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2021 Mexico Cost of Living Guide is Published

The 2021 Mexico Cost of Living Guide helps you to create real budget estimates based on your individual situation and lifestyle choices

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Our Mexico Cost of Living Guide has been fully revised and updated for 2021.

The most comprehensive guide to the cost of living in Mexico is available as a free eBook again this year from Mexperience.

Our 2021 Mexico Cost of Living Guide is more than a random list of prices

People considering a move to Mexico —part-time, full-time, or for a defined period— usually want to know what their cost of living is likely be here, so that they can assess the affordability of the move and plan accordingly. Our guide to the cost of living in Mexico —updated annually— enables you to do just that.

It’s been carefully written and organized to help you to get a deeper understanding about the practical costs of day-to-day living in Mexico, and form a real budget estimate based on your individual circumstances and lifestyle choices.

The latest cost of living guide explains in detail the prices and costs for a wide range of products and services that most foreign residents and those visiting Mexico for extended periods will seek to purchase when they live here. It also includes several overlooked costs which people often forget to include in their budgets.

The “Cost of Living Essentials” chapter is packed with practical advice about real living costs in Mexico based on the experience of living  here over the long-term.

The guide also features typical costs across a range of other essential items often used by foreign residents, including accommodations (rentals and purchase), domestic help, utilities, transport, fuel, and communications.

You’ll also find useful information about the effect of currency exchange rates on your budget, a Mexican peso report and forecast, and valuable practical insights about the day-to-day costs of living in Mexico.

The guide is now part of our Mexico Insight series, full integrated with Mexperience, and with links to other helpful resources, making it a comprehensive lifestyle planning tool that will help you to compose a genuine budget estimate based on your personal circumstances and lifestyle choices.

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