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Guide to Working and Self Employment in Mexico:

2nd Edition

Author: Mexperience

Format: PDF

Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

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One of the perceived obstacles to moving to Mexico is earning a living here; however, modern technology and flexible working practices make working in Mexico more viable than ever for people with transferable skills and who are willing to exercise those skills working abroad.

PART ONE of this guide is written to explain the job market and landscape in Mexico, how to go about seeking employment, and what to expect from the working environment here, as the culture and working ways are different to, for example, the U.S. and Europe, even if you are working for an American or European company.

PART TWO of this guide gives you a complete overview about being self-employed or starting your own business in Mexico. With the job market tight and work visas harder to come by, increasing numbers of people are exploring the routes to self-employment here, and for those working in the "knowledge economy", opportunities are abundant and increasing numbers of knowledge professionals are working flexibly from abroad, part-time or full-time. This guide explains how to go about doing that, and what you need to consider on your journey to an independent working lifestyle in Mexico.

- Learn about the working environment in Mexico
- What to expect from the workplace in Mexico
- How to search for work
- Working for yourself in Mexico
- High risk businesses
- Types of work foreigners do well in

Download a Preview of this guide, that includes a detailed Table of Contents and sample pages from the eBook.

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Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

Product Type: eBook
Author(s): Mexperience
Number of Pages: 27
Printable: Yes
Document Format: PDF
Publisher: Mexperience
Publication Date: 20th May 2013
Categories: Living and Lifestyle, Business, Mexico Insight

Price: US$7.99