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Learning Spanish from Home with Spanish55

Professionally designed distance-learning Spanish language courses delivered in 55-minute sessions

Spanish55 Language Study

Spanish55 provides Spanish language learning through a personalized online program delivered by certified instructors in 55-minute sessions.

Based out of Tijuana on the border with the US, Spanish55 offers professionally designed and delivered online language lessons to those who want to study and practice Spanish from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

Lessons are offered for all levels by trained and certified language instructors: from absolute beginners who are learning Spanish for the first time, those trying to build on their current grasp of the language, intermediate-level students who want to carry their abilities to higher stages, as well as advanced Spanish speakers who are seeking to sharpen their vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversation skills.

Spanish55 takes time to understand your needs and current skill level and assigns coaches accordingly. Students can attend classes as often as they like by connecting via Skype at a prearranged time. Simultaneous audio and video aids the learning experience, and Skype’s text-chat and file transfer features enable the instructors to clarify points as the lesson progresses and send electronic hand-out documents to each student.

The online scheduling process is slick, and easy to use and your first 55-minute lesson is free.  If you decide to take a course after your free lesson, the company offers flexible pricing options with packages ranging from 1 session to a block of 50 sessions—the more lessons you commit to, the less expensive each one is.

The qualified instructors, who are proficient in English and Spanish, work from Spanish55’s purpose-designed teaching facilities which ensures consistency and quality for all students.  The company is keen to ensure its customers get the best possible distance learning experience and back this intention with a refund guarantee.

Improve Your Spanish Language with Spanish55

Learn more about Spanish55 distance-learning Spanish language programs and its packages, including a free, no-obligation, introductory lesson.

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