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April 2020

In this month's newsletter: Coronavirus in Mexico, Supporting the local Mexican community you live in, spring clock changes, practical resources...

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Mexperience Mexico Newsletter — April 2020

An Urgent Call-to-Action for ALL Foreign Residents Living in Mexico

If you’re a foreign resident living in Mexico, your local community needs you now.

It’s time to step-up and make your presence here count.  If you live in Mexico, please do not stand-by and spectate in this crisis.  Get involved, participate, and find active roles to help the local Mexican communities you care about and love calling home.

Your local Mexican community needs you now! As the Coronavirus event continues to unfold, the economic impact of these unprecedented times is beginning to be felt in local communities across Mexico.  We have compiled a list of practical tips and ideas for foreign residents in Mexico who want to actively support the local communities they love calling home.

Coronavirus updates: We have published an article which we are keeping regularly updated with material developments related travel and lifestyle in Mexico.  For all our Coronavirus-related articles, visit the Covid-19 section on Mexperience.

US-Mexico land border is ‘Restricted’: The US-Mexico land border is the busiest land border in the world.  On the weekend of March 21, Mexico and the US announced land-border crossing ‘restrictions’ which prohibit crossing the land border for tourism and recreation; this article summarizes the current restrictions and explains what is defined in the official Notice as an ‘essential crossing’ —and what isn’t.

Local economy support: If you’re living in Mexico now, there are innovative ways you can help your local Mexican economy and support your local friends and traders through this unprecedented period of turbulence.  This article describes what you can do to support your local Mexican economy and if you have more ideas or want to share what you’re doing in your local community with others, please contribute on the article’s comments section.

Consulate Support: This article explains what your home country’s consulate can and cannot do for you while you are visiting or living in Mexico.  Mexican Consulates overseas have sent their staff home to work and are only dealing with emergency cases: if you are in the throes of a visa application or other request from a Mexican Consulate, expect delays until further notice.

Tips and Tipping: Supermarkets across Mexico have sent their senior-age bag-packers home as they are a vulnerable group susceptible to the current flu pandemic.  Soriana has said that they will take tips at checkout for the seniors, double the value, and distribute the money evenly.  Remember to take shopping bags with you.  We also remind you that tipping is an integral part of Mexican trading culture and should be practiced regularly; our article about tipping in Mexico shares useful and practical advice.

Healthcare options in Mexico: If you’re considering healthcare coverages in Mexico, read about your choices for healthcare cover in Mexico and connect to relevant resources and contacts.

Clock-time Changes in Mexico 2020: Some places in Mexico moved clocks forward by one hour on Sunday March 8th; however, most of Mexico will move its clocks forward by one hour on Sunday April 5th.  Two Mexican states (sensibly) do not mess with their clocks.  More info: 2020 clock-time change for Spring and Fall, and also learn out about Mexico’s four time zones.

Spring climates in Mexico: Spring started officially on March 20th this year, although it was already feeling warm by late February.  Learn about springtime in Mexico and through the four seasons.

Travel & Tourism in Mexico: The Coronavirus event is already delivering an adverse shock to travel and tourism across Mexico, as well as affecting localities which depend on tourism (domestic and international) for their livelihood.  We will respond to needs of travel providers in due course.  In the meantime, you can find inspiration for future visits by browsing Extraordinary Travel Experiences, and Travel Destinations in Mexico.

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Immigration Assistance: When you need help applying for residency, or help renewing your existing residency permit (or working through a ‘regularization’ procedure after a mishap), consider using this Mexico Immigration Assistance Service, which offers personalized advice and practical help.

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