Mexico Newsletter —
March 2020

In this month's newsletter: Mexico's Copper Canyon, Oaxaca & environs, Archaeology sites, AirBnB revolutions, Choosing your lifestyle location wisely, Plastic bans, and more...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — March 2020

Febrero loco, y marzo otro poco is a popular Mexican adage that describes the change-ability of the weather across Mexico this time of year.  Spring is on the way, ushered in by mystical wind storms.  I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter.

Travel & Leisure

Articles, inspiration and connections to help you discover authentic travel experiences in Mexico.

The train journey that takes your breath away: One of the country’s most remarkable areas of natural beauty is the Copper Canyon—actually a series of twenty canyons, formed over the years by six rivers.  The train that traverses the canyons is an engineering marvel that carries travelers across breath-taking rugged natural scenery and offers an extraordinary travel experience along the way.  Learn about the Copper Canyon and arrange a tour to get the most from your visit.

The millennial tree: There are lots of reasons why Oaxaca is one of the most rewarding travel destinations in Mexico, and one of them is the presence of a 2,000 year-old living tree in the nearby village of Santa Maria del Tule.

Climbing the pyramid: Mexico’s ancient heritage offers ample opportunities to explore archaeology parks which give fascinating insights into ancient civilizations.  Many custom tours include at least one archaeology site on the itinerary and our practical tips for visiting Mexico’s pyramids helps you to prepare for your visit.

Fluttering away: The Monarch Butterflies begin to leave in March; last-minute tours are possible in the first half of the month, but if you missed them, you can book ahead for the next season: they’ll begin to arrive again around mid-November.

Ensure you’re insured: A reminder that your home-country auto insurance policy won’t cover you in Mexico, but special insurance coverages are available to ensure that any accidents and mishaps will be properly covered and include English-speaking assistance and recovery services.

Custom Tours: Our travel associates know Mexico intimately and can help you create a custom tour in Mexico to match your plans and budget: Plan Your Trip

Living & Lifestyle

Articles, insights and connections to help you learn about options and make the most of your lifestyle plans in Mexico.

Sharing a revolution: Interest in Airbnb has reached fever pitch here in Mexico. We’ve got several articles which describe the opportunities and compromises for lodgers and home-owners participating in the ‘shared accommodation’ market.

Taking it all with you: When you come to Mexico to live under the auspice of a legal residency permit, you have an opportunity to import your personal household goods free of usual taxes and duties.

Measure twice, cut once: Mexico is a big country and offers a wide variety of locations for living and retirement. Making the wrong choice can get expensive, so take a step back and consider you true lifestyle needs in relation to the places you shortlist for consideration.

Extended breaks: February and March are host to two of Mexico’s three long ‘bank holiday’ weekends. Discover what extended holiday weekends are in Mexico and bag some travel tips to avoid getting stuck in the crowds.

Retail remedies: Foreign Native considers the recent ban of plastic bags in Mexico, and places where there’re still plenty of paper to be found on the shelves, some of it with plastic wrapping, at  Mexico’s bookshops.

Healthcare: If you’re thinking about an extended stay here, consider long-term options for healthcare in Mexico.  If you’re only in Mexico part time and have a medical plan that covers you back home, Medical Evacuation insurance may be a better alternative.

Volunteers welcome: Mexico welcomes volunteers who arrive to assist in a wide range of social and humanitarian activities.

Useful Resources

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