Bringing Pets to Mexico

Bringing Pets to Mexico

This guide gives you the details about how to import your domestic pet(s) to Mexico as well as details about taking your pet back to your home country.

50 Mexican Pesos Banknote

Guide to Money in Mexico

The most comprehensive guide to money in Mexico, fully updated and presented as a free PDF eBook for you to download

Insurance Coverages in Mexico

Mexico Insurance Guide

Guide about how to insure yourself for travel, medical care, driving, and adventure activities in Mexico. Includes a buyer's guide with top tips for buying insurance coverage

Travel Health

Mexico Travel Health Guide

Guide to staying well and healthy while you visit and travel in Mexico, as well as how to access medical services when you need them...

Passport with immigration entry stamps

Mexico Entry Requirements

This guide explains what you need to know about entry requirements when you are visiting Mexico for leisure, for business, or to take up residency

Travelers at an airport

Safety in Mexico

Your guide to safety in Mexico. Our guide offers practical and sensible advice based on currently-reported situations

Exploration Tools

Mexico Essentials

Plan your travel and lifestyle experiences: find helpful local knowledge and plan your visit or move to Mexico