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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines from Mexico

Mexico is home to literally thousands of medicinal herbs and plants which are readily available at markets and, to this day, Mexicans turn to them to create natural medicines and herbal remedies.

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Experience More of Mexico

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Diego Rivera on the 500 Peso Banknote

The Ebb and Flow of Mexico’s Peso

Visitors and foreign residents alike may have noticed that in the last year they have been getting quite a few more pesos for their US dollars.

Spanish Pinpointed

A Guide to Mexican Street Speak

Spanish offers a potpourri of different terms to describe paths, streets, roads, and highways, some of which provide practical assistance to the traveler and others which provide opportunities for flexibility in use of the language.

Iguana on a tree branch

Take The Iguana

I suppose my parents concerned themselves with questions of schooling, healthcare, insurance, security, and other pointless trifles. But when I moved to Mexico as a seven year-old I just wanted to know what that smell was; I wanted to know why chocolate was bitter and bread was sweet, what the songbirds were called that sounded like emptying bottles. To me it was a scratch-and-sniff...

Mexico City Aerial View

The Big Pineapple

Back in the 19th century, London was known as "the great wen", a huge pus-laden boil on the face of the fair English nation. Nowadays some people—including many foreigners and Mexicans who live in the provinces—see Mexico City the same way

La Malinche Statue Mexico City

Woe is The Malinchista

Malinchista is a term some Mexicans use to describe other Mexicans who show a preference for foreign things, speak gushingly of the order and tidiness to be found abroad, or are critical of Mexico and Mexican ways vis-à-vis their foreign counterparts.

Spanish Pinpointed

Mind Your Vocabulary

Habitual readers of Mexican newspapers discover that some of the best stuff is found in the opinion columns, of which there are many, with a typical daily containing three full pages or more of them, not including the business columns in separate sections . . .

Keeping in touch with modern communications

Using Communications in Mexico

Whether you are visiting Mexico for a short while, living here part-time, or living or working here permanently, you'll want to make use of modern communications. Mexico has an extensive telecommunications network that includes land-lines, high speed internet, cell phones, and mobile data networks which make it possible to employ all of the communications tools you currently enjoy using...

Traders in Mexico City's main square. Zocalo

Five Hundred Years of Mexican Commerce

A common opinion heard in Mexico is that something ought to be done about the hordes of street vendors who line the sidewalks of the capital, cluttering the entrances to Metro stations, and blocking access to stores, offices and other buildings.