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Articles about living and lifestyle in Mexico

Money in Mexico

Cash, Please

Although cashless payments are increasing in Mexico, cash still remains king here.

Cup of Tea

Searching For Camellia Sinensis

There are a number of things that the British when traveling or living abroad find hard to come across, the most important being "a decent cup of tea".

UK British Passport

Beware of ESTA Service Companies

Service companies are charging travelers needing ESTA authorization to enter the U.S. inflated prices and some might pose a risk to your personal data.

Clock Time - Watches

Mexico’s Time Zones

Mexico has four time zones, including a relatively new one specifically for the state of Quintana Roo.

Hurricane Over Ocean, Viewed from Space (Concept)

Hurricane Season in Mexico

In the late summer months, when temperatures reach their peak in the northern hemisphere, Mexico can be host to hurricane-force storms.

Vintage Radio on a table

An Oasis on the Frequency Band

People who spend time worrying about the number of monopolies in Mexico should perhaps check out the competition for listeners on morning radio shows