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Traveling with Minors to Mexico

Travel advisory about minors entering and leaving Mexico when they are traveling alone or without parents or a legal guardian

Traving to Mexico with minors

This is a travel advisory in relation to minors entering and leaving Mexico when they are traveling alone, or without both parents or a legal guardian present.

If you plan to travel with your children to Mexico, you should check the current rules for leaving your home country with minors, especially if they will travel unaccompanied by either or both parents, or their legal guardian, as you might need to show authorization to border officials from the absent parent(s) in order for the child(ren) to be allowed to leave the country.

Under the present rules, Mexico does not require foreign (non-Mexican) minors traveling alone or with only one parent (or guardian) to present any authorization for travel at the border when entering or leaving Mexico.  However, minors must carry a valid passport in their own name to enter and exit Mexico.

If your child is a Mexican citizen (including dual nationals), or if your child is not Mexican but is a legal resident of Mexico (temporary, temporary student, or permanent), and the child(ren) will be traveling alone, they will need to carry authorization to leave Mexico using the ‘SAM’ procedure.  If either or both parents, or the legal guardian, travels with the child(ren), there is no need for this SAM authorization procedure to be undertaken.

Contact your nearest Mexican Consulate for further details and advice.

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