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PinPoint Spanish: Insights into Spanish language usage and its nuances in Mexico

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No Hay

If you have lived in Mexico for a while, the title of this article will sound a familiar ring. If you come to live in Mexico for a while, you will, without doubt, become well acquainted with these two words.

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To Be Or To Be, That Is The Question

"Ni son todos los que están, ni están todos los que son" is a compact expression which contains a number of Spanish grammatical features as well as philosophical connotations, particularly in the matter of separating sheep from goats.

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¿Mande Usted?

Spanish has two forms for the word you: the formal 'usted' and the informal 'tu'. Choosing the right form for the occasion requires some cultural insight...

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Lo Que Pasa Es Que…

In a previous article, we highlighted two little words which are commonly heard by those living in Mexico—no hay. Related to, although subtly distinct from, ‘no hay’ are four more words to add to your sonar’s range: Lo que pasa es que…

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A Guide to Mexican Street Speak

Spanish offers a potpourri of different terms to describe paths, streets, roads, and highways, some of which provide practical assistance to the traveler and others which provide opportunities for flexibility in use of the language.

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Mind Your Vocabulary

Habitual readers of Mexican newspapers discover that some of the best stuff is found in the opinion columns, of which there are many, with a typical daily containing three full pages or more of them, not including the business columns in separate sections . . .

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A Saying For Every Occasion

Mexico has a wide variety of dichos or refranes - sayings, maxims, or phrases - some of Mexican origin and others evidently not. By analogy or through rhyme, the dichos are supposed to convey time-honored truths that admit no argument . . .

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Pride and Prejudice: The Naco Versus the Fresa

Naco is a derogatory term with racial and class roots that Mexicans use to describe people whose manners and tastes are considered to pertain to the lower classes. Naco's social opposite is the dainty Fresa—originally applied to the spoiled (usually female) children of the monied classes...