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Spanish Pinpointed

Lo Que Pasa Es Que…

In a previous article, we highlighted two little words which are commonly heard by those living in Mexico—no hay. Related to, although subtly distinct from, ‘no hay’ are four more words to add to your sonar’s range: Lo que pasa es que…

Man on mountaintop

Breathing Easy at High Altitudes

Many really good places to visit and live in Mexico are situated at high altitudes and, while getting used to the altitude can take a little time, it also offers some distinct advantages.

Diego Rivera on the 500 Peso Banknote

The Ebb and Flow of Mexico’s Peso

Visitors and foreign residents alike may have noticed that in the last year they have been getting quite a few more pesos for their US dollars.

UK British Passport

Beware of ESTA Service Companies

Service companies are charging travelers who need ESTA authorization to enter the U.S. inflated prices and some might pose a risk to your personal data.