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In Mexican trade culture, tipping is widely practiced and extends beyond restaurants and bars

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Although leisure visitors and residents who have recently relocated to Mexico are often used to tipping at places like restaurants and bars back home, in Mexico tipping extends far beyond eating and drinking establishments.

Tipping is a practice that is deeply ingrained into the fabric of the country’s trading culture.  Giving small tips is widely practiced and, in most instances, expected in return for good service.

Our article about Tipping Culture in Mexico, gives a good precis of general tipping etiquette practiced here.

To explain the wide assortment of situations where tipping may be appropriate in Mexico, we’ve just updated our main guide to Tipping and Bargaining in Mexico.

Why you need to tip in Mexican pesos, and not in foreign currency

The rules and regulations for exchanging foreign currency have been tightened up. For example, currency exchange houses now routinely demand to see a passport to change even small amounts of money, and not everyone here has a passport. Foreign coins are non-exchangeable and should never be left as tips. Always tip in cash, using Mexican pesos.

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