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January 2020

In this month's newsletter we cover snowbirds, butterflies, Mexican soccer, ebook updates, insurance coverages, chocolate and more...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — January 2020

Overwintering humans: By January, the annual snowbirds —part-time foreign residents who escape the cold and overwinter in Mexico— are properly settled-in.  They’re enjoying the agreeable winter climates and long daylight hours, and shopping at the local organic markets.  If this sounds like a good way to spend winters, we can help you plan a Mexico lifestyle.

Overwintering butterflies: It’s also an ideal time to plan a visit to the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary: mid-Jan to late February is the peak viewing season, as the air temperatures begin to rise, the butterflies are more active.

eBook updates: January is a busy month for the Mexperience team.  We’re working on a raft of revisions, including updates to the Mexico Immigration Guide and Mexico Cost of Living Guide; the 2020 versions of these popular Mexico eBooks will be available for free download from mid-late January.

Cultural insights: Our columnist Foreign Native reminisces on café culture, and remarks on how Mexico is adept at adopting foreign customs without losing its own identity.

Sports fans: Mexico’s soccer season is a tournament of two championships, the second of which begins in January.  If you’re wondering what all the excitement is about, you can get the score here.

Home life: If you’re planning to rent or a buy a property in Mexico this year, our extensive guides and articles provide helpful insights, and you can browse some current opportunities in the Real Estate Features.

Insuring your interests: Readers living in Mexico continue to ask us about medical coverage options: there are various choices to review and consider.  If you’re covered by a medical plan in your home country, a medical evacuation insurance policy will get you home in an emergency.  Millions of Americans and Canadians drive their cars across the border every year and the smart ones get an auto insurance policy that covers them in Mexico.

Food and drink: Mexican diners offer an agreeable ambiance to enjoy an affordable square meal.  Comedoresalso called Fondas— remain one of the tastiest and most economical choices for eat-out meals in Mexico.  If you plan to do your own cooking or baking and live or visit in the Mexican highlands, learn how elevation affects food preparation.  If you plan to partake in the ‘agave waters’ this year, Tequila, Mezcal and Pulque offer different tastes from the same plant.

Looking forward: Although the December festivities and New Year celebrations soon pass, there’s Rosca de Reyes to look forward to (and the children have another opportunity to open a gift on Kings’ Day, too).  If you’re feeling a bit blue after the holidays, Chocolate may help—another gift from Mexico to the world.

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