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Mexico Road Logs: Gulf Coast to the Yucatan:

Matamoros to Cancun & Around the Yucatan

Author: Bill & Dot Bell

Format: PDF

Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

Price: US$8.99


The Gulf Coast to Yucatan Road Log and Driving Guide will make your highway journeys across Mexico much better, easier and safer.

The Mexico Road Logs are written by Bill and Dot Bell, full-time RV'ers residing in Mexico. They create these road logs and maps of Mexico and constantly update and maintain them while on their travels.

The Mexico Road Logs are specifically designed to help you navigate the country by road. Part map, part instructions, part tips and advice, they are especially popular for foreigners because the commentary often explains the differences in driving, road customs, and local nuances which they are not usually familiar with. Their practical advice and local insights, which run alongside the visual logs, will make your journey safer, help you to spot interesting places, and prevent you from taking wrong turns!

The Bell Road Logs are better than a GPS. They are more like a knowledgeable friend sitting in the passenger seat showing you where to turn, warning you about the next speed bump, gas station, or military check point. Often irreverent, the guides give you valuable off-beat information, some local history or just the facts. They give detail that makes driving across Mexico a breeze and presented in a fun, informative, and very practical way.

Regardless of whether you are driving a car, RV or a suburban, pick-up or riding a bike, this road log will assist your journey. People who have never driven in Mexico and who are not familiar with the local roads as well as veterans of Mexico road travel benefit from the detailed information available in the Bell Road Logs. Customers who have bought and used these logs swear by them and, like all eBooks on Mexperience, they are sold with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW OF THE GULF COAST TO YUCATAN ROAD LOG - to see the table of contents, a map of the route covered by this road log, as well as sample road log pages from the full version.

Look Inside: Open Preview (PDF)

Product Type: eBook
Author(s): Bill & Dot Bell
Number of Pages: 64
Printable: Yes
Document Format: PDF
Publisher: On The Road in Mexico
Publication Date: 1st March 2013
Categories: Road Logs

Price: US$8.99