Driving in Mexico Using Road Logs

Road Logs are an ideal accompaniment to your maps and GPS on a road trip in Mexico

Road Trip Planning

There used to be a time when good road maps of Mexico were hard to come by, and when they were available, they were quite expensive. Times have changed and today maps of Mexico are readily available in print from various publishers and, with the advent of digital mapping, most people find maps of Mexico’s towns, cities, roads and highways by tapping their mobile devices.

However detailed, maps can only give you part of the story on a road trip in Mexico.  Drivers in Mexico enjoy the most developed road network in Latin America, but not all roads here are what they seem on the map and, as we have written in these pages, Mexico is still has some notorious signposting.

Enter the Mexico Road Log, that offers detailed mapping and documented notes about what’s really on the road journey ahead.  They are the ideal accompaniment to your maps (whether you are using printed maps, digital maps, or GPS) as they fill-in lots of gaps that will be missing on traditional charts, and also offer local tips and knowledge that you just won’t find elsewhere.  They are like having a knowledgeable traveling companion in the passenger seat, giving you advice, pointing out matters of local interest, telling what lane you need to be in to avoid missing a turn or taking the wrong road at intersections, and so on…

Because of their usefulness, we’re offering Bill and Dot Bell’s Road Logs of Mexico. Bill & Dot are full time RV’ers who live here and have been traveling Mexico’s roads for decades. Their Road Logs are trusted and respected by travelers who want to experience Mexico by road and need a guiding hand to help them get the most from their journeys.

These Road Logs are specifically designed to help you navigate Mexico by road. Whether you plan a road trip across Mexico (or part of Mexico) from the USA, or plan to rent a car for an extended road trip in Mexico, there’s a Road Log for you.

The Road Logs are part map, part instructions, part tips and advice, and are especially popular with foreigners because the commentary often explains the differences in driving, road customs, and local nuances which they are not usually familiar with. Their practical advice and local insights, which run alongside the visual logs, will make your journey safer, help you to spot places of interest en-route, and prevent you from taking wrong turns.

There are various different Road Logs to choose from, depending on your intended itineraries. The Road Logs are delivered in PDF files, so you can either print them out, or read them on your tablet (iPad, Kindle, etc.), your laptop, or indeed any portable reading device.

When you’re traveling across Mexico by road, whether on a longer or shorter journey, nothing can beat local knowledge to ensure you get the most of your driving experience and stay safe en route. The Bell Road Logs will make your journey easier and safer, and help to make your entire road trip here much more enjoyable.

Choose Your Road Log: Mexico Road Log Reviews – Helps you choose your road log based on your intended border crossing point and/or route across Mexico.

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