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The Cost of Living in Mexico 2011

Topics: Money

Published: Saturday, January 15, 2011

As the costs of living in developed countries continue to rise, people on fixed incomes drawn down from lifetime savings and investments (like retirees) as well as people with flexible work options (like freelance contractors and consultants who can work remotely) are beginning to explore the option of relocating to places with a lower cost-base, either within their home country or abroad.   We’re seeing this happen through the number of inquiries we receive by email on the subject, as well as our web site statistics which are reporting a significant increase in page views within our Living & Lifestyle section.

With the recent rises of essential living costs in places like the USA, Canada and Western Europe showing no signs of abatement, this increase of inquiries from potential migrants is likely to continue. Mexico is a natural alternative choice for Americans and Canadians; although it’s clear from looking at the local expat populations that a growing number of Europeans, who have become frustrated with ever-increasing costs and regulations in their home countries, are also choosing Mexico.

The question we get asked most frequently by people considering a relocation to Mexico is: ‘What is the cost of living–can we afford to live there?

The answer depends on individual’s lifestyle choices. Expats find that essential costs like rents, fuels and wholesome foods can be less expensive in Mexico than they are in the US, Canada and Europe. Property prices vary depending on where you intend to buy, but there is no doubt that property maintenance costs and property taxes are lower in Mexico when compared to the US and Europe. Some things are more expensive in Mexico than they are in the USA: computers, cameras and some home ware goods, for example.

In response to the demand for detailed information about living costs in Mexico, we’ve published a Mexico Cost of Living Report that can be downloaded from our eBooks section. The latest report, fully revised and updated for 2011, will help anyone who is considering a move to Mexico, whether to live here full time or part time; to work, study, take a sabbatical or retire, and who wants to better understand the cost of living in Mexico today.

The report offers a detailed analysis of the real costs of day-to-day living in Mexico with prices across a range of products and services most foreign expatriates will seek when they live here. It also includes a number of overlooked costs which people tend to forget to include when they compile their budgets. The report also includes a detailed list featuring up-to-date prices for over 260 everyday items which can be purchased at supermarkets and pharmacies.

The report will enable you to compile a considered estimate of your annual living costs in Mexico based on your individual life situation and expectations. Full details about the Mexico Cost of Living Report can be found on the eBook Store.

Comments about “The Cost of Living in Mexico 2011”

  1. Wasn’t some of this information available free of charge on your website not so long ago, or am I wrong? We moved to Mexico 3 years ago, and I am sure part of our pre-trip research was your price list of everyday items; I’m disappointed that now even that information has become commercialized.

  2. Hi Liana, a long while ago we did publish a basic list of prices in Mexico. The Cost of Living Report was born out of that, but it is *much* more complete and comprehensive in terms of scope and the scale of items being researched and tracked. It takes a lot of work to bring this information together, and the cover price of the report pays for the researchers, the writers, the publication and transaction costs, and also makes a contribution to running this extensive web site.