Artisan Furniture in Mexico

Adri Padersen

Adri Pedersen is an expert in the field of Mexican furnishings and interior design and shares insights and knowledge about the fascinating world of artisan furniture in Mexico.

Some countries have a certain way of helping you feel at home—a way of helping you feel thoroughly welcome.  For me, that country is Mexico.  Growing up in a setting where everyone spoke Spanish gave me access to the culture when I traveled the country twenty years ago, and I’ve always felt comfortable and at home in Mexico.

So when my husband Ken and I were offered an opportunity to acquire Gringo Furniture—a company that specializes in helping foreign residents in Mexico to furnish their homes—the move felt right, not least because of my long and fond relationship with the country.  The business also complemented my belief that taking time to consider how we shape our home living spaces can help to cultivate well-being in our lives.

Since taking-on the business, my relationship with Mexico has deepened and my appreciation for its culture in art and design has grown enormously.  The artisans and their families who create the furniture we offer to our customers have had an enormous influence on me; their work is a beacon of light in a world where cheap imports and box stores drive the mainstay of our modern living environments. The furniture crafted by the Mexican artisans we work with offers an opportunity to bring vibrant works of art into our homestead. It’s this aspect of the work that I find most rewarding.

Doing business in Mexico can be challenging, as many foreign residents who have entered the fray of purchasing things for their home have found out.  Finding reliable suppliers and managing the work through to completion takes considerable effort, and patience.

Mexico has an abundance of artisans, experienced in everything from food preparation to gardening, to home building, to furniture design and production. Their work is strikingly beautiful. However, not all these artisans are able to do things consistently, or on schedule. We have invested the effort needed to develop solid working relationships with our artisans; getting to know them, explaining our needs, understanding theirs—and through this we have established mutual respect.

This care and consideration has also helped us to develop trust and confidence which are essential when we’re asking our artisans to translate our clients’ vision for their furnishings into a reality: it enables our customers to order Mexican furniture online with the ability to realize whatever has been envisioned, and have the confidence to know it will be made to exacting standards, and delivered directly to their home.

In this series about Mexican furnishings and interior design, we’ll share our love of Mexican furnishing culture with you. I’ll share my favorite Mexico furniture styles. We’ll look at some of the materials, textures, and colors which make Mexican furniture so attractive.  And along the way, you’ll learn from our experience the key considerations you should think about when you come to purchase furniture for your Mexican home.  Please feel free to ask me questions using the comments below.

Adri and Ken Pedersen are owners of GringoFurniture – a U.S. based company that specializes in artisan furniture for foreign residents living in Mexico.

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  1. Ana says

    I am very interested in seeing what you have in the line of dinning room table sets.

    • Adri says

      Thank you, Ana, for your comment and your interest in Gringo Furniture. The following link will take you to the Dining Rooms page of our website:

      Please keep in mind that our Mexican artisans can customize furniture according to your needs, often from a photograph or rendering. The furniture on our website is available to be acquired, and we have also built many other pieces for our clients. The website images are a starting place to begin to determine your likes and wishes.

      It would be my pleasure to chat with you so that I can answer further questions. Please let me know how we may be of help.

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