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How to Access Senior Care Provision Services in Mexico

People are increasingly looking to Mexico as a place for senior care—for themselves as they age, or for loved ones or others close to them

Caring for Seniors

When you’re seeking advice and guidance about the potential opportunities and practical realities related to the provision of senior care in Mexico, our experienced associate can help.

This consultancy service will answer your questions and provide you with guidance and concise recommendations about what to expect from senior care support services on offer in Mexico—whether you’re planning and considering choices for yourself (or you and your partner) or want to learn more about senior care provision services in Mexico for someone else close to you.

Consult with an experienced senior care professional

Our associate has over 25 years of professional experience in matters related to social care across a wide spectrum of client groups in both public and private organizations. For the last 10 years she has specialized in attending to the needs of people seeking senior care services in Mexico; she is fully bilingual and offers in-depth knowledge about senior care services on offer here.

Working with individuals and families of those preparing for their retirement or changes in their lifestyle or health situations, her areas of expertise include:

  • senior care planning and management in private residences;
  • bilingual advocate services for those navigating doctors, finances, and end-of-life planning in Mexico; and
  • providing personalized consultancy to individuals, families, hospitals, and assisted living centers

Get experienced advice, local insight, and concise recommendations

The senior care assistance service offers you a personal consultation with our experienced associate who can provide advice and insights based on over 25 years working in her field (over 10 years in Mexico). Her consultancy offers local knowledge and clear, concise recommendations about how to prepare for, and explore the availability of, senior care services available in Mexico.

How our associate can assist you

Our senior care consultant can help you prepare ahead of time, and also offers immediate support for current situations:

When you’re planning for retirement or changes in your lifestyle in Mexico

  • Undertaking an Initial Assessment to determine your current situation
  • Advice about key matters you need to take into careful consideration
  • Guidance about realistic choices on offer and available service options

When you need to talk about plans for someone close to you

  • Personal consultation to discuss your situation and how to source the help you need
  • Practical matters you need to consider as someone ages and external assistance is required
  • How to meet needs and provide support whilst respecting autonomy
  • Service options and practical tips on exploring potential care homes in Mexico
  • End-of-life planning

When you need immediate support for current situations

  • Advice and support for current situations unfolding
  • Liaison and advocacy service between you and your loved one, and care homes, doctors, nurses, or other care service providers situated in Mexico
  • Urgent advice from someone who’s experienced in crisis planning for people who need to make swift decisions in regard to theirs or their loved-one’s elder care needs

Fixed-fee consulting service

Our Senior Care consultant associate offers a fixed-fee service package of 3 hours support for US$235.  Most cases don’t require more than 3 hours, but if you need or want additional time, you can optionally purchase this at US$80 per hour, with time billed precisely as used.  Our associate will keep a detailed log of the support time provided to you.

Questions before you request the service?

If you have a question about how the senior care provision service works before you make the request, please contact us.

How the service supports you

The service is designed to provide you with a highly personalized consultation that focuses on your specific circumstances and needs, and provides you with a detailed, post-consultation report composed by the consultant. Typically, the consultation follows this path:

Your personalized consultation: Our associate will schedule your first consultation call (by telephone, Zoom or Skype, as you prefer) at a mutually convenient date and time. If your situation is urgent, a priority consultation may be accommodated, but please only request this if the need is genuine.

Gathering key information: The personal consultation will be carefully structured to talk about your situation, answer any specific questions you have, and identify the key matters and issues within your individual circumstances.

Guidance to help you make informed choices: The initial assessment that the service provides will lead to our associate providing clear and concise recommendations about senior care service provision in Mexico, including how the services work, what to expect, and insights to help you interact positively and creatively with the services available.

Post-consultation report: After the call, our associate will compose a written report of the initial assessment and the recommendations that emanate from that, delivered to you by email so that you (and your family) can use this to plan and make some informed choices.

Follow-up call: After you’ve had an opportunity to read the post-consultation report, our associate can schedule a follow-up call to talk through the details and answer any further questions you may have.

Questions before you request the service?

If you have a question about how the senior care provision service works before you make the request, please contact us.

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