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2017 Mexico Immigration Guide Published

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The Mexico Immigration Guide has been revised and updated for 2017.

The new edition includes updated application fees and economic qualification criteria for different visa types, as well as enhancements introduced from our readers’ feedback over the last year.

Some people who wanted to move to Mexico but were prevented from doing a couple of years ago because their income or savings levels fell short might find that their income/savings levels are now adequate, as the monthly minimum income and monthly minimum savings requirements are less now in US dollar terms than they were a year ago.  As the financial qualification requirements for residency are quoted in pesos, the US dollar equivalent of the amounts required has reduced.

Mexico enacted root-and-branch changes to its immigration law in November 2012.  If you are visiting Mexico for a vacation or short trip, the new rules have no discernible effect on you. However, if you plan to reside in Mexico—temporarily or permanently—you will be affected by the changes in the immigration rules.

The latest edition of the Mexico Immigration Guide has been fully revised and updated and it will provide you with a road map that carefully spells-out the various ways that you can legally reside in Mexico, and how to go about obtaining the visa you need, whether you plan to live, work, retire or start a business in Mexico.

Our Mexico Immigration page contains an outline of the key points and essential information about Mexico’s current immigration law.

For a detailed explanation of the latest laws, and to help you understand the rules and the application process in detail, you can download the latest 2017 Edition of the Guide to Mexico Immigration from our Mexico eBooks Shop.

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