets (especially cats); however, if you are stopped for a spot-check, you may be asked for that documentation.

        If you’re flying to/from Mexico you will definitely need to take the vet documentation as the airlines ask for it.

    • Lauren says

      Hey! Last summer I booked an Airbnb in Puerto Peñasco. Earlier this month (February) a friend of mine traveled to Mexico by car from Arizona with no problem crossing. I would like to know if Mexico is actually enforcing the travel restrictions.

    • Alison says

      Kayla, when we traveled with our cat across the border, we were told to have a current health certificate from our vet, documenting that she was current on her shots. We always had that certificate in the car with us but were never asked to show it. (But we also figured that the one time we didn’t have it would be the time we would be required to snow it!)

  84. Daisy Salvador says

    I will be traveling to tijuana through sd to drop off some items to my cousin in the tijuana airport. Is the border really closed for non essential travel???

    • Enrique says

      Not for US citizens.

  85. Alesia K says

    Hello! My fiance is from England and has a British passport with a B1 visa for the states. Does anyone know if he would be allowed to enter the states if we drove in from mexico? Thank you!

    • JoeB says

      No, absolutely not. Especially with the British variant spreading to every country.

      • Lisa says

        If he’s British perhaps you should ask when he was last in the Uk? I am British and haven’t been there for five years

    • Danni says

      Hey Alesia,

      I’m curious about your situation. We are trying to arrange travel for my partner, a UK citizen, into the States for the birth of our baby.

      Has your fiancé been living in MX or were you planning on a two week stop-over in order to then travel to the US?

  86. friendly_tourist says

    Crossed into Nuevo Laredo Feb 1st with our truck packed for a long-term “not vacation.” No problems with customs or getting tourist card.

    Do not stop anywhere on the way to Banjercito/Migracion; Ask for an escort if you think you’ll need help finding it. Otherwise mafia WILL rob you.

    • cindy says

      Could you elaborate on this?

      I am driving through Mexico and am unsure how to get a tourist car and car import card.

      Where do I get these things?

      • Bryce says

        For your car import card go to the office at the border. You will need several copies of your driver’s license your passport your car title your car registration and proof of Mexican insurance. They also wanted to see the original copy of your title. You pay $400 and when you return you stop in that office and they will give you $400 back. When you go into Mexico you always drive the toll roads. Stay off the free roads. The toll roads are very inexpensive and it’s like you got the freeway all to yourself except for commercial traffic. I spent two weeks on a road trip to Mexico and never had a problem.. and that was last year.

  87. Alex says

    Hello everyone – February 2nd, 2021. I’m a U.S. Citizen with a Trusted traveler Card and a valid Passport. Am I able to cross into Tijuana on foot and comeback the same day without any problems?

    • Pic VanCleef says

      Excuse me Alex, I was unfamiliar with you mention of a “Trusted traveler Card” what is that please. I’m intending to drive my truck to Mexico for repairs and I’m seeking all relevant information. Thsank you so much .?

    • JoeB says

      Yes of course. The immigration official will probably say “Welcome Home”

      • Des says

        Hi I will be traveling next week myself, spouse and 2 children under 15. Will we be able to get into Mexico/Back into US (landing in SD then driving across) with only Drivers L. And BC??

        • Amy says

          It may take longer to cross but you should be ok

    • Mark Jessie Rodriguez says

      Can you drive across?

  88. Laura says

    Driving to Hermosillo from AZ/Nogales in late May; then flying AeroMex from Hermosillo to Cancun. Shouldn’t be any problems crossing into Mexico by car from AZ, I believe..correct?

    • Amy says

      They are stopping people right outside Nogales . Last year people cars with US tags were turned back . Just be prepared. I am sure if you have your plane tickets they won’t harass you . There is a bus from Nogales to the airport in Hermosillo .

  89. Marc says

    Can I drive into Mexico (US Citizen, Tourist Visa), on a car that I’m currently paying off? Also, is it required to have car insurance in Mexico?

    • Benjamin Day says

      You need a letter from the car company that is holding your cars title. And yes you have to get car insurance the longer your trip the cheap it is. They have insurance booths everywhere in the building where you get your permits and visa, it is quick and easy to get insurance.

      • cindy says

        Where do you get all this? Before or after you arrive in Mexico?

    • DannyMac says

      As long as the title is in your name (not with lender added), forget who holds the loan.

      Go on the Lewis and Lewis Insurance (Cali) website. Be honest.

      Your US insurance will not only NOT be valid in Mexico, but if you have any accident – regardless of fault – you go to the police station until your insurance company guarantees you have insurance. Your MEXICAN insurance, not your US. Good news – relatively cheap.

    • Jorge says

      you dont have to have the tile of you car on your name or a letter from the bank. As long as the car is register on your name you are good to go

    • Amy says

      Yes get car insurance!!!

    • Shar says

      Yes if you fly into US but you can fly into Tijuana and use CBX border crossing to avoid that. CbX doesn’t require covid test to cross into US from Tijuana airport

      • katya carrillo says

        I am so confused by this . I am flying to Chetumal from TIJ using the SBX and returning to TIJ also using the SBX into san diego. Will in need a COVID test to enter US ? I have emailed SBX about this but no response yet.

        • Chihiro A. says

          Hello Katya,
          On Feb. 16th, I flew back from Mazatlan to Tijuana and used the CBX into Otay Mesa/San Diego.
          No Covid test required as CBX is a
          “land border crossing port of entry.”

      • B says

        What is the CBX border crossing?

        • Ken says

          It’s a “bridge” (though not really) from the US directly into the TJ airport. $16 one way or $30 round trip and makes it so much easier to fly out of TJ

      • Amy says

        Yesterday you are flying you have to have a Covid test coming in to the US Everyone does US citizens are not exempt .

  90. Jenny C. says

    We are planning to cross into Nogales in March for dental treatments for the day and come back in the afternoon. The clinic is literally across the border. Will we have a problem coming back in after our dental work?
    Thanks for the input!

    • Alan says

      No. Assuming you’re US citizens with good ID, preferably passports but not actually required, you have full right to cross back into the US. If you were coughing wildly or falling-down drunk or otherwise draw atypical attention to yourself, there could ben exceptions. But if you behave like most of US, I think you could no just go to Nogales but to Mexico City and back and US customs won’t bat an eye at letting you in. Citizens actually have more need, more justification than in normal times, to be allowed to go home.

      • Tanya Miller says

        Hi Alan,

        What do you mean by “preferably passports but not actually required”? I have a trip planned for Rocky Point in April, driving from Phoenix, and my friend is planning on expediting a passport to come along with me.


        • Sandra Gonzalez says

          You must have a paper passport or passport card when you return to US from Mexico. Gone are the days when you were able to cross back to US with your birth certificate or driver license. But, I recently read that US might start accepting California driver license with the *Real ID endorsement* to prove your legal right to be living IN USA.

          • Lynne Boudreau says

            Is your birth certificate sufficient to cross into Mexico with a US Drivers license and and expired passport card? Thanks so much. My sons (21 and 17) planning to drive to southern tip of Baja to pick up older brother who cycled there.

        • Amy says

          Get a passport it makes it easier .

    • Amy says

      No not at all . You will have to just wait in line .

  91. Deborah Pinto says


    I’m planning travel to Mexico mid-February. With California under quarantine, does anyone know if I will need to quarantine when I get to SD? I will be staying in SD one night each way.

  92. Malena says

    Hello, somebody said that the U.S. authorities in the border are going to check the entries also, when you go out to the country. (I’m taking about how long we stayed out.) Does anybody know something about it? Is it true?

  93. Aziz says

    Can I cross in to Tijuana walking with a Driver License if my passport is expired?

    I know being US citizen I can come back with a DL.

    • Vero says

      You do need a passport or sentri to enter the US. It doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen

      • Jordan Tarr says

        This is only partially true! If a US citizen wanders across the international border forgetting his passport at home, DHS has no choice but to grant you entry (upon proving your citizenship). Yes they would like you to think that a passport is required, and for the most it is. However if you think they’re going to send you back to Mexico and not let you back into the states simply because you don’t have your passport that’s just simply not true.

      • Lynne Boudreau says

        I just spoke with US customs and they said a US driver’s license and a birth certificate you can get back into US>

    • Diego says

      Yes, but also take your expired passport and birth certificate.

    • Alma L says

      Yes you can I have done it so many times

    • Amy says

      You need a passport .

  94. Caio Carvalho says

    Helle everyone,
    I’m working in USA with a J-1 visa (so I’m not a U.S citizen) and I planning to meet my family in Mexico (they coming from Brazil) since they can’t enter in U.S because my daughter don’t have a visa. I’m afraid to not be able to come back to U.S from Mexico and lost my job. I have all the papers, visa and passport. Do you think that I’ll be ok to return U.S? Please, any opinions or help are welcome!
    Thanks all

    • MARK says

      Be careful. I don’t think this is a good idea as it’s pretty clear that only permeant residents and citizens can cross by land into the USA. Maybe by air, but check carefully.

    • John M Baucum says

      Yes, as long as your J-1 visa is good. It is always good to return early and not play games with the Border people. Respect and a good personality will go a long way.

    • Benjamin Day says

      Caio, you fall under “essential travel” because you hold a work visa. They will let you back in.

    • Alma says

      I dint think so since you are not a permanent resident nor us citizen

    • Amy says

      If you have Brazilian passport I would not leave the US . Especially trying to cross by land .
      If you have a Mexican passport with a work visa no problem they are letting people that work in the US go back and forth .

  95. Laura says

    Driving to Hermosillo from AZ/Nogales in June; then flying AeroMex from Hermosillo to Cancun. Shouldn’t be any problems crossing into Mexico, I believe..correct?

    • Maria del vario says


    • Tere says

      Can we cross with vais for the poeple here in Mexico

  96. John says

    I’m a Canadian living in Mexico for the winter, I originally flew into Mexico, but a friend is bringing my Canadian plated/registered vehicle to San Diego where I would pick it up and drive back to Puerto Vallarta. This is so that I have my vehicle for the next 2 months or so. Then drive Home to Canada.

    • John says

      Will I have any problems other than getting mexican insurance prior. Just wondering in this time of unknowns due to the Pandemic.

      • Helen Choquette says

        Are you looking for 2 people to help you drive back to Canada?

      • Alma says

        Besides insurance You will need yo get the Mexican permit for the car

    • eulogio cervantes says

      buy a small car in p v

  97. Joe says

    I am planning a trip and would like to drive to Mexico. Are the restrictions listed just for entry into the US or does this work in both directions? There seem to be some comments suggesting that drive into Mexico is permitted.

    • Deena says

      Driving into Mexico is not a problem but check with your vehicle insurance before you go. You cannot take a rental car into Mexico and there are no American insurance carriers that I know of who will protect you in Mexico. At the last exit before the border heading south there are places to get Mexican car insurance: take the last exit before you hit the border and go to the right, you’ll go down a couple of lights and you’ll see the building on the left, it is drive through, it is very efficient, and it only cost $20 a day. Do not even think of crossing the border without the insurance and also make sure you’ve got all the necessary paperwork for you car (Registration etc.)
      A few tips: Drive very very defensively, yield to other traffic, do not drive aggressively, do not take your road rage with you, do not argue with a policeman no matter what you’re doing, do not… I repeat…Do Not bring anyillegal drugs over the border and do not use any drugs while you’re there. Do not go where you don’t belong and don’t argue with anyone of authority. Make sure your passports are current and that they won’t expire while you’re over there. Food and lodging: the Lucerne Hotel and the Quartz Hotel in TJ are beautiful first class establishments with excellent service and delicious food. You’ll be safe there from food problems, etc., and the Quartz is very thorough and serious about preventing the spread of Covid.
      Don’t be stupid, don’t break the law, and don’t be rude, and you will have a wonderful time. Enjoy!

      • Chris says

        The last time I checked, State Farm Auto insurance covers you within 50 miles of the border. We recently switched insurance so I don’t know if that it is still true but it was true for many years, as I understand it.

      • Jay from TX says

        As of right now you can drive a rental car into Mexico IF you rent from Avis in TX (and a few other boarder states) and have a business/company Avis account. I confirmed that this is the only way you can legally drive a rental into Mexico as I am planning to do so this year under my business account. It is easy to get a business account. I have one for my small event planning business.

    • David says

      Just crossed the border by car at Matamoros ( Jan 10th, 2021 )
      Absolutely no problems obtaining a 180 day FMM and a car TIP for 180 days.
      No questions asked as to why or whether essential business

      • Dan Roley says


      • Alejandro says

        Would love to hear more about your experience.

      • Rose says

        Hi David. Can I ask how much you paid for the 180 days on the car TIP, etc.? Thanks.

    • Amy says

      If you go past the safe zone , roughly a hundred miles south of the border you need permits .

  98. Catherine says

    Hi I’m from Canadá currently in Mexico,( Tijuana) does anyone know if I can buy a ticket to travel from San Diego to Vancouver and if the will let me enter USA to board the flight? Thanks

    • Y says

      You can’t cross to SD. You have to fly through Mexican airport (MEX)



    Does anyone know if I can travel to Mexico with just my Birth certificate(U.S. Citizen) and government issued (California) Driver License? I applied for my passport back in early November and requested to “Expedite” the process, but it still states “In Process”. Any info will help.
    Thank you

    • Dean says

      Yes, you can, but expect delays when returning as they will want to slow things down for you and ensure your identity. I just passed through using mine after Thanksgiving…

    • Kim says

      Yes you can travel with your birth certificate and an ID.

      • juliana Taylor says

        you cannot u will need a global entry card- a passbook card or a passport.

        • Bryce says

          Your statement is not true. You will need a global card or passport if you’re flying from Mexico to the United states. But if you are walking driving boating all you need is a driver’s license and a birth certificate

    • Shannon says

      Same here. From Colorado. My travel date is next week but no passport yet. Can I drive across with a birth certificate. Then fly to another place one inside Mexico?

      • Christine says

        No you need a passport to make your permit no passport no permit I go all the time in car

      • Lori S says

        You cannot fly within Mexico without an FMM, and you need a passport to obtain an FMM.

    • gdo says

      You can travel to Mexico without any docs but returning will be a hassle without a passport. They can detain you indefinitely if they think you’re not really a citizen.

      • Dean says

        You can skip the immigration at the border but once you leave the Sonoran free zone you will be required to show a visa and would be in trouble without one. They can confiscate your car and possessions if you are caught anywhere in the country without a visa. I have friends that go to rocky point all the time and never get a visa but if something happened to you or one of your kids and you needed emergency care or to return home it could hold things up and you can get in big trouble. I get the visa every time now that I fully understand how it works

        • Alma says

          Rocky point is free zone you don’t need permit to go

    • Christine says

      You need a passport to enter into Mexico I go there all the time

      • Henry Miyoshi says

        So can you go into Mexico now even with the COVID -19? I have a US Passport

        • Deena says

          My husband and I have been to Mexico many times since Covid with no problem. But we’ve always been asked what our reason was for travel to Mexico and we tell them it is for medical treatment and we show them the verification from the doctor’s office, otherwise I can’t say if you would have problems or not.

      • A. B. says

        No you don’t. If you’re an American citizen and have a valid state ID or DRIVER’S LICENSE can legally enter Mexico regardless of having an American passport. Tge tricky part is coming back! As long as you’re not wanted nor smuggling anything back with you, they will simply detain you and verify EVERYTHING you’re saying. No lies, no problems. Believe me, I did it myself!!

        • Hugo Franco says

          I am an American citizen but I live in Mexico, I have both citizenships, my question is that my american passport, my ID and my driver’s license are expired, is there any problem if I wan to cross to the US by foot?

          • Amy says

            You have to have a valid US passport .

    • Loving Freedom says


    • ESB Profesional Serviced says

      Yolanda, for the last five years, is the law that in order to travel anywhere outside the United States, you must have a valid passport. You will not be allowed to cross to or from Mexico with just your birth certificate.

      • A. B. says

        Then how come I was LEGALLY able to go there AND come back with EVER applying for an American Passport?!?

      • Patric says

        I believe this totally applies only to air travel, sea travel.. I go to Tijuana/Rosarito Beach every 7 days use my CA DL / Birth Certificate I cross the USA-Mexico border at San Ysidro I pass each time but each time I get sent to 2nd inspection where I wait anywhere from 30 mins to up to 2 hrs to clear me out, re-verify my identity and get all my vehicle inspected.

      • Patric says

        Also this is coming back home to USA ….. going into Mexico no issues you just wait for the green light thats says go on in if it turns red get ready to pull over to the right and get spoken to by a police officer asking for ID, What’s your business in mexico, how long you plan to stay, where do you plan to be at and if they wish they also may ask to inspect your vehicle and take any items they want away from you if they feel your brining in used goods with a possible attempt to re-sell them.

    • Patricia says

      This is from the U.S. Department of State. I would trust this as correct information:
      U.S. citizens should be aware that a valid passport book is required to enter Mexico by air, and those attempting to enter at an airport with a U.S. passport card only may be denied admission.

      If you enter Mexico by land and plan to travel beyond the immediate border area (approximately 12 miles into Mexico), you must stop at an INM office at the port of entry to obtain an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM), even if not explicitly directed to do so by Mexican officials. You must present a valid passport in order to receive the entry permit, and there is a charge associated with the permit for stays of more than seven days. You might be asked to present your passport and valid entry permit at immigration checkpoints on your route of travel. For more information, visit the INM website or Banjercito website (Spanish only).

      You will also need a temporary vehicle import permit to bring a U.S.-registered vehicle beyond the border zone. These permits are processed through Banjercito and require a deposit that will be refunded once the vehicle leaves Mexico. Mexican authorities can impound a vehicle that enters the country without a valid U.S. registration, a vehicle driven by a Mexican national who is not resident in the United States, or vehicles found beyond the border zone without the temporary import permit.

    • Jo says

      If traveling by plane yes, but If traveling by car no as you will need the American Passport to obtain the car permit. Unless you bribe the official which many times an official will come to you anyways and tell you for a certain fee they can fix you a permit if you don’t have the necessary paperwork.

    • Hugh G. Rection says

      You NEED a passport, a birth certificate will not be enough.

    • Valerie Hart says

      You must have a passport or a passport card to come back into the US from Mexico.

    • Sonia Montes says

      I did the same. Out of no where I received my passport. And that message “in process” never changed.

    • RRV says

      I live in San Diego. The same situation happen to a buddy of mind a couple weeks ago. He managed to cross back to San Diego but the officer gave him a warning.

  100. Holli Milsom says

    Is it possible to walk from San Ysidro over the border and back again in order to get my I-94 updated on new passport? I have an Australian passport. Any help would be appreciated.

  101. LeeAnn says

    Hi there, my husband and I and our 4 children are planning on visiting mexico on the 16th. My husband and 2 kiddos are both American and Mexico citizens but me and my other 2 are not will we have any issues trying to cross over to Mexico or back?

    • Maria says

      Are you and ur other 2 kids llegar residents?

    • ESB Professional Services says

      LeAnn if you are legal resident along with your children you have no problem.

  102. Alexis yanez says

    I lived with my uncles in California we were planning on going to Mexico to visit my mom and family on December 11 by the Nogales exit are we able to cross if we are 4 persons in one car

  103. Gerardo says

    Hi, my wife and my two kids are currently studying in the US. She has a F1 VISA (she is doing a master’s degree) my two sons and I have a F2 VISA. We are planning on visiting Mexico for Christmas. On our way back we want to enter the US by land (Tijuana-San Diego) Do you think we might have problems? I want to use the CBX bridge since I am flying into Tijuana. The other option is flying from Mexico City directly to the US, but I am from Puebla and there is a direct flight Puebla-Tijuana and due Covid I really prefer to avoid Mexico City.

    • Paola says

      Hola Gerardo, me preguntaba qué terminaste haciendo? Estoy en la misma situación. Yo soy gringa y mi novio es Sud Africano y tiene la F1 visa. Los dejaron pasar por CBX?


  104. sherly makar says

    Hi, I am Egyptian and I have an acceptance letter from a university in the US with a start date 1st of February. The problem is the F1 visa appointments are suspended in the US embassy in Egypt. The question is can I come to Mexico and apply for F1 visa to travel to the US?
    Thanks for reading my message and waiting for a helpful reply.

    • Sergio Gutierrez says

      Hi Sherly.

      I’m pretty sure you can travel by air to Mexico without a problem, as long as you don’t have any kind of symptoms you’ll be fine.

      However, I’d research first if your process can be performed here in Mexico. For Mexicans applying to an US visa, physical appointments have been postponed and interviews are now being conducted online. But I wouldn’t know what the specific process would be for an Egyptian citizen.

      Also, if you need any help getting to Mexico (I’m Mexican), feel free to reply here and I’ll be glad to provide some help. If you do come to our country, I wish you a safe trip and good luck with your visa process.

  105. Ray G. Cruz says

    I have a fiancée in Mexico. Can I cross on land with no vehicle to continue arranging our situation? I’m starting to run into some difficulies.
    I’m trying to find instructions or laws places that I’ll be alright to go visit her because she can not at the moment.

    • Johnny says

      If you are a US citizen or have your green card residence it shouldn’t affect you any of the restrictions of you traveling and coming back, the restrictions truly only apply to people coming from other places via their vehicle through the Mexico boarder, people can come via plane from where ever, you can also go to Mexico via your car and come back via your car.

      • Inspires Mi says

        Are you sure we can cross San Diego border to Mexico and back to the US? my husband is American and I have a green card!
        Dec 10th 2020

      • BKCA says

        Do you happen to know if my husband who has a tourist visa will also be able to cross back with our kids and I (all dual citizens) …. we’re currently living in Mexico City but planning to go back home to TX for the holidays, TIA!

    • Ernie B Santamaria says

      Ray, are you planning on marriage with your fiance?
      What difficulties you have?
      E-mail me with your phone number where I can call you.

  106. Julia says

    My mother is trying to visit from Germany to help me (currently pregnant with no4 due in December)
    Planning to have her travel via Cancun and stay for 14 days and continue to Boston after. Any thoughts or info greatly appreciated from very stressed out pregnant mom- lol❤️

    • Danni says

      Hi Julia! Interested to know if you’ve found any additional info on this. We are currently trying to arrange travel for my UK partner into the States for the birth of our baby in July.

      We have also considered a 14 day stop-over in Mexico in order for him to then enter the US. Struggling to find out if this option is actually viable! Any insight would be appreciated!

  107. Chris says

    Hello all,
    I am a US citizen and my wife has a US green card and is a citizen of Mexico. We live in AZ and have tickets to fly from Mexicali to Mexico City on Dec. 19th to visit her family. We would cross at Los Algodones. I am concerned that we will be turned away. I know she can enter as she is a Mexican citizen and was hoping because I am her spouse and we have tickets, which we would show proof of, that we might not have any issues.

    • Pamela L Felkins says

      I am a US citizen and have traveled to Puerto Peñasco several times. No problems no questions. The problem for her will be if the border is still closed to Mexican citizens when you return from your vacation. You might have to fly to Phoenix or San Diego because she can return by air to US but not cross by land if it is still closed.

      • Chris says

        Thank you Pamela. She has a green card and I have read that the US boarder will not refuse green card holders from entering. I was more worried about getting into Mexico. 🙂

        • Jim Kolbo says

          Going into Mexico is easy as pie. No problema amigo.

      • Sarah Shafer says

        Hello, my boyfriend and I are driving to Puerto Peñasco from Tucson in a few days. Both American, will we have any issues at the border? Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    • Annie says

      No problem at all! As long as you are a Legal resident! (Or what it is call green card holder)!
      I am a USA citizen but my parents only legal residents and they go back and forth between their 2 houses between California and Mexicali!
      It has never been an issue for them and neither my other relatives who are also us citizens or legal USA residents!

      The restrictions apply ONLY for tourists holding a Tourist Visa

    • Mr.Art says

      Well from what I read you might get turned away due to the fact that isn’t essential. Unless it’s a family emergency or it contributes economically. Just my opinion but I suggest you try 5o ask someone that has recently done what you are about to do. Good luck

      • Chris says

        Hi Art. Yes, that is what I read as well. I think this is info we are fed on this side of the border. I have now spoken with a few people that have driven down to several places in Mexico within the last few months, and they were not even stopped at the border upon entering Mexico. I dont think the Mexican govt cares too much. Incoming Americans bring $$$.

    • Frequent Mexican Traveler says

      I am US citizen and recently received Mexican documents to drive my US plated vehicle for 6 months. I had no difficulties. Mexico has no tourism restrictions. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent time to be a tourist here. Many excellent hotels are empty (or near empty) and prices have never been lower. I’m currently in Oaxaca, Mexico. I drove from Arizona and had no problems.

      • Mary says

        If you don’t mind me asking, How long ago was this?
        I’m a permanent resident in the US ,husband from Mexico and 3 kids US citizens. We are ready to go in our truck and 5×8 cargo trailer but heard its closed until 21st of December and they keep changing it. Please let me know if this applies to us as well.

        God Bless

      • Rebecca says

        Hello! Would you mind sharing a little more about your experience please! My husband and I (he is a US citizen and I am Mexican-British) are planning on driving from El Paso to Oaxaca. We are bringing our US plated car and are just seeing now about documents etc. Any information from someone who has recently done the journey would be really appreciated!

      • Lis says

        So you believe as long as someone has all of their proper identity paperwork, valid US plated title and car registration, even a negative Covid test, there are no problems receiving the 180 day tourist stamp and TIP permit?

        I am considering crossing in Laredo, Texas.

        Thank you.

  108. Luis says

    I ve been offered a job possibility in Baja California.
    I am an US permanent resident and a French and Chilean citizen living in Portland.
    I am evaluating the possibility of doing a road trip to keep my car, get the experience and bring more stuffs.

    Any idea if I can cross the US/Mexico border with a working visa without problems?
    What about the car do I need a special permit?

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

  109. Raúl says

    Hi everyone! I am a future LLM student holding a F-1 visa (I am a Mexican citizen and resident), my studies will start on January 4, 2021. I plan to cross the land board around December 28, 2020, using my Mexican plated car. Do you know if I would or could have any issues? I understand that this should be considered as an “essential travel” as I am traveling to attend to an educational institute, but I would like to read your thoughts and if any of you has crossed under this circumstances recently.

    Thank you!

    • Mik says

      Make sure to get us car insurance before you cross the border and also see if you need to get a driver’s license for the state you will be in you might need to also get us plates and registration for the car because most states have a time limit on how long you can operate a car from some other place

      • Julie says

        Why would he/she need everything from the USA if they’re traveling to Mexico, are a Mexican citizen and have their car registered in Mexico? It sounds as if this person has intentions of staying there for awhile, why change everything to USA now?

  110. Laura says

    My husband and I will be driving to Mazatlán area next week (crossing at Nogales). Has anyone made this trip recently? If so, any safety issues driving down (obviously there is always a risk and we always use common sense), but anything new we should watch out for?

    Also, anyone driving down next week who would like some travel buddies?


    • Michael says

      Laura, michael here. I’m preparing to leave Tucson and cross ing at nogales in a few days. Have you done that yet as I’m looking for a possible caravan and/or passenger

    • Michael says

      I’ve done the drive twice now

    • Kayla says

      Hi Laura! In July my family and I drove to Puerto Vallarta. We stopped in Mazatlan one night. From what I can recall, there are no serious restrictions, but when you pass any “check points” for the military to inspect your car, make sure to wear a mask. Not just there, but everywhere!
      Syay safe

    • Frequent Mexican Traveler says

      I am US citizen and recently received Mexican documents to drive my US plated vehicle for 6 months. I had no difficulties. Mexico has no tourism restrictions. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent time to be a tourist here. Many excellent hotels are empty (or near empty) and prices have never been lower. I’m currently in Oaxaca, Mexico. I drove from Arizona and had no problems

      • Julie says

        Are you talking about accommodations at a nicer hotel/resort? And if so what do the prices look like?

  111. Steve May says

    Would love to hear more comments on Americans driving to Mexico and any hassles for “non-essential travel” along the way. I’m guessing the “Official” border closure will be extended beyond Nov 21 but, if it isn’t enforced I’ll make the trek.

    • Donna says

      I have made two trips across the US/Mexican border since the “restrictions” have been put in place and am planning a third trip for next week. On my previous trips I have not experienced any issues or delays crossing into Mexico at the Maricopa Truck Crossing or the Nogales Crossing. On one trip there was a Federal road block entering San Carlos (just North of Guaymas). As soon as I mentioned my house they waved me through. It is my understanding the essential travel restriction only applies to US entry, and US citizens returning to the United States is considered essential travel.

    • Frequent Mexico Traveler says

      I am US citizen and recently received Mexican documents to drive my US plated vehicle for 6 months. I had no difficulties. Mexico has no tourism restrictions. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent time to be a tourist here. Many excellent hotels are empty (or near empty) and prices have never been lower. I’m currently in Oaxaca, Mexico. I drove from Arizona and had no problems

  112. Frequent Mexico Traveler says

    I am a retired US citizen who loves to travel in Mexico. Please be aware that this Newsletter give us a very inaccurate information about traveling to Mexico. Especially in regards to entering Mexico during the Covid pandemic. Last week, I crossed the US-Mexico border at Nogales K21 and obtained all necessary documents for my person and my vehicle to travel in Mexico for the next six months. I was not asked any questions by the Mexican Customs people about “essential” travel. The only inconvenience, was that I had to wait in line 2.5 hours.

    • Mexperience says

      Hello FT,

      Under the heading “Traveling to Mexico from the United States” we have noted that Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on entry to Mexico. Comments on this article show that some people are entering without hindrance (as you have) but some towns might have road blocks set-up now, or may set-them up without prior notice. The situation is in flux. We are reporting on the legal position, and allowing people to leave comments about their experience (as you have done) –and that is all we can reasonably do in this circumstance.

      • Frequent Mexico Traveler says

        To Mexperience. Can please place a link to the “anecdotal comments” you are referring to below. It is very difficult for online readers to find these very superfluous comments. Thanks so much.

    • SVE says

      Hi there – thanks for this information. Would you be willing to share how much it cost to get all necessary permits to drive your US made car in Mexico? Many, many thanks ?

  113. PAUL HUTSON says

    hey guys, we’re a UK couple who want to visit our daughter who lives in San Diego CA, Shes married but on a green card at the mo… We can’t fly into USA as UK visitors are not allowed if they have been in the UK during the 14 previous days before entry… Would it be possible to have say a two week holiday in Cancun then fly into LAX ?? I can’t seem to get any sense out of UK or US Gov sites… TIA … Paul

    • stu says

      Hi Paul, I am in same situation. want to get to Seattle and was thinking off a two week stay in Cancun to qualify for the ” not been in the UK for 14 days”.

      If you get any replies/ideas pls let me know.

      thanks Stu

    • Cameron Donovan Enns says

      Hola Paul,

      Your plan seems feasible & fully embraced here in Mexico; everything also indicates that flights btwn Mexico and the USA are a go even for UK citizens aa long as you can show you have been in Quarentine 2 wks since leaving UK. Do be mindful of 2nd Wave of virus in USA.

      • PAUL HUTSON says

        Thanks Cameron…

      • Ruben says

        Hey Cameron, I’m in the same situation, do you know if I will be able to cross at the CBX from tijuana to San Diego as a UK citizen who has been on holiday in Cancun for 14 days?

    • Ruben says

      Hey Paul, I’m in the same situation, do you know if I will be able to cross at the CBX from tijuana to San Diego as a UK citizen who has been on holiday in Cancun for 14 days? Did you try that option or did you fly straight to LA?

    • Emanuel says

      I am in the same situation. Do you have any answer?


    • Catherine U says

      Calif is on lock down
      U r not a US citizen so can likely be refused entry
      CA is the most restrictive
      U might have better luck flying to Phx and driving over
      Read US border control in
      They r restricting car traffic over border to US to all but essential and citizens
      Ur trip wud not qualify
      Yes we flew from Cabo to Phx wo issue

      • Gerry says

        Catherine, permanent residents (aka Green Card holders) are treated the same. The U.S. will allow returning citizens and green card holders to cross. Such returns are considered “essential” travel.

    • Julia says

      Hi Paul,
      Did you have any updates? Thanks Julia

  114. Bruce says

    There seems to be contradictory information on this site about US citizens driving into Mexico. Above, this post states:

    “Traveling to Mexico from the United States

    Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on passengers or vehicles entering Mexico by land from the United States; however, we understand that tourists may be turned away and that several towns near the US land border have set-up road blocks to demand ID from people arriving; people are being turned back at these road blocks if they cannot prove they live locally.”

    We rented a house in Cabo for three months and want to drive a car down from California with our dogs. Will we be let through?

    • Barb says

      Did you ever find out an answer to your question?

    • Frequent Mexico Traveler says

      I am a retired US citizen with no residency status in Mexico. Last week I crossed at K 21 near Nogales and had no difficulty obtaining documents valid for 6 months travel in Mexico. I am sorry I cannot speak for other border crossing areas.

      You are correct, the information posted in this article speaking of “essential travel” only is incorrect. As far as I know, there are absolutely no restrictions on tourism to Mexico at this time.

  115. Jennifer says

    We are US Citizens crossing into Tijuana from San Diego via CBX to take a flight to Cancun. For the return, we will cross from TJ to San Diego via CBX. Are their any restrictions and will this be possible?

    • Janet says

      Hi Jennifer,
      Did you get an answer? Pls let me know. we are in the same situation.
      Thank you in advance.

  116. SV says

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen considering visiting Cancun from San Francisco and on return get the TN visa. Is it allowed now?

    Also, did anyone got TN Visa at San Francisco or LAX airport?

    Thanks, SV

  117. Juan says

    hello, im a bussinesman from mexico, i usually travel once a month to get supplies and merchandise in texas, i been doing this for the last 30 years or so, i been waiting for news regarding the restrictions since june but im now in need of more merchandise, but dont want to risk to go all the way to the north and not be let in to the US, beacuse i go by car all the way from mexico city, do any of you know if they let me and my son in to do our bussiness, we usually stay one week at the most, we cross on mcallen and go to san antonio. thanks in advance

    • Pamela Netinho says

      I doubt you’ll be able to cross. My brother, an American married to a Mexican woman, has a business in Cabo. For years he has ordered product from the US and then used a shipper to import goods. His sister in law would cross border to complete the required paperwork/documents at the shipper’s office in Otay Mesa, USA just north of international border. Sandra is no longer allowed to cross so my brother has resorted to buying product for his business from Mexican companies.
      I used to buy items here to send to Cabo via this shipper. However, shipping personal and household items from USA to Cabo is now prohibited. I’m actually debating whether I want to bring items in my car, cross at the Otay Mesa crossing, meet Sandra in a nearby parking lot, so she can then ship them to Cabo from Tijuana. I’m a bit reluctant as I haven’t driven to TJ in decades.
      So like me, do you know anyone to purchase your needed items and then drive across the border?

  118. Lucy says

    I have a Mexican friend who wants to go see a doctor in the US (cardiologist) as doctors in his area couldn’t figure out what is wrong. It’s not a life or death situation (yet) but would this be an essential travel? Has anyone experienced being denied entry to the US being a Mexican citizen with a tourist visa and would he be able to return again for a follow up appointment without problems?

  119. Rod South says

    I’m a permanent resident of Mexico and a Canadian citizen. I drove my Mexican plated vehicle to Canada the end of September 2020 entering the USA at Loredo Texas then entering Canada and fulfilled my 14 day quarantine and now need to drive back to Mexico the first week of November 2020. I’m trying to find out if I can re enter the USA from Canada to drive through to Mexico? I contacted the USA border patrol and was sent some links to go to. Still no real answer from them to my question.

    • Colin lowry says

      I heard about the couple from canmore intending to drive to baja. They tried to enter at coutts alta.,and were denied entry by us customs. On returning to canada 15 mins later they were informed they were required to do 14 days quarentine!!!. Not trying to be a jerk,im in the same boat, had to drive from pv to nuevo laredo to renew. 5 days of driving for 45 mins clerical work. Let me know how you get on,good luck

    • Shauna says

      Hi Rod. My friends in Invermere BC were denied entry with their Mexican resident cards and had to self quarantine when they returned for 14
      Days. They then flew down. They were on the BC news 3 weeks ago.

  120. Marie M says

    Does anyone know about land crossings in Texas around Laredo. My husband (dual citizen) wants to get home to see his family in Guanajuato beginning of December. We just tried to buy the vehicle permission online but it won’t let us.

    • Gustavo David says

      Best option: Go to mexico using a airline…cars are allowed to mexican citizen,,or dual citizenship..just go.

    • Robin Shaddix says

      Hey Marie-
      We plan to drive from Dallas to Durango for the holidays to visit my husband’s family. We are looking online at Banjercito and it looks like we can buy a permit there. Maybe they are up and running again?

      If anyone is heading down from Dallas to Durango in mid-December, we would love to be part of a caravan. The official caravans don’t go to Durango, which makes me nervous! Not sure we should drive it with Texas plates alone…

    • Luis says

      I was wondering the same were trying to visit family in the beginning of December, we’re from NC and going all the way to Guanajuato crossing from Laredo TX. I bought my vehicle permit but im kinda frustrated with all these Restrictions.

      Luis R.

  121. Tom says

    Since there is No Air Travel Restrictions, can my Mexican gf and her daughter fly from Mexico city to the US to visit? They both have a Mexican passport and US tourist visa’s

    • Josie says

      We just got back from Mexico by plane. I’m a US citizen and my husband has his residency. We flew into Dallas and people were getting checked by immigration and let in with work and tourist visas. People are saying you have a better chance at coming into the US by plane but it’s not always 100%. It’s more like fly at your own risk.

  122. Sreve G says

    Greetings. I want to take a bus from Tiajuana to Loreto, but I can’t find any info on the B.C.S buses or even make a reservation. Are they still running? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  123. Juliet says

    As a UK resident with a UK passport could I spend two weeks in Mexico then fly into Phoenix? The Government website States UK citizens are not allowed to enter the US if ‘they have been in the UK or Shenzhen area in the last 14 days.’ Am I right to assume if I was to stay in Mexico City for two weeks I should be able to fly into Phoenix? Any information would be welcomed.

    • John K says

      In general people arriving from countries not on the US list banned from entering due to Covid are allowed to enter the US, the list of countries currently includes the (EU-Schengen space, UK, Ireland, Iran, Brazil, China). In other words you could fly in from Turkey even, which is currently also allowing foreigners in as there is no ban from that country. Mexico works too of course but so does any other Latin American country except for Brazil.

    • Erin says

      Juliet, great news, this will 100% work. My boyfriend is from Scotland and spent 14 days in Mexico and arrived yesterday into the US from Mexico. The only thing you’ll have to do is resubmit ESTA info per it being auto revoked when you depart the UK. Hope it helps!

      • Emilia says

        Hi Erin
        Can you just let us know if the immigration officer was questioning your boyfriend, and, when was the last time he entered US..meaning what was the gap between his visits.
        Much appreciatedd if you answer.
        Thank you

  124. George says

    Could a uk citizen, spend two weeks in Mexico then fly into Dallas? I ask as the Government website States uk citizens are not allowed to enter the us if “ they have been in the uk of Shenzhen area in the last 14 days” so assuming I was to stay in cancun for two weeks I should be able to fly into Dallas? Any answer would be great thankyou


    • aaaaaaaaa says

      Yes. I am from Brazil and I did that recently.

      • MJ Renner says

        I’m in the middle of purchasing a new home in Rocky Point, I have documents to sign, utilities to put in my name, I’m also doing some of the finishing construction, I do have a FMM document, will I be able to come and go through the Lukeville-Sonoyta border crossing???

        • Aide Gaytan says

          Yes, I just went to Rosarito. Same purpose finish some paperwork and utilities and had no problem coming back. In Rocky Point however, there’s a Covid 19 checkpoint for non-locals and they require a current negative test

          • Leslie Jackson says

            Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point no loner has the Covid 19 check point upon entering the beach town. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t go back up at anytime. As if Oct 25, 2020 it is not up.

      • DZ says

        Hey hey, I am from Brazil as well and hoping to do this so I can enter the US and finish my studies. Could you just clarify or let me know whether there were any problems when you entered Mexico from Brazil and then when you went from Mexico to the US? Any tips or recommendations would also be helpful and greatly appreciated!

    • PAUL HUTSON says

      Am thinking of doing the same George, have you found out anymore… I’m thinking of Cancun for 2 weeks then flying to visit my daughter in San Diego, can’t see any other way of doing it …

  125. Richie says

    Hi all, we are a swiss/english family currently traveling in the US with an RV. We a trying to extend our visa here in the states but would like to continue our travels through Mexico come january or February 2021. However, if we get denyed our extention we‘d have to leave immediately. My question is: does Mexico issue TIP‘s right now and also, what about tourist cards? Thanks for your help!

    • Joan says

      Tourists are crossing into Baja at Mexicali as we speak. You can get a tourist pass for 180 days at the border. Don’t need a vehicle pass for Baja. It’s like covid restrictions aren’t on. Business as usual.Good place to wait out the pandemic.

      • Megan says

        Hi Joan, how recent have you traveled to Baja via Tijuana? Will we need to wait in a long line to get a tourist visa or can we get that ahead of time on-line? Thanks, Megan (Santa Cruz, CA)

        • Sylvia says

          Any update? E are also looking to cross into Tijuana via land soon.

          December 14th 2020

    • Roberto says

      I guess so by logic. You have to push for your rights

  126. Ramiro Lozano says

    Hi. I am Mexican and I own a property in TX. Am i allowed to cross the border to the USA to pay my taxes? Is this an essential activity so i can travel to the USA and back to Mexico?

    • Stella says

      I’m almost positive that homeowners can cross into the states no problem. My boyfriend’s cousin (mexican) has a house in Arizona and I understand he’s able to go back and forth to Mexicali.

  127. Jim Kolbo says

    I am planning on crossing the border to Mexico at the Nogales crossing on or about the 6th of November. I have seen many posts about people that have crossed several times but don’t know how recently. We own a condo in Mazatlan and have been wintering there since 2005. I would appreciate any comments from those of you that crossed at Nogales recently. I would like to thank you, in advance for your comments.

    • Shelli Neufeld says

      We are Canadians and arrived at the beginning of October, driving through the Nogales border. They only checked our temperature and that was it. No questions asked. We also got a green light. They did not mention a quarantine time, but we self quarantined.

      • Jim Kolbo says

        Thank you Shelli.

      • Val says

        Did you drive from Canada? How did you cross Canada border into US?

    • Tom says

      Carry proof of ownership with you. I have not heard of any problems crossing going south. We are in San Carlos and many Americans are coming down.

    • Kathy says

      We are trying to do the same – driving from CO. Did you hear that Nogales border is OK to enter Mexico?

    • Frequent Mexico Traveler says

      I am a US citizen with no residency status in Mexico. I am traveling to Mazatlan and beyond. I recently crossed at K21 near Nogales and obtained all my documents for touristic travel for 180 days. The only difficulty I had was I had to wait in line 2.5 hours because there were so many Americans there. This article is incorrect. Mexico has no “essential travel” restrictions at this time. Have a great trip!

      • Mexperience says

        Hello FT,

        Under the heading “Traveling to Mexico from the United States” we have noted that Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on entry to Mexico. Comments on this article show that some people are entering without hindrance (as you have) but some towns might have road blocks set-up now, or may set-them up without prior notice. The situation is in flux. We are reporting on the legal position, and allowing people to leave comments about their experience (as you have done) –and that is all we can reasonably do in this circumstance.

    • Laura says

      Hi Jim, we are heading towards Mazatlán and crossing in Nogales as well sometime next week. How was your trip, anything new to watch out for? Thanks!

  128. Jennifer says

    My husband and I are Canadian Citizens, we own property in Mazatlan, my husband has his PR, and I (no PR) own the vehicle (Canadian plates, we would get our 6 month vehicle permit at KM 21, already has MEX car Insurance). We would be crossing US/Mex border in Nov 2020, and assuming all Canadian/USA/Mex borders still closed, we plan to ship our vehicle from Canada to US, Fly to US and pick up vehicle to drive to Mazatlan. Will we have any issues crossing the US/Mex border?

    • Casey says

      Any more info on this Jennifer? I’m Canadian in the US and wanting to drive down.

    • Alfred says

      Restrictions only apply to Mexican crossing to the United States, Mexico have no restrictions for tourists and on your way back to Canada you shouldn’t have problems neither.

    • Laura says

      Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry I don’t have any answers to your questions. But my husband and I will also be traveling down in November, depending if your dates match up, we would love some travel buddies!

  129. RHD says

    I want to drive a Mexican rental car across the border at Nogales for a maximum 2-night stay in Tucson to pick up some things I had to leave with a friend. I am a US-born citizen with permanent residency in Mexico. Will I have any trouble crossing the border and returning in November?

  130. Kathy Narvaez says

    My daughter-in-law (Mexican citizen, U.S. green card) and her two-year old (U.S. Citizen) want to visit family in Mexico for a month while my son, her husband, is recovering from a serious illness. They can’t fly because the baby is traumatized when forced to wear a mask.

    Is it possible for her brother (Mexican citizen) to cross the El Paso border from Mexico to the U.S. to pick her up and take her back to Mexico to be with her family? Will he get blocked from crossing the border coming to the U.S. from Mexico?

    • Linda Maliney says

      It is against all Heath guidelines for a baby to be required to wear a mask. Contact the airlines and talk to their civil rights dept. no health organization requires a baby to wear a mask.

      • Kathryn Narvaez says

        American Airlines requires that all infants 24 months and older wear a mask or they cannot fly. Our pediatrician agrees with you that babies shouldn’t be required to wear a mask. Unfortunately, they can’t board the plane or stay on the plane unless she wears a mask.

        • Iram Aguirre says

          Couldn’t she travel to El Paso and then cross the border walking so her brother picks her up at Juarez?

      • Herb says

        A two year old is not a baby. Look at American Airlines requirements which exempts children UNDER two years of age from the mask requirement. The parents need to begin training the child at home to wear a mask by making it a game or fun time.

      • Tim says

        Headimg to Cabo in a week, via Tijuana/CBX. Any issues to and from San Diego via CBX?

        • Jennifer says

          Did you get a response for this? We are also traveling via CBX to Cancun at the end of November. Did you have any issues?

        • Traci Lorts says

          We are going Sunday.
          How did your crossing go?

  131. mart says

    As canadian citizen can i fly to Mexico from the US and fly back in the US after?

    • Shelli Neufeld says

      Our son recently flew to our daughter’s wedding here in Mexico. We flew him from Canada, but he did have a layover in Dallas. We also flew into LAX from Canada and then drove across the border. We are permanent residents in Mexico. We had no problem or issues regarding flight or driving.

  132. Jeannie says

    Can you cross the border in San Diego? Planning a trip to Baja mid October. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Gus says

      I am going too ! Driving to Baja with my friend and my dog. My friends go all the time to Mexico and back from San Diego ! They never have problems so I assume it will be ok too ! Just have to be an American citizen to get back !

      • Lynne Boudreau says

        Wondering if driving to southern tip of Baja and back to San Diego to pick up brother with truck with US plates (4-5 days travel) do we need to get insurance and/or visa?

    • Tanner Wells Muzikowski says

      Hi Jeannie! Did this work out for you okay? I am planning on crossing tomorrow.

      • Jennifer says


        Was there any restrictions for you crossing in San Diego and returning?

  133. Kristin says

    has anyone from the northeast went driving to Mexico without problems? we are trying to go to a funeral and are driving from Wisconsin

  134. Mike says

    My girlfriend and I are US born citizens and looking to drive into Mexico for a week. If I’m reading this correctly, we have NO issues, correct? Please confirm 🙂

    • Tammy Bentrott says

      What good does it do to close the Border between the US and Mexico if Mexico never enforces it? They are doing nothing limiting people from driving into Mexico from the US.

      • Renee grauer says

        As of November 10th, uU.S citizens walking into tiajuana to visit. Any restrictions now, going in now?

    • Julia says

      No Mike, you guys won’t have any issues. However, it is pretty stupid to travel in the middle of a pandemic.

      • Gus says

        ??????? A pandemic with a lethality rate of .06% ?????

    • Belinda Garcia says

      My husband and i went last week no problems. Be sure to take registration on vehicle. They asked for it going into mexico

  135. Rita says

    I go to Nogales Mexico to buy medicine due to cheaper cost. Haven’t been since COVID in March. Need to go again. Can I cross over, buy the medicine and return with no problem now like I used to Pre-COVID?

    • AB says

      You should be able to. I go there once a month for the same purpose too. When I come back I just say so. Apparently, The US, Mexico, and Canada reached this agreement about only letting “essential” traffic thru their borders only. It appears that only the US and Canada are enforcing this agreement, and I haven’t had problems when they ask me what I was doing in Mexico (or course, you have to be a citizen or a green card holder). Now, for the mexican side, for the 4th of July weekend Sonora wanted to act tough and deny entry to non essential travelers (Nogales area). It was just a charade, the inspection port was set up after every non essential traveler went thru and was already inside Mexico. Also, when they actually did set it up, it was like around 11 AM for a couple of days and for a few hours. I think they denied a few out of 1000s that went thru. I’ve had friends since then going to San Carlos and Rocky Point to party and nothing else (they just say they are visiting family, if they happen to get asked). I know they are wrong, but Mexico should have REALLY done something concrete if they didn’t want non essential travelers in their country.

    • JOHN says

      I am a US citizen. In the past two months I have twice personally crossed into Nogales, Mexico for medication and dental care and returned to the US the same day. I had no problems doing so. There weren’t even any temperature checks or questions going in either direction.

  136. Joe says

    I’m an artist that lives in California, California resident…wants to go rent a home in baja for a year. Can I do that? thanks

    • Pam says

      Be aware that tourist visas to Mexico max out at 180 days. You could fly back; stay in US for a couple of days; and then fly back to Mexico on your “new” tourist visa. Other option would be to go through renewal process at a government agency in Mexico. Unless you’re Spanish fluent, you’d need someone to assist you with that process.
      I’d check with a Mexican Consulate office re: extended visit prior to departure.

  137. Phil says

    Can A Mexican citizen with a valid passport, and a round trip ticket fly to Tijuana , and enter into the U.S. using the CBX crossing in the Tijuana terminal ?. Returning to Mexico a few days later using CBX again.

    • Margarita Martinez says

      Hey Phil were you able to get an answer to your cbx question because I had the same one.

  138. Henry says

    I have a Work VISA L and I had to come to Mexico since my grandma passed away, my visa expires by the end of September so I want to know if I would have any issues with Immigration as I plan to flight back this Friday, my I94 expires until next year on May.

    • Lori says

      I believe you would have problems if you do not have a green card. Consult an immigration lawer!

  139. Laura says

    My husband, 2 kids and I are possibly planning to drive to Hermosillo from Tucson in March, then fly from Hermosillo to Puerto Vallarta. The flights are 1/4 the price of flying from AZ. I am hearing conflicting info about getting in to Mexico by car. I have heard that those with a hotel/flight reservation are being let through. Anyone know?

    • marcos martinez says


    • Michael Cecil says

      We traveled by car to hermosillo recently

      • Tom Tunnell says

        We are going in a month. Any problem at the boarder?

    • Bp. Martin says

      You can get in from US to Mexico by car if you are US citizen or permanent resident.

      I have crossed and flown from Tijuana 3 times since June.

      • JR. Mitchell says

        If i want to go to tijuana what do i need to say or do at the border to be able to get into mexico as an american? If I’m not sick will they let me in?

        How is it different now getting into and out of mexico than it was before? Please let me know. I am very interested in going.

  140. Patsy Lopez says

    Last year my family and I traveled to from North Carolina to Morelia via road. We had no problems everything was safe a lot of patrol. Anyone know if the caravans with Bienvenido Paisano will happen this year. Has anyone drove to Mexico within the last months. Help! According to the article no nonessential travel until 9/21/2020.

    • Emily Wu says

      OmgDelayWhy delay?

  141. Farah Cortez says

    My step kids want to come here to the US for Christmas, does anyone know, can they cross over from Tijuana to San Ysidro to get to San Diego airport? Or will they have to fly direct from Mexico?

  142. AJ says

    Please help me. This is time sensitive ! My friend wants to come back to Orlando from Mexico and visit. She is a Mexican citizen. She has a active up to date tourist visa. She tried to drive to the border to get a new permission ? But was told she could not cross to get it. She is flying here to orlando .. does she need this special permission since she is flying !? Or when she goes through customs in orlando they will give her permission. Thanks you .. please help !

    • Karen says

      The I-94 is only if you’re traveling 25 miles from the border and/or staying in the U.S. for more than 6 months. Then the answer is yes, she needs her I-94 or at the airport the agents will stamp her passport.

    • eric says

      My sister flew in a month ago to LAX and they are allowing by plane only yo enter under tourist visas holders

      • Claudia Siqueiros says

        Did she gave to say why she was there? Or just visting?

    • Lori says

      I believe only us citizens or green card holders can go through the borfer right now, tourist visas are not permitted. Ask an immigration lawer to be sure!

  143. Marina Smith says

    I have heard that UK citizens are travelling to Mexico, staying for two weeks and then entering the US by air and being allowed entry. Surely this is only possible if they have a work visa??

    • Steve says

      Hi Marina – where have you heard this? Do you know people who have done so? I’m currently figuring out how to gain someone entry to the US via this route and trying to see if it actually works! Thanks

      • Marie H. says

        Any update on whether it’s possible to stay in Mexico for 14 days and then continue your travels to the US as a EU citizen who holds an approved ESTA? I am planning to enter the US this way to see my partner after 7 months of being seperated due to the pandemic.

        • Lisa Torres says

          HI Marie – I have the same situation for my boyfriend who has a 3-yr 01 visa and has been stuck in France for 7 months. From the people I’ve spoken to, the best bet for an EU citizen to get into the US now is through Mexico, however I do not believe that a 14-day quarantine is required, but if is better if you are traveling from a lower risk area such as Baja California. Another option is to quarantine for 2 weeks in the UK, then enter the US. Hope this helps:)

      • Tammy Bentrott says

        I know several people who have just driven into Mexico. No problems whatever. No temperature checks . They are only going for recreational purposes.

        • Kelly says

          Tammy can you lay me know how recent your post was.. we are headed there Thursday from San Diego

  144. Ramona says

    Regarding individuals traveling to United States with a Visa to work as an Agricultural worker, 1. How long is the Visa?
    2. During their time working must they report their work locations?
    3. Is their a specific name for this Visa for agricultural workers?
    4. What is the cost for such a Visa?
    5. Is this Agricultural Visa restricted to only certain times of the year and certain parts of USA?

  145. Lorena says

    I need to drive to Tijuana to visit an ill family member. My boyfriend wants to come with me so I do not drive alone. We are both U.S. Citizens. I have a passport card, but my boyfriend does not. Will his birth certificate and valid driver’s license be enough? We tried getting his passport but all agencies near us are not open at this time. Anyone else gone to Tijuana without a passport?

    • Eli sanders says

      He needs a passport or passport card to cross back into the US

      • Russ says

        I’ve crossed back with just my California drivers license.

    • Hootan says

      I don’t agree with Eli. US citizens cannot be turned away from entering the USA at the border. Your boyfriend may get hassled and have to speak to multiple people but should be let back in with the birth certificate and DL.

      Your boyfriend may, however, not be allowed into Mexico depending upon how vigilant the Mexican officials are in doing their job. Technically, you can’t enter foreign countries without a passport.

      • Simon says

        Ok. And how he is going to enter Mexico without a passport?

        • Karen says

          Nobody needs a passport to enter in Mexico. I’m from México and one of the most wonderful experience is that Mexico welcomes you with open arms.

    • Velynda says

      Hello, I wasn’t sure if you already went to Tijuana but you don’t need a passport to cross over back to the USA. An ID Card, birth certificate and driver’s license are examples of items you can bring to show identification that he is a US citizen.

      • Tahanee says

        Is this as of recent as well ?

    • eric says

      i just came back on Saturday night (5days ago) I saw people handing birth certificates to CBP officers at the San Ysidro port of land entry by car. They may warn or lecture you but just tell them unable to get a appointment for passport due to covid

    • Jose says

      He can travel back to the US but be ready for a possible secondary inspection, just be sure to bring your driver’s license and birth certificate. It can last for a few minutes or hours long.

    • Samantha says

      If he is not flying he doesn’t need a passport. The DL and birth certificate are enough

    • Ralph says

      I think you should be able to get a passport card through your local courthouse??

  146. tim says

    Thats bullsquirt you have kept my fiance stuck across the border since the outbreak, are you actually going to open the border or just keep adding a month at a time like they have been doing, so is the 21 of Sept it or will it turn into October then November then December,….?????

  147. Isabella Gomez says

    I plan take a flight from Tijuana to Cabo but I live in the US. Will I be able to cross the bridge to the airport?

    • Vidal Demonti says

      As far as I understand, you should have no problem crossing CBX to enter the Tijuana terminal for your flight. I received the CBX newsletter recently and it mentioned specific that air travel is not restricted in any way.

      • Cici Games says

        were you able to obtain a tourist permit across the border or did u get it when u arrived to Cabo? I live along border and flying from one Mexican city to another.

      • Rachel says

        Do you know if on the way back from MEX via CBX, do they ask if your travel was for “essential” reasons?

    • Joe says


  148. David Novelo says

    I’m planning to drive from Mexico City to Austin TX on December 2020.
    Are there any news that the non-essential travels/crossings will still be in effect by then? Thanks.

    • Stephanie says

      In June I drove from Queretaro to Oregon via Texas and then returned to my home near San Luis de la Paz at the end of the month (July). I had no trouble in either direction though I am a temporary resident in Mexico. Hope this helps.

  149. Albert says

    I really need advice. I have a car from the US with valid TIP (but I’m not US citizen) so I cannot leave Mexico by land. I need to go back to my home country (Europe). If I leave the car in Mexico at my friend’s place, will they stop me at the airport? What will happen If I do not come back for my car? Will they charge me an extra fee or just not return my deposit ($200 USD).
    Thank you in advance!!!

    • gerhard says

      you can fly to Europe with no problems the dont check your car tip on airports. if you come back you can do some thing to drive the car to the US or sale the car now.

    • eric says

      do you have a U.S. permanent Residence card? (Green card) you can fly into the U.S. as that is not restricted at this moment. And just have a friend with a green card or citizenship of u.s. cross the car back into the u.s. for you. Once the TIN expires the car is illegally in mainland México tho that law does not apply to the Baja peninsula as you do not need to have a TIN to drive there. I know my family is from Ensenada

    • prerna says

      may i know what you did?
      as i have similar situation. however in my case i will be coming back to mexico within 3weeks and my car TIP will be valid for another 3 months but my FMM (tourist card) date will be changed while exiting country which doesn’t match with my car TIP .
      is that issue?

  150. Chad S. says

    My wife is a Mexican citizen and permanent US resident, and our kids have dual citizenship. They will be traveling back home to US by land from Mexico. My in-laws are Mexican citizens with US travel visas, and will be driving my family back. Will my in-laws be able to cross into US? Or will I need to meet my wife and kids at the border and bring them across myself?

    • Karen says

      No, your in-laws can’t cross the border right now. I recommend you to meet your wife and kids at the border.

  151. Marissa says

    I would like to make a furniture donation to some shelters in Tijuana. I am planning on driving with the goods at the San Ysidro port of entry. All people traveling with me to donate have US passports and we will be spending less than a day in Mexico. Does anyone know if this is permitted? I can see there aren’t any restrictions for traveling into Mexico, but would hate to be turned away at the border.

    • Michael McCay says

      There is a good chance that you will be stopped at the border and asked to explain all this furniture that you’re bringing over. There’s a very good chance that you’ll have to pay import duties and taxes on the value of what you’re bringing, even if they’re donations. I do volunteer work in Tijuana, and recentely we have found it much better to coordinate with someone local to let Mexican customs know ahead of time what we’re bringing over, get a total cost and be ready with the paperwork and payment on arrival. Mexico, like most countries, has had import regulations for some time, but they are now more stringent about enforcing them at the border.

  152. Lety says

    Can I take a flight to the u.s.a. if I have a visa?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Lety, as the article states, there are no restrictions on Air Travel so you can fly between the US and Mexico. Check with your airline for details.

      • Lisa Hernandez says

        Can a Mexican resident fly into the United States if not an essential worker

  153. Lexie-Rose Keck says

    I just want to see the love of my life. It’s been almost 100 days

  154. Janeth says

    Hi, I am a US citizen planning to drive down to Mexico due to medical reasons, what documents/requirements/answers will be necessary to provide to prove the essential trip?

    • Laura J says

      Can we sail to sea of Cortez in November? From California.

    • Robert says

      I live in El Paso and frequently cross to Juarez. No one asks me to prove anything. Upon returning , PERHAPS they will ask you the reason for your trip. “Dentist” is fine.
      I am in Mazatlan now and flew in from Phoenix. I took the ferry to Baja ( US passport) and had no problems. I don’t know if Mexico is still issuing tourist cards at land borders, but you can get one by flying into Mexico from the US. No Covid related questions as of August 2020. You can park the car in the US and walk over- Mexico never stops me or asks me anything. They had a nice young lady taking temperatures at the start of the pandemic but she is gone now.

      • Robert says

        PS- I wanted to add that when I made an appointment with my banker in El Paso ( I can’t just walk in anymore due to the fear of Covid 19) and I casually mentioned I was recently in Mexico , the banker looked like she saw a ghost and blurted out ” oh, we don’t allow anyone from Mexico unless you quarantine first!”. The Boogeyman always comes from another place! This was right near the border and I was tempted to say ” Gee, the wind is blowing!” The virus is everywhere now and it it time to stop restrictions on travel and just take reasonable person precautions. Enjoy Mexico! I am thankful it is open to US citizens.

      • Robert Dan Benson says

        Hello Robert,

        Crossing the border under the current Covid restrictions.

        I am a U.S. citizen with a Passport flying to El Paso this May and plan on crossing to Juarez by land. As I will have one roller luggage I will probably appear as though crossing for “non-essential” reasons.

        1. In your opinion do you believe I will be able to cross? Maybe mention the “Dentist” as you suggest?
        2. Would my chances be better if I crossed on a bus or shuttle from the airport in El Paso?

        I have a friend (Mexican citizen) in Juarez that could pick me up in El Paso but of course at this time we don’t know if she will be able to do so by the month of May. We are making reservations for travel in Mexico and I wanted to try and establish some degree of confidence for entering Mexico by land before we purchase air fare. Thank you for any help you can provide. I will post this to the community as well.

    • Richard Fryer says

      “Traveling to Mexico from the United States
      Mexico has not imposed any legal restrictions on passengers or vehicles entering Mexico by land from the United States”

      Read the article

  155. Josué Carranza says

    I am a U.S. citizen and am currently a permanent resident of Mexico. My wife (Mexican but with a U.S. visa) and I plan to cross the border. Do the restrictions apply to her right now or because of being married to me a U.S. citizen will she be able to cross without difficulty?

    • Celeste says

      She has to be able to prove she lives there but she needs also needs to prove she is not living in Mexico undocumented. She will need proof of immigration if you get stopped going in.

  156. Chelsea M says

    I am traveling to Punta De Mita for my honeymoon this October. We have already purchased our flights with Delta and our AIRBNB that we will be staying in. Will we be allowed to enter Mexico? I also see warnings for a high crime rate there. Is this something to worry about? Will we have a hard time returning to the US? Thanks!

    • Kevin Van Houten says

      You’ll want to check after Aug 20, because the current restrictions are set to expire on that date. US Citizens returning to the US are not affected even now.

    • Kevin says

      Americans can fly unrestricted to Mexico. You may also return to US with no issues other than depending on which US state you return to, you may be subject to a 14 day quarantine (such as NY). The US/Mexico border is still closed until at least September 20th and that may be extended depending on Covid infection rates. Punta Mita (Porta Villarta area) is very safe and crimes you have read about are typical in any US city (theft) so you have nothing to worry about. Mexican people are super friendly and awesome and narco related gangs you hear about in the news in Mexico don’t bother local Mexicans or tourists. Punta Mita is very chill and quiet — you will love it.

  157. Lexi says

    Hi there,

    I live in LA and was planning to travel to Mexico for two night for vacation. The home I renting is open- any idea if I’ll have trouble driving from LA with a US passport?


    • Angela D marquez says

      My husband is Mexican and went to Mexico for visais stuck there I can’t afford to stay in us can I join him in Mexico

      • Celeste says

        Yes you can join him. But at the border or in the airport upon arriving to mexico you need to get a 180 day permit from Mexican immigration. It costs like $25 so you can be legal until you imigrate with Permanant residency there. After a year or 2 you are eligible to file for dual citizenship.

  158. Aaron says

    i have a meeting in Tijuana next week. i need to enter mexico at the otay mesa crossing and my meeting is 2.5 miles from the border. should be a 2hr or less meeting then i need to come back to the US same right after that.

    is this okay? do i need anything but my passport?

  159. christopher benavente says

    Do I have to self quarantine if I’m only visiting for 2 days?

    • Adri says

      No, no restrictions of any kind.

      • Robyn Gonzalez says

        I want to enter out of Columbus into Mexico to pick up my medicine and then come right back to USA

  160. Vic says

    I have dual citizenship with the US and Mexico. I am planning on traveling to Jalisco. Will I have any trouble entering Mexico, even though I’m a Mexican national?

    • Adri says


  161. Steph says

    We made the mistake of listening to a friend’s lawyer that they were not enforcing expired FMM because of Covid and the demand. I was pregnant and we decided not to risk driving to Canada because of the high risk back home. However, I lost the baby here and needed to quarantine until I healed before going anywhere. I now want to go home and have both expires TIP and FMM and keep reading there are stops all along the toll highway looking for expired to impound. I have never felt more stressed

    • Miriam says

      No you won’t, my brother who is in the same situation asi you, just went for the weekend and didn’t had any problem crossing to mexico or USA.
      Just carry your Mexican passport with you.

  162. Rick Echeverria says

    I plan to cross into Mexico at the Nogales crossing with an FMM to stay 180 days and I own a home in Jalisco where I reside for the 180 days a year (snowbird)… Do you think I will be able to cross without any problems??? Thanks, Rick

  163. Donna Carter says

    We need to travel from Alberta to Puerto Vallarta via Houston on Aug 6 Does anyone know if we will be able to travel or will we be held up in Houston?

    • Anonymous says

      I’m driving up to Austin on the 6th as well to take care of a family member, will they let us in? (All US citizens)

  164. Marina says

    I have a question, I hope someone can answer. I recently moved to the US from Mexico. I own a Mexican vehicle and have had it here for about 11 months. I have to cross it back to Mexico because I can’t have the vehicle in the US for more than a year. I’m just going to the border and bringing it back home. I have dual citizenship. Should I have any issues with this?

    • larry says

      If you’re a dual citizen you can go to either country without asking they cannot stop you

    • Laura Anderson says

      I would register your car in California if you have dual citizenship. Than you can have a California plate and a Mexico plate. Car registration is only a year long so it shouldn’t effect the one year vehicle in the states issue for you.

      • Jennifer Arellano says

        Can you tell me how to do this or direct me to a website please?
        Thank You.

        • Erin McCarthy says

          I am so curious if you went and had issues. my answer if it had been on time would have been hmmmmm Risky. Very risky. In my experience no two ports of entry operate by the the same rules and the rules are interpreted differently by individual agents. After being held for questioning and frisked more than once I overheard more than once the huddle of agents deciding my fate with shrugs and “I’m okay with letting her go are you okay with it Agent so and so?” And then your fate is depending on Agents so and so’s mood that day….. There’s very little Inter agency communication going on and unfortunately the men and women with the authority to say have a nice day or make sure you certainly don’t seem to be the last to know. If you were curious about the tedious process, have loads of patience, loads of time on your hand, and wouldn’t be offended if a high school educated agent at the gates assumes if you’re from Turkey you’re probably Muslim and if you’re Muslim you most likely have tennis shoes wired to go boom, then vamos a la playa. Otherwise don’t cross the border for a vacation. Maine is really lovely this time of year.

  165. RAM BARAN PİÑA says

    Hi dears
    I really need help.
    I am a Turkish citizen in the U.S with B2 tourist visa which allows me to stay until 11th of August. I live in my motor home.
    Can I cross the border with my motor home and enter to Mexico as non-citizen from any border which is more West since I am in California.

    Thank you so much

    • Laura Anderson says

      Yes if you are a US citizen or a visa citizen they can’t deny you access

      • Carla says

        He is not a US citizen. He said is in US with a B2 visa, therefore his re-entry in the US will be likely to be denied.

  166. K Much says

    We are planning to fly to Puerta Vallarta for vacation in early August. Our resort is open and the airlines are on track to take us and bring us back. Anything to be concerned about regarding COVID and travel to Mexico?

    • Sylvia Harder says

      Jalisco / PV is experiencing rapidly increasing Covid infections and deaths. If you become infected with Covid during your stay, what are your expectations of the Mexican medical system? Hospitals and front line medical workers are super-stressed looking after nationals. Do you have plans for isolation of any member of your traveling group should there be infection? You are planning to travel into a high risk area during a period of rising infections and deaths. How do you feel about that?

    • K E says

      We are in the same situation, but going to a different Mexico destination mid August. I think we’re planning to go for it. It’s probably the safest time to travel… EVERYTHING is ultra clean! We feel if you wash your hands a ton… wear a mask, it should be fine.

    • Anonymous says

      I think you’re good

    • Adri says

      No, just use your mask and take care of not getting infected. No restrictions of any kind in Mexico.

  167. Roger Caceres says

    Hi, We are planning to cross the Laredo border driving from Jacksonville, Fl by the end of July. We are headed to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, I need to find out if the restrictions are still in place for US citizens. I have tried calling several times, but no one answers.
    Thank you

    • Steven Sims says

      Roger; I crossed out of Laredo and into Nuevo Laredo on July 19 and had no issues at all. I drove from there to Jalisco and was never bothered, stopped, questioned. Nothing unusual about the trip at all.
      You should be fine.

  168. Lindsay Russell says

    My name is Lindsay!
    I was born in Mazatlan Mexico in 1985 but do not have a Mexican issued passport. Only Mexican birth certificate and certificate of birth abroad. I am planning to fly down to help my dad with some things in Mazatlán using CBx boarder crossing into Tijuana and flying volaris to Mazatlan on Sunday July 19th. Will I be able to get I to the country or be turned away?

    • Vic says

      You will need a valid american passport to cross the border into the U.S. now. They won’t allow your birth certificate like before. You might be able to apply for one at the U.S. Embassy or Consulado Americano.
      Just realized you date has passed. Sorry

      • Itzel says

        I’ve tried reaching out to the embassy for a passport renovation but keep getting canceled. I’m currently 5 months pregnant and HAVE to travel in order to recieve prenatal care in the US. Is there any way I could enter without a passport?

      • Debbie says

        Actually you can cross with your birth certificate and ID. I have 2 times this year…

    • Carlos says

      hellos Lindsay, I was born in Mazatlan too in 1982

  169. Lauren says

    Buenos Dias, to our distant friends at Mexexperiance!

    My best friend retired & moved to Mazatlán 20 years ago, but her husband just died and she needs my help…so I’m in the process of selling my car & packing my things to move to Mazatlán next month with a 6-month Mexican VISA which is the first step in my efforts to gain a Temporary Residency VISA – when I get to Mexico. The Mexican Consulate in Denver authorized my Menaje de Casa as well. But the restrictions per COVID have made it difficult to know if I’ll be able to cross the border when I get there – because general news outlets are not addressing my concerns. So I’m grateful that you’ve address such – per this post – wherein you state that:

    …If you’re a Mexican citizen, or you have a legal residency permit for Mexico (Residente Temporal or Residente Permanente), you can cross the border by road and return home to Mexico…

    However, I’m still nervous about the situation because so much is at stake! So, I’m hoping that my Mexican VISA for 6-months will be enough evidence that I’m in the process of applying for & gaining my Temporary Residency VISA when I get to Mazatlán – because the 6-month Visa is – technically – not a Temporary Residency VISA until I apply for such in Mazatlán.

    Can you clarify this issue for me – so I can proceed with additional confidence – as I yank my roots out of the ground with great trepidation?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Lauren,

      If you have a Residency Visa sticker in your passport, then you should have no trouble crossing and you can explain if necessary that you are en route to Mazatlán to exchange your residency Visa sticker for a residency card. (As you mentioned the consulate issued you with a Menaje de Casa, I take it that you have a *residency* sticker and not a 6-month *visitor* visa sticker.)

      Residency visa stickers need to be exchanged for a residency card *within 30 days* of your entry date to Mexico at the nearest INM office to where you will live.

      If you need assistance with the exchange process, you might consider using our associate’s Immigration Assistance service, details here:

      Wishing you well with your move!

      • Benjamin says

        Hi, I am a french art director working in Los Angeles with a O1 visa, I made the mistake to fly to France to see my family and am now stuck there, I was denied boarding on my connecting flight and had to return to my parents home. I was advised by friends to fly to mexico, quarantine there then travel back to the US. Will I be allowed to cross? I have an appartment and job in L.A so the situation is stressful, I need to return. Thank you for your help!

        • Lisa Torres says

          HI Marie – I have the same situation for my boyfriend who has a 3-yr 01 visa and has been stuck in France for 7 months. From the people I’ve spoken to, the best bet for an EU citizen to get into the US now is through Mexico, however I do not believe that a 14-day quarantine is required, but if is better if you are traveling from a lower risk area such as Baja California. Another option is to quarantine for 2 weeks in the UK, then enter the US. Hope this helps:)

  170. Maria says

    We are planning to cross the Mariposa border July 18 headed to Michoacán where both my husband and I have a home in our name.. He is Mexican born with a permanent resident card for the USA , I am a US citizen as are our children.. Do me and the kids need to get a tourist permit since technically we aren’t tourists we are home owners? And will we be allowed to cross into Mexico? He has an elector with our Mexican address and we have a water bill..

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Maria,
      As your husband is Mexican, you could enter together under the Family Unit rules; and if you wished to apply for legal residency in Mexico for you and your children, you could do that, too. This article shares details about legal residency in Mexico via Family Unit:

  171. Ben says

    I want to go to Cedros Island (Isla de Cedros) this summer. The private plane from the fishing resort leaves from a small airport on the US side of the border, and usually refuels in either Ensenada (Military airport) or San Felipe, where we get the free 7 day visas, before flying to Cedros. Return is usually to TJ airport, then across the border to Brown Field for US CBP inspection. Does this all sound possible now? Thank you.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Ben, we’d recommend you speak with the people flying the plane. Some smaller airports across Mexico are closed or restricted and the airplane opeartors should be aware of sitautions locally/to where they fly.

  172. gregory says

    can i travel from el paso into juarez mx as a tourist as of today

  173. Kim says

    I plan on traveling to Mexico thru San ysidro border just for a few hours. Any problems returning to the US?

  174. Alberto says

    I am a Mexican citizen and need to sign some bank papers in San Diego. Does anybody know if this would qualify as essential travel?

    • Celeste says

      Yes. It qualifies as essential travel but you need proof of such from the bank.

  175. Natalya Sandberg says

    We are family of 5 planning to drive to San Felipe (Baja) July 18. And yes, the purpose is tourism. What is the chance in July to be allowed to cross Mexican land border as “non-essential” travelers? Did someone cross the border the other day and how is the situation at the border?

    • Lester says

      Everything is closed in San Felipe; no bars, no sit-in dining, no quad rentals; everything except the beaches out of town. My folks are rushing back because covid infections rose from 7 to 90 people in a matter of days. They have a vacation home there and we were going to go this 4th of July but canceled; too much hassle for now.

      • Natalya Sandberg says

        Thank you Lester! It is very important information. Stay safe!

  176. Vanessa says

    My boyfriend and I need to get new 180 day tourist visas as well as a new car permit. We have a deed to the house that his mother owns in Casas Grandes and bills documenting that we’ve been staying in Mexico for the last 180 days. Does anyone know if they are granting new tourist visas and car permits at land boarders (specifically the Palomas,Chihuahua/ Columbus, NM)

    • Maria says

      Im wondering the same on the tourist visas since there isn’t an online way to get it…. as for the import permit ,online is what I did, got it in less than 2 days. Its emailed to you now no more stickers. Just make sure you check your email with a real computer not cell because the attached wont open ??‍♀️ Lol learned the hard way.

      • Dave says

        I assume by permit, you mean the 180 day import permit for your car.
        If yes, please give me the email address to apply to, to get the permit.
        How do you pay for it …. by giving them a visa number on line ?
        If there are no stickers, how do you show proof of validity/payment ?
        Don’t quite understand how you could get a car permit on-line when the official stance at the moment is that no tourist visas ( FMM’s ) are being issued because the ” no land border crossing permissions ” are being extended until at least mid-August

  177. SveA says

    Hello, is there any restriction on flying from Mexico back to the US with a US visa? I cannot find any information on the topic of air travel between the countries that is not geared specifically to citizen or permanent residents of either country which I am not (EU citizen). I have a valid non-immigrant US visa and have not been out of the country this year. Planning a last minute trip to Cancun but am worried about reentering the US. This is by air, not land border crossing. Anyone here with a US visa that has traveled between the two countries recently?

    • Gessica says

      Hey I`m also planning on doing that. I’m a student with a F-1 visa but I’m currently in Brazil so I’m not allowed to re-enter the US bcs of the 14 day rule. I thought of spending 14 day in Cancun before flying back to the US. Not sure if will work, but I`m still planning on doing this. Let me know if worked for you. Good luck

      • Vinicius says

        Oi Gessica, estou na mesma situação, com os mesmos planos. Chegou a consultar com outras pessoas?

      • DZ says

        Oi Gessica, deu certo para voce? Estou na mesma situacao e tambem estou pensando em fazer a mesma coisa.

    • Isabela Oliveira says

      I hope to get those answers too. Im in the same situation as you!

  178. Angela Fraher says

    My husband and I are planning to travel to Rivera Maya in September. Can we still fly to Mexico and would the borders be open up for tourism?

    • Jason Beebe says

      You can fly to Mexico. A lot of the smaller airports are shutdown. Keep in mind a lot of the beaches are closed too along with the businesses around them.

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Angela, as Jason remarked you can fly to Mexico; some smaller airports are closed but main ones remain open. Our July newsletter contains some info and tips for people planning visits to Mexico this year, see:

    • Lilian says

      Yes, you can fly to Mexico, Cancun and la Riviera Maya is open for turist

  179. Donald Stout says

    We are buying a home in Puerto Vallarta with closing expected within a couple of weeks. We are planning to drive down from the US to PV in late July/early August to supervise some repairs on the house. I’m concerned about the report of roadblocks in some towns. I’m wondering if proof of ownership of the house, such as a copy of the deed, will be sufficient to get us through. We don’t have temporary or permanent residency. We will be driving on Hwy 2 from Naco on the AZ border, west to Hwy 15/15D and down from there. Thanks.

    • Jasmine says

      Can kids enter Mexico?

    • Javier says

      I wouldn’t chance it if your closing can be postponed. Local officials in small towns are turning away gringos from US out of spite. It’s revenge for US building the wall. I don’t blame them.

      • June says

        It’s not revenge, it is like that to keep both sides of the border with less people than usual means less people that will get sick, it’s logic.

  180. Lee Edmond says

    My wife and I are hoping to retire in Quintana Roo, but planned on traveling on a 180-day tourist visa while checking it out. We are traveling in a motor home with a towed vehicle. We are fully informed regarding the usual requirements, but until reading this article, believed that we would not be allowed to enter Mexico until the border was “opened” to non-essential travel. The article makes it sound like our only issue will be the possible road-blocks after entering Mexico. If we plan on staying on the toll-roads and heading south as expeditiously as possible, should we still expect issues or might we be able to get to Quintana Roo without much hassle?

    • Russ Rahn says

      Last week, I drove from Queretaro to Nuevo Laredo on the toll roads. I didn’t see any roadblocks on south bound side other than the long established one near Matehuala (for north bound and south bound traffic).

      • Wil Roy says

        So you can’t get to Mahaheul from Tulum?

  181. JL. says

    Can I citizen of the U.S. cross to Mexico? I’m going To the border in SanYsidrio and wondering if I could cross??

    • Mananero says

      Yes you can cross. The land border at San Ysidro is open both ways.

  182. Curt Hopkins says

    Here is a tricky one. My sister in law and brother in law came to visit us in the US along with their 2 year old son. All three have Mexican passports. Due to COVID they could not get back to Mexico and my sister in law had her baby in the US. To fly back the baby needs a passport and only “Life or Death” situations can get a passport. They have the baby’s birth certificate. Their visas are close to expiring and the one may lose his job since he is not back in Mexico. Suggestions?

    • Jason Beebe says

      He can fly back without them.

    • Adri says

      Anyone can come to Mexico.
      I have traveled twice from
      México to the US with no problems.

      • PattyWatty says

        Hi Audrey
        Can I walk thru the Otay Mesa without a Passport to catch my flight from Tijuana to Mexico City

  183. Carol says

    I need to travel to Mexico for surgery. I don’t have a passport, but the surgeon’s coordinators say a driver’s license and birth certificate are fine. However, my driver’s license just expired and they still aren’t renewing them due to COVID (I have to do it in person this time). In the US, they are “extending” them and honoring them until DMVs start renewing again, but will Border Patrol honor it when coming back into the US?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Carol,
      This CBP website page explains what documentation you need to enter the US.

      The US border officials *might* let you back in with a birth certificate/driver’s license, but officially only minors can use a birth certificate to enter.

      To enter Mexico by land you need a passport or passport card; you can find details about documentation required on this Mexperience article:

      • Claudia says

        I apply for my passport but just have receipt. It doesn’t state what other document you can present to get permit?

    • rick says

      hi I just went down last weekend and got back across with my birth certificate and a old driver license and I am going again this weekend with the same I am going by Mexicali going threw san diego is a little harder but Mexicali I had no problem

      • melody says

        Hi rick,

        You were able to only show the birth certificate and driver license? I am going down there in Jan. for medical travel but will be traveling with another us citizen (like me) and he does not have a passport so just wondering if San Ysidro is open on the border for US citizens who wish to go into mexico for medical procedures?

  184. Lorena says

    Is the border open with people traveling with a visa?!?

  185. Romo says

    I heard that no children are allowed to pass the border, and only 2 adults per car, is this true?

    • Inocencia Quintero says

      My mother, 3 siblings and I are wanting to travel to Mexico to see our great grandfather who is sick (not related to COVID just of old age). We are planning on going June 27th. We were wondering if we will even be allowed to get a permit at the border for the car and allowed into the country? Also heard about returning on certain days due to how your car license plate ends?

      • Mexperience says

        Hi, there are no restrictions on entering Mexico, only entering/returning to the USA, but see article above and some comments too about possible road blocks near the US-Mexico land border. Your car’s Temporary Import Permit lasts for as long as your visitor visa (FMM) — usually 180 days. You must drive the car out of Mexico before these expire.

        • Alex M says

          The agreement on restricting non-essential travels is tri-lateral between Mexico, USA and Canada. Meaning, no tourists on ground crossings in either direction. This is only for ground crossings, not airports. USA and Canada follow the rules. Mexico don’t, what else is new…

          After you’ve crossed the border there are still checkpoints on the roads meant to stop those who don’t live South of the checkpoint, so you will need a proof of address.

          • Chris says

            Thanks for the info Alex. I’m Canadian with FMM Tourist Visa in Queretaro. Last time I renewed I went to McAllen by bus. From what I’m reading, I won’t have a problem entering Mexico form Texas, but I possibly won’t be let into US from MX? Yet if I take a plane Houston let’s say, I shouldn’t have a problem?

    • Jasmine says

      Did you get a response

  186. Annie Virgen says

    Hello! I want to start my enrollment into a Mexican University, I am in the need to travel over there to get all the papers and stuff to start my enrollment and Start school this September. Can I still travel to Mexico?

  187. Juan gonzalez says

    Can I get a car permit in Mexico due to covid?

  188. Kelly Douglas says

    My daughter lives in California and wants to fly into Guadajara to visit me. When can she fly into mexico?????????

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Kelly,
      The land-border restrictions do not affect air travel presently. Mexico’s airports remain open and there are no restrictions to enter Mexico by air, but you should check with the airlines on their requirements for travel.

  189. YT says

    Hello, I’ve been going to San Miguel Allende and stay at my sister’s house for the last few years until the pandemic hit. I have a local doctor’s appt in 5 June hoping the travel ban would be over. Now it looks like it’s been extended to 23Jun. Without a resident card or utility bill, would I be able to enter BJX with a note from my Mexican Doctor?
    Thank you!

    • Mexperience says

      Hello YT, one of the definitions of “essential travel” is “Individuals traveling for medical purposes” so you can make the journey on that basis. We do recommend you take a letter from your doctor as they may ask for evidence of your travel purpose at the border.

  190. Chris says

    My wife and I live in Mexico. I have a temporal but my wife does not. She visits our children quite often. We have a lease with both our names on it. Do you believe she will be able to return to Mexico with a copy of the lease?

    • Trent says

      They said no restrictions going into Mexico. I came back into the US on May 29 with my vehicle, and they were asking I wanted an entry permit. I was there to cancel and get my deposit back

  191. john donnahoe says

    I have a home in San Carlos Sonora Mexico, and a home in Arizona, I was in Arizona when the restrictions were published, I need to get back to my San Carlos home, will I be prevented entry.

    • Dulce says

      I live in San Felipe, Baja California and there are checkpoints where you need proof of your Mexican address. So have your electric or water bill or something else official with your address on it or you may be turned back.

    • john tew says

      since you have a passport, no problem.but there r restrictions. no tourists. I live as does my son, in juarez. he works in el paso. border guards know him. your situation. call your border crossing, explain what you want to do. may need to have on you proof that you live in san carlos..

    • Ryan says

      You will have no problem if you have a home in San Carlos. Just have something handy to prove that you have a residence there (like a bill).

  192. Laurence says

    I have hired a Mexican National, who has been living in the USA for the past 10 years, to be my fishing lodge manager on Holbox Island.

    the Island is not allowing Tourists, but they do allow “workers”.
    Would he qualify to be allowed onto the island.

    • Mexperience says

      Laurence, if your employee crosses the border for work purposes, then that would likely fall under ‘essential travel’… you should probably check with the Island authorities on Holbox, in the case they may be demanding to see papers, to ask what documentation your employee may require to be allowed access to the island.

  193. John Eynon says

    Is the border in San Diego open to tourist traveling by car throughout Baja.

    • Don Neilson says

      From a close friend who lives in Rosarito Beach, B.C.: On the northern outskirts of Ensenada, police have set up a roadblock where they are checking I.D. If the occupants of the car do not have I.D. with an address beyond that point, the driver is denied entry to the city.

  194. Arlene says

    What measures will take place at airports if I fly to Mexico….ie: temperature-taking, personal history, etc.?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Arlene, check with the airlines you are flying with for info about travel requirements and procedures.

  195. hillel batafik says

    Where is an explanation about restrictions for going from the USA into Mexico?

    • Mexperience says

      These are described in the last sub-heading/paragraph of the article.

  196. JOHN J DUPREE says

    I’m with newly attained Residente Permanente status. When wrapping up processing of my visa, I inquired about the requirement for a form documenting my exit from Mexico to present upon reentry and how that is achieved driving into USA. The INM agent grimmaced and said not to worry about it, only when walking through to USA I should get the form with no comment about my driving back into Mexico with no form. This discussion occurred prior to the COVID -19 pandemic. I understand that Mexico will let me return but will I be required to have official documentation of my prior exit now? Must I park on the Mexico side and risk the exposure walking out and returning in the ssme manner?

    • Dulce says

      I have had my Residente Permanente since 2013 and when walking or driving across the border I have never stopped to fill out the FMM or to return it. I fill it out only when I am flying out of Mexico or in. Even now with the current situation.

    • Jack B says

      I recommend that you get the FMM filled out before you leave Mexico just in case somebody asks for it on the return trip. It’s necessary for air travel, and I think it would be a good idea to have extra documentation with you. It does not cost anything. If you are driving by road up to Nogales, the place you need to do this as at kilometer 21.

  197. Russ says

    Although it is recommended that you stay where you are, people are still crossing the border. As it relates to Canadians there has been a great exodus to the north and none are being denied entry into the USA if they are travelling home (provided they have the right to be in the USA)

  198. Therese Cappadonia says

    I cannot find information regarding returning to México from USA. We have our 3 year temporals. If we should need to go NOB during this time, will we be allowed to return on those temporals?

    • Mexperience says

      Hi Therese,

      Your Residente Temporal permits allow you unlimited entry and exit from Mexico provided they are not expired.

      If the cards expire while you are *outside* of Mexico, you can return to Mexico using them *within 55 calendar days of the expiry date.* This article shares all details:

      • Michele De Simone says

        Hello. we are planning to drive from Phoenix to Guanajuato next week. June 22nd 2021. we have done tbis for 17 years, except last year, so we know the ropes. I know there are border restrictions for tourists like us but I wanted to know if we can still enter and get our visas and import the car like normal, as some posts suggest.
        We cross at Nogales and get our papers about 30 miles south.
        Thanks , Michele

    • Ryan says

      You will have zero problem returning and no one will ask to see your documents. I cross back and forth regularly (including today).

      • Tracy says info! What city. Ensenada???

  199. John Griffiths says

    It sure would be nice to see at least one news agency US or Canadian let the loads of Canadians that winter here in Mexico know if they are able to cross the US/MEX border on their way back to Canada. Even the Canadian Embassy her does not say anything, not that I can find. All talk is about flying home.


    • Ian Irving says

      Global Affairs Canada has advised that I contact the US border services at the land crossing I intend to use. I haven’t been able to return to Canada yet as a family member has been recovering from a recent surgery.

      • Charles Kerr says

        we are Canadian citizens who have been in Mexico since before Christmas and were not aware of the march border closure when it happened, our plan was to wait until the planned April opening which has now been extended, We would like to drive home crossing the US border at Mariposa and continue on to British Columbia in the most expeditious manner possible. Are we allowed to cross the border into the US?

        • Kristin says

          I live in Belize and came to the US to care for my sick son. I’d like to drive an RV down and wait out the opening of the Belize border in Mexico. Will proof of living in Belize be enough to get me past the road blocks, or will that not fly since the Belize border is closed?

        • Ed says

          We are in a loophole!
          We are Brazilians living in the US for 4 years. Our American work visa ends in December along with our Florida Drivers License. And our Brazilian DL has long expired. We own a campervan home with which we would like to cross the border and tourist for 3 months.
          To enter Mexico, our passport is fine, but you do need a valid DL to drive the van. Is it possible to, as a tourist, make a Mexican DL so we can drive for the 3 months we plan to be in Mexico? Will they let us in for 3 months with a Brazilian passport but an American DL that is about to expire in a month?

          • Carol says

            My daughter and her friends are planning a trip to Ensada for the 4 th of July for vacation will they have any problems ,are there restrictions in place ?

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