About the Author: Álvaro Molina

Álvaro completed his legal studies at the Law Faculty of the Marist University of Merida in 2015, which included a half-year stay at the University of Lincoln in England as an exchange student.

Having worked part-time as an intern from as early as his second year of law school in the offices of Puerto y Pino, Abogados, he developed valuable skills and experience in the fields of Notary Law, Corporate Law, Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Previous to his legal career, he supported his mother in the set-up and development of a successful chain of retail dancewear stores that now counts with five different locations, two of them in the United States.

A self-taught English speaker, Álvaro is always eager to help clients navigate the Mexican legal system, especially for international clients who might not be familiar with its often over-regulated nature.