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February 2020

In this month's newsletter: agreeable winters, peak butterfly season, 2020 eBook updates, residency qualification, driving in Mexico, senior discounts, and more...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — February 2020

We’re in the middle of winter here in Mexico, and aside from the occasional cold front, the days are bright and warm and daylight hours remain agreeably long.  The driest days of the year have begun, heralded by the presence of dust on one’s shoes after a walk into town; but spring is not far off.

Día de la Candelaria: New Year celebrants whose slice of Rosca revealed the plastic figurine may serve tamales on February 2nd, Día de la Candelaria, or Candlemas.  Tamales is one of those foods —along with mole— which you might not have tried yet.

Final call for butterfly fans: It’s peak season to view the overwintering Monarch Butterflies.  The warmer temperatures in February encourage the insects to leave the relative warmth of their clustered congregations on the oyamel fir trees and flutter about.  They’ll begin to leave in March and return in November.  To arrange a tour to witness this natural phenomenon, make a travel inquiry and our travel associates will get in touch with you.

Financial qualification for residency: Mexico’s official minimum salary rose another 20% this year—and with it rose the financial qualification criteria for legal residency in Mexico, making it more difficult for retired Americans on fixed incomes to qualify for a residency permit.

Help with your residency permit: When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using this Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, which offers personalized advice and practical help.

The drive of your life: Mexico is a vast country with a good road network.  Millions of Americans and Canadians drive their cars across the border each year to enjoy the sights, sounds and scenery that Mexico offers.  Our guides and articles about driving make a good travel companion, and remember that you need an auto insurance policy that’s valid here: your US or Canadian policy isn’t valid for third party coverages.  Get a quote for Mexico auto insurance.

Linguistically speaking: If you’re resolved to improve your Spanish language abilities this year, our PinPoint Spanish series helps you with insights about the nuances of language usage in Mexico.  You might also like to sharpen-up your skills with a language course.

eBook Updates: The fully updated 2020 editions of our Mexico Immigration Guide and Mexico Cost of Living Guide have been published.  You can download your free copies now from the eBooks section.

Healthcare: If you’re thinking about an extended stay here, consider long-term options for healthcare in Mexico.  If you’re only in Mexico part time and have a medical plan that covers you back home, Medical Evacuation insurance may be a better alternative.

Over 60? You’re in luck. Foreign seniors who are legally resident in Mexico can apply for the INAPAM discount card—it’s free and offers worthwhile discounts on a wide range of goods and services.

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Immigration Assistance: If you’re planning to seek residency in Mexico (or need to renew your existing residency permit) our Immigration Assistance associates can help.

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