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Mexico Immigration Stamp

2016 Mexico Immigration Guide Published

The Mexico Immigration Guide has been revised and updated for 2016. The new edition includes updated application fees and qualification criteria for different visa types, as well as enhancements introduced from readers' feedback.

Dialing on a smartphone

Getting Connected to Mexican Cell Phones

In many countries, you dial the same set of codes to connect with a cell phone regardless of where you or the cell phone are situated; but in Mexico, you need to learn a few rules to be able to connect to Mexican cell phone numbers.

Sunset and Pier

Estate Planning in Mexico

A remarkable number of foreign residents living in Mexico have not planned their estates adequately.

Please pay with change - sign

No Hay Cambio

With more than 360 billion pesos in coins and bills in circulation across Mexico, why does it seem that no one ever has any change?

US Passport

Obtaining Consular Assistance in Mexico

The Consular sections of foreign embassies in Mexico provide a range of services to support their citizens, but there are limitations to the help they offer.