Colonial House Doors in Mexico

A Colonial Foothold in Mexico

Mexico's colonial cities offer opportunities and diverse lifestyle choices for people seeking an alternative to living by the beach

Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico

Experience Pátzcuaro

Pátzcuaro is a charming town with a mixed colonial and indigenous feel, located a short drive from the state capital, Morelia

Patzcuaro Lake Villages: Guide to Puacuaro

About Puacuaro Also Read: About Patzcuaro’s Lakeside Villages Puacuaro is about 45 minutes from Patzcuaro in either direction around the lakeside, although it may be a bit closer driving clockwise.  There aren’t a lot of signs in Puacuaro and many of the locals speak...

Patzcuaro Lake Villages: Guide to Tocuaro

About Tocuaro Also Read: About Patzcuaro’s Lakeside Villages Tocuaro is just a 20-minute drive around the lakeside (clockwise around the Lake) from Patzcuaro, on the left hand-side of the roadway. Although Tocuaro appears to be just another sleepy village along the road around Lake...

Patzcuaro Lake Villages: Guide to Jaracuaro

About Jaracuaro Also Read: About Patzcuaro’s Lakeside Villages Jaracuaro is credited with the creation of the Baile de los Viejitos (Dance of the Old Men) which is a masked-dance mocking the weak (and white) conquistadors. Usually performed by children, it is danced at least...

Colonial Rooftops in Patzcuaro, Mexico

A Month in Patzcuaro – Conclusion

Although Patzcuaro has distinct features and characteristics, it is also much like many other provincial Mexican towns, and the daily routines and challenges you may encounter living here are similar in nature to those you’ll encounter in other places across Mexico . . .