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April 2021

This month: Land border update; Mexico Home Finders; Springtime clocks; Mexico's dry season; Copper Canyon; Retirement plans & places; Mountain living...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — April 2021

Land border restrictions have been extended to April 21st, 2021

Mexico’s land border restrictions have been extended again; however, we are hearing that American citizens are driving and walking into Mexico without hindrance.  Tourist permits (FMMs) and temporary vehicle import permits (TIPs) are being issued as normal.  This article summarizes the restrictions and the comments section contains anecdotal notes left by local travelers. Note that Flights between the US and Mexico are not affected by this restriction, although international passengers flying to the US need to get tested and Canada has introduced testing requirements for people entering the country via its land border.

April highlights in Mexico

Spring has officially arrived, although if you’ve been overwintering in Mexico you’ll have enjoyed spring-like climates for some weeks now.  We’ve published a couple of articles about the dusty days of Mexico’s dry season as we all wait with anticipation for the seasonal rains to return in late spring.

Clocks in places across northern Mexico (with the notable exception of the state of Sonora) moved their clocks forward by one hour on March 14th; most places in Mexico will move clocks forward on April 4.  Not everyone thinks the clock change is necessary, although after 25 years of moving clocks, people are used to lighter evenings.

We’ve introduced Mexico Home Finders, a new service that connects you to a local realty agent who can help you to find and buy your home in Mexico.

The rains return to the Copper Canyon in July, when the rivers swell and the flora bloom, making summer the most popular time of year for visitors to take a journey on the Copper Canyon train.

Mexico’s gradual and phased reopening

Mexico continues to undergo a phased reopening of its economic, cultural, educational, and social activities.  Each region and municipality is implementing a custom reopening plan based on a color-coded ‘traffic light’ system so the restrictions vary depending on each region and/or locality.  Covid updates

Mexico living and lifestyle

Our guides and articles to living and lifestyle help you to explore and realize your Mexico lifestyle plans.

Clock time changes and time zones: Twenty-five years ago, Mexico started to move its clocks in the spring and the fall.  Learn about the scheduled 2021 clock changes, and more about Mexico’s time zones.

Settled comfortably: What is it like to discover a place to retire to in Mexico where you feel perfectly at home and comfortable? A Journey to Retirement in Mexico describes how a couple transformed their lifestyle by relocating to a peaceful mountain home in the state of Morelos.

Mountain living: Towns and cities situated in Mexico’s central highlands offer character and culture—and the benefits of mountain living. We help you to discover these places.

Locations for retirement: This guide about places for retirement in Mexico, part of our extensive retirement section, shares helpful insights about considerations to take into account when you’re researching options, and a summary of the most popular locations in Mexico for retirees.

Dealing with the dusty dry season: When the seasonal rains vanish in the late fall and the surface water evaporates by early winter, regions across Mexico enter a long dry spell. We’ve published a couple of articles about the dusty days of Mexico’s dry season and how to live well through it when you’re here.

Visas & Immigration: Our free 2021 Mexico Immigration Guide encapsulates everything you need to know in one eBook. Our latest articles about visas and immigration keep you apprised of current situations including financial criteria for residency, fees, and procedures.

Immigration Assistance

If you need assistance with your residency permit application or renewals, regularization procedures, expired permits, or troubleshooting, consider using our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service.

Your home in Mexico

We publish extensive guides and articles to help you learn about renting, buying, selling and the practicalities of owning a home here.

A hidden pain of a capital gain: It’s common for some places in Mexico to quote house prices in US dollars when they are being offered for sale. Learn more about the ‘exchange rate effect’ and capital gains tax.

More than a go-between: Finding and working with a reliable local real estate agent can pay long-term dividends when it comes to investing in Mexican property.  Read tips to spot a good agent, and our comprehensive guide to realty agents in Mexico.

Is your home covered? Home insurance coverages are readily available in Mexico, and most residential property can be insured, but there are some notable exceptions of situations where insurers will not underwrite the risks.

Enjoying your leisure time

Your spare time is precious, and our travel guides and articles provide inspiration and advice to plan and arrange your leisure time in Mexico

The train journey that takes your breath away: One of the country’s most remarkable areas of natural beauty is the Copper Canyon—actually a series of twenty canyons, formed over the years by six rivers.  The train that traverses the canyons is an engineering marvel that carries travelers across breath-taking rugged natural scenery and offers an extraordinary travel experience along the way.  Learn about the Copper Canyon and arrange a tour to get the most from your visit.

Travel Inspiration: Discover extraordinary travel experiences in Mexico, with inspiration, tips, and advice to plan and enjoy your leisure time in Mexico.

Custom tours in Mexico, hand-crafted to your needs

Our travel associates know Mexico intimately, and work closely with travel service providers in Mexico.  Whether you are visiting Mexico or live here, they can hand-craft a custom tour for you and your family (or small group) and take care of all the arrangements, leaving you to make the most of your leisure time.

Request a custom-made travel tour

Spanish language matters

Speaking Spanish will transform your lifestyle and leisure experiences in Mexico.  Our guides and articles help you to learn and improve your Spanish.

Why Spanish? Whether you plan a short visit to Mexico or to stay for longer, being able to communicate in Spanish will make a material difference to your everyday activities and experiences.  This article explains why

Spanish language courses:  Although the trend for studying language has shifted to online learning, there are still language schools in Mexico that offer small-group learning opportunities.  When you want to learn from the comfort and convenience of your own home, our online Spanish for Lifestyle course in partnership with Spanish55 helps you to build Spanish language and vocabulary skills that enable you to converse confidently in everyday situations: your initial consultation and lesson test-run is free.

Talking numbers in Spanish: Cardinal numbers in Spanish are straightforward until the numbers start to get big, whereas ordinal numbers get tricky way before then.

PinPoint Spanish series: Our insightful PinPoint Spanish series helps you to get acquainted with the nuances of Mexican Spanish in everyday situations.

Connect to Spanish schools and courses in Mexico

Spanish language for lifestyle: Discover this unique online course that will help you to improve your Spanish language skills in everyday lifestyle situations.

Spanish schools: For an immersive experience, attend a Spanish school in Mexico, where small classes and personalized attention will boost your learning.

Insurance to keep you covered in Mexico

Our extensive guides and articles about insurance help you to make informed choices, and our associates provide insurance services to ensure your lifestyle and activities in Mexico are properly covered.

Insurance to support your Mexico lifestyle: Learn about the range of Mexico-related insurance services that exist to mitigate the effect and expense of unforeseen events and mishaps when you’re here.

Foreign-plated cars: If you plan to drive a foreign-plated car in Mexico —even if only for short essential trips across the border— make sure you’re properly insured: US and Canadian policies don’t cover third party liability.

Healthcare and evacuation: If you’re wondering what options are available for medical coverages in Mexico, learn about the options for Medical Insurance in Mexico.  If you have good medical health coverage in your home country a fully-managed medical evacuation plan may be an alternative in some situations.

Home cover: Our house is usually the most valuable physical asset we own.  Learn about how to insure your home in Mexico against damages and also against third party liabilities.

Get the insurance coverages you need for your lifestyle in Mexico

Visit our Mexico Insurance page for a list of insurance services and connect directly to our associates who can provide personalized assistance and no-obligation quotes.

Mexico ebooks library

Our redesigned eBooks Library offers you a range of carefully composed eBooks with helpful insights and local knowledge about Mexico.  We offer a selection of free and paid eBooks that help get meaningful insights into lifestyle matters in Mexico.  Browse and buy at our library of Mexico eBooks.

Free eBooks also updated: We have fully revised and updated our popular and free Mexico Immigration Guide and Mexico Cost of Living Guide for 2021.  They are available for download free through our Mexico eBooks Library.

Gentle Reminder: Please tip generously during this difficult time

Tipping is woven-in to the fabric of Mexican trading culture and, as we explain in our guide, tipping in Mexico must be practiced often and in a wide variety of situations.  Please remember your generosity when tipping during this exceptionally difficult economic period.

Helpful resources on Mexperience

We’ve been helping people to learn about Mexico and discover new opportunities here for lifestyle and leisure since 2002.

Discover Mexico: Visit our Discover Mexico section for the latest stream of articles and features to help you get inspiration, insights, and connections about Lifestyle, Living, and Leisure in Mexico.

Living & Lifestyle Services: Find services to help you to realize your living & lifestyle plans in Mexico.

Leisure & Travel Services: Find services to plan and arrange leisure & travel experiences in Mexico.

Immigration Assistance: When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using this Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, which offers detailed consultancy, personalized advice, and practical help through the process.

Driving to Mexico? Mexperience offers a wide range of articles that will help you to plan your road trip in Mexico.  Our article about bringing your foreign-plated car to Mexico covers key points you need to know, and our (updated) article on Temporary Import Permits (TIPs) shares valuable information about ensuring your vehicle remains legal here. Don’t forget to insure your vehicle before you cross the border as your US or Canadian policy won’t cover you for third party liabilities.  Our guides and articles about Driving in Mexico are filled with practical advice for drivers.

Mexico Insurance: Everything you need to know about Healthcare, Auto and Evacuation coverages in Mexico.

Spanish Language Courses: Discover courses at schools in Mexico and online that will help you to learn or improve your Spanish language skills.

Mexico eBooks Library: Browse and download free eBooks which provide useful knowledge about Mexico including the latest 2021 editions of our Mexico Immigration Guide and Mexico Cost of Living Guide.

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